Moldova - Division A


Saxan Ceadir-Lunga


Real Succes Lilcora

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Date Sunday 20th November 2011
Time 12:00 CET
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Saxan Ceadir-LungaReal Succes Lilcora
WON in last 3 Division A's games.LOST in last 2 Division A's games.
NOT DRAW in last 9 Division A's games.NOT DRAW in last 8 Division A's games.

5.League position13.
  12pts.Last five games  3pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

3 on Saxan Ceadir-Lunga

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
17th May 14 Moldova - Division ASaxan Ceadir-Lunga : Real Succes Lilcora 7:0
03rd Nov 13 Moldova - Division AReal Succes Lilcora : Saxan Ceadir-Lunga 2:3
24th Apr 13 Moldova - Division AReal Succes Lilcora : Saxan Ceadir-Lunga 0:1
23rd Sep 12 Moldova - Division ASaxan Ceadir-Lunga : Real Succes Lilcora 3:0
30th May 12 Moldova - Division AReal Succes Lilcora : Saxan Ceadir-Lunga 2:3
20th Nov 11 Moldova - Division ASaxan Ceadir-Lunga : Real Succes Lilcora 4:1
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Saxan Ceadir-Lunga
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Real Succes Lilcora
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23.8.FC Victoria Bardar4:0Real Succes LilcoraMore details about <b>FC Victoria Bardar</b>-Real Succes Lilcora game
17.8.Real Succes Lilcora0:0FC Sheriff IIMore details about Real Succes Lilcora-FC Sheriff II game
28.5.Real Succes Lilcora2:3FC Dacia 2 BuiucaniMore details about Real Succes Lilcora-<b>FC Dacia 2 Buiucani</b> game
22.5.Real Succes Lilcora4:1CF RiscaniMore details about <b>Real Succes Lilcora</b>-CF Riscani game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Sheriff II30216375:2769
3FC Dacia 2 Buiucani30195665:2862
4Intersport Aroma30165954:4153
5Saxan Ceadir-Lunga30148849:2550
6Zimbru II301541154:3749
8FC Olimpia II301261237:3542
10FC Rapid Ghidighici II301161331:4539
12FC Tighina301051543:5335
13Real Succes Lilcora30681636:5626
16FC Sfintul Gheorge II30252322:7611
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

2FC Sheriff II15122133:738
3Zimbru II15112239:1535
4FC Dacia 2 Buiucani15111336:1434
5Intersport Aroma1593323:1830
7Saxan Ceadir-Lunga1584328:1128
9FC Olimpia II1582520:1826
10FC Tighina1582531:2626
12FC Rapid Ghidighici II1573515:2024
13Real Succes Lilcora1543822:2615
16FC Sfintul Gheorge II1524913:3010
1FC Sheriff II1594242:2031
2FC Dacia 2 Buiucani1584329:1428
4Intersport Aroma1572631:2323
5Saxan Ceadir-Lunga1564521:1422
7FC Olimpia II1544717:1716
8FC Rapid Ghidighici II1543816:2515
10Zimbru II1542915:2214
12Real Succes Lilcora1525814:3011
14FC Tighina15231012:279
16FC Sfintul Gheorge II1501149:461

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Dacia 2 Buiucani550020:215
2FC Sheriff II550017:115
3Saxan Ceadir-Lunga54019:512
5Intersport Aroma540112:812
9Zimbru II52037:86
12FC Tighina51135:94
13Real Succes Lilcora51046:113
14FC Rapid Ghidighici II50231:82
15FC Olimpia II50231:82
16FC Sfintul Gheorge II50146:161

3Saxan Ceadir-Lunga540110:412
4FC Dacia 2 Buiucani540117:412
5FC Sheriff II540111:212
6FC Tighina53208:411
7Zimbru II531111:910
9FC Olimpia II53025:89
10Intersport Aroma53027:79
13FC Rapid Ghidighici II51224:105
15FC Sfintul Gheorge II51136:114
16Real Succes Lilcora51047:113
2FC Dacia 2 Buiucani540114:412
3FC Sheriff II540116:412
4Saxan Ceadir-Lunga53029:79
5FC Rapid Ghidighici II52125:77
7Intersport Aroma521210:107
8FC Olimpia II51223:45
10Zimbru II51043:83
13FC Sfintul Gheorge II50145:191
14Real Succes Lilcora50142:81
16FC Tighina50055:130