Palestine - Division A


Shabab Alkhaleel


Hillal Areeha

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Date Saturday 2nd April 2011
Time 16:00 CEST
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Shabab AlkhaleelHillal Areeha
DRAW in last 1 Division A's games.WON in last 1 Division A's games.
NOT WON in last 5 Division A's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Division A's games.

6.League position11.
  1pts.Last five games  7pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

2 on Shabab Alkhaleel

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
25th Jan 13 Palestine - Division AShabab Alkhaleel : Hillal Areeha 4:0
14th Sep 12 Palestine - Division AHillal Areeha : Shabab Alkhaleel 0:1
02nd Apr 11 Palestine - Division AShabab Alkhaleel : Hillal Areeha 1:0
16th Oct 10 Palestine - Division AHillal Areeha : Shabab Alkhaleel 0:1
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30.4.Shabab Al-Amaari4:1Hillal AreehaMore details about <b>Shabab Al-Amaari</b>-Hillal Areeha game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Shabab Al-Amaari22156148:1851
2Hilal AL Quds22156139:1451
3Shabab Althahrea22117440:2140
4Markz Balata22106634:3136
5Taraji Wade AL Nees2295829:2332
6Shabab Alkhaleel22741124:3525
7Gabal el Mokaper22661027:3224
8Albirah Institution22731219:3324
9Thagafi Tulkarm22571026:3322
10Markaz Tulkarm22561127:4221
11Hillal Areeha22551223:3720
12Markaz Askar22451318:3517
 relegation relegation  

1Shabab Al-Amaari1192031:929
2Hilal AL Quds1183019:527
3Shabab Althahrea1164124:1022
4Taraji Wade AL Nees1163216:821
5Markz Balata1052313:1517
6Shabab Alkhaleel1143414:1415
7Hillal Areeha1234513:1713
8Markaz Tulkarm1131710:2210
9Albirah Institution122377:209
10Gabal el Mokaper101369:196
11Thagafi Tulkarm1113711:206
12Markaz Askar111288:205
1Hilal AL Quds1173120:924
2Shabab Al-Amaari1164117:922
3Markz Balata1254321:1619
4Shabab Althahrea1153316:1118
5Gabal el Mokaper1253418:1318
6Thagafi Tulkarm1144315:1316
7Albirah Institution1050512:1315
8Markaz Askar1133510:1512
9Taraji Wade AL Nees1132613:1511
10Markaz Tulkarm1125417:2011
11Shabab Alkhaleel1131710:2110
12Hillal Areeha1021710:207

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Markaz Tulkarm53206:311
2Hilal AL Quds532010:511
3Shabab Al-Amaari531112:410
4Taraji Wade AL Nees522111:68
5Shabab Althahrea52217:28
6Markz Balata522110:88
7Hillal Areeha52125:77
8Thagafi Tulkarm51316:76
9Gabal el Mokaper51223:75
10Albirah Institution51042:83
11Markaz Askar50232:82
12Shabab Alkhaleel50142:111

1Shabab Al-Amaari550018:215
2Shabab Althahrea531112:410
3Markaz Tulkarm53024:69
4Hilal AL Quds52306:49
5Shabab Alkhaleel52216:68
6Taraji Wade AL Nees52219:58
7Hillal Areeha52127:77
8Markz Balata51225:85
9Albirah Institution51133:84
10Gabal el Mokaper50233:102
11Thagafi Tulkarm50233:82
12Markaz Askar50142:71
1Hilal AL Quds532010:511
2Shabab Al-Amaari53117:310
3Markz Balata52219:78
4Taraji Wade AL Nees52128:67
5Shabab Althahrea52127:57
6Markaz Tulkarm51315:56
7Albirah Institution52034:76
8Thagafi Tulkarm51316:76
9Markaz Askar51223:75
10Hillal Areeha51135:104
11Gabal el Mokaper51133:64
12Shabab Alkhaleel50050:130