Poland - 2. Division East


Siarka Tarnobrzeg


Wigry Suwalki

halftime (0:0)
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Date Saturday 4th August 2012
Time 17:30 CEST
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Siarka TarnobrzegWigry Suwalki
LOST in last 3 2. Division East's games.WON in last 1 2. Division East's games.
NOT WON in last 4 2. Division East's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 2. Division East's games.

18.League position11.
  4pts.Last five games  6pts.
  2pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.
»Head to Head matches
21st May 14 Poland - 2. Division EastSiarka Tarnobrzeg : Wigry Suwalki 0:3
25th Oct 13 Poland - 2. Division EastWigry Suwalki : Siarka Tarnobrzeg 2:0
27th Mar 13 Poland - 2. Division EastWigry Suwalki : Siarka Tarnobrzeg 3:0
04th Aug 12 Poland - 2. Division EastSiarka Tarnobrzeg : Wigry Suwalki 0:0
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Wigry Suwalki
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20.9.Pogon Siedlce1:0Wigry SuwalkiMore details about <b>Pogon Siedlce</b>-Wigry Suwalki game
12.9.Wigry Suwalki0:1Chojniczanka ChojniceMore details about Wigry Suwalki-<b>Chojniczanka Chojnice</b> game
05.9.MKS Kluczbork1:1Wigry SuwalkiMore details about MKS Kluczbork-Wigry Suwalki game
30.8.Wigry Suwalki1:2Stomil OlsztynMore details about Wigry Suwalki-<b>Stomil Olsztyn</b> game
26.8.Arka Gdynia0:2Wigry SuwalkiMore details about Arka Gdynia-<b>Wigry Suwalki</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Wisla Plock342010459:2770
2Puszcza Niepolomice34217661:3570
3Pelikan Lowicz34198747:2765
5Wisla Pulawy341411942:3253
6Znicz Pruszkow341481237:3450
7Olimpia Elblag341115825:1848
8Pogon Siedlce341391244:3848
9Radomiak Radom3412111143:4247
10Stal Stalowa Wola341291328:3345
11Wigry Suwalki341161736:3939
12Stal Rzeszow348151134:3639
13Unia Tarnow341081638:5138
14Motor Lublin34981741:5435
16Swit Nowy Dwor34891734:4933
17Concordia Elblag34871925:4731
18Siarka Tarnobrzeg34781936:5529
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Puszcza Niepolomice17123234:1939
2Pogon Siedlce17106126:836
4Pelikan Lowicz17103423:1433
5Wisla Plock1796231:1433
6Radomiak Radom1788125:932
7Motor Lublin1785428:2229
8Wigry Suwalki1791728:1728
9Znicz Pruszkow1783622:1927
10Wisla Pulawy1775525:1926
11Olimpia Elblag1759312:724
12Stal Rzeszow1758417:1423
13Stal Stalowa Wola1772816:1923
14Swit Nowy Dwor1765620:1623
16Concordia Elblag1762915:1720
17Unia Tarnow17521017:2417
18Siarka Tarnobrzeg1736818:2315
1Wisla Plock17114228:1337
2Pelikan Lowicz1795324:1332
3Puszcza Niepolomice1794427:1631
4Wisla Pulawy1776417:1327
6Olimpia Elblag1766513:1124
7Znicz Pruszkow1765615:1523
8Stal Stalowa Wola1757512:1422
9Unia Tarnow1756621:2721
10Stal Rzeszow1737717:2216
11Radomiak Radom17431018:3315
12Siarka Tarnobrzeg17421118:3214
14Pogon Siedlce17331118:3012
15Concordia Elblag17251010:3011
16Wigry Suwalki1725108:2211
17Swit Nowy Dwor17241114:3310
18Motor Lublin17131313:326

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Puszcza Niepolomice541010:413
2Wisla Plock541014:413
3Pelikan Lowicz53118:610
4Znicz Pruszkow53027:59
6Stal Stalowa Wola52213:38
7Swit Nowy Dwor52215:28
8Pogon Siedlce521210:87
9Olimpia Elblag52125:57
10Wigry Suwalki52039:66
11Motor Lublin52037:116
12Concordia Elblag51226:55
13Wisla Pulawy51225:65
14Stal Rzeszow51224:85
15Siarka Tarnobrzeg51136:124
16Radomiak Radom51134:64
18Unia Tarnow50052:100

1Wisla Plock550015:315
2Wigry Suwalki540113:212
3Pogon Siedlce532010:411
4Puszcza Niepolomice53206:311
5Wisla Pulawy531111:510
7Pelikan Lowicz53118:610
8Motor Lublin531110:610
9Stal Stalowa Wola53025:49
10Swit Nowy Dwor523010:19
11Stal Rzeszow52215:48
13Znicz Pruszkow52036:96
14Olimpia Elblag51312:26
15Radomiak Radom50412:34
16Concordia Elblag51043:63
17Siarka Tarnobrzeg50235:102
18Unia Tarnow50053:100
1Puszcza Niepolomice550012:515
3Wisla Plock52309:49
4Stal Stalowa Wola52213:38
5Znicz Pruszkow52125:57
6Pelikan Lowicz52126:47
7Radomiak Radom52128:77
8Siarka Tarnobrzeg52035:116
9Olimpia Elblag52036:66
11Wigry Suwalki51132:54
12Swit Nowy Dwor51134:94
13Wisla Pulawy50322:63
14Pogon Siedlce51046:93
15Stal Rzeszow50324:93
16Concordia Elblag50233:112
17Unia Tarnow50234:102
18Motor Lublin50144:121