Mauritius - Barclays League





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Date Sunday 27th May 2012
Time 13:30 CEST
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LOST in last 4 Barclays League's games.WON in last 6 Barclays League's games.
NOT WON in last 6 Barclays League's games.NOT DRAW in last 9 Barclays League's games.

7.League position1.
  1pts.Last five games  15pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

5 on Pamplemousses

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
21st Apr 13 Mauritius - Barclays LeagueSavanne : Pamplemousses 0:7
28th Oct 12 Mauritius - Barclays LeaguePamplemousses : Savanne 2:0
27th May 12 Mauritius - Barclays LeagueSavanne : Pamplemousses 0:1
05th Feb 12 Mauritius - Barclays LeaguePamplemousses : Savanne 5:1
10th Apr 11 Mauritius - Barclays LeaguePamplemousses : Savanne 1:5
12th Sep 10 Mauritius - Barclays LeaguePamplemousses : Savanne 0:2
28th Mar 10 Mauritius - Barclays LeagueSavanne : Pamplemousses 1:4
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25.10.Pamplemousses2:2Rivière du RempartMore details about Pamplemousses-Rivière du Rempart game
12.7.Pamplemousses3:4Entente Boulet RougeMore details about Pamplemousses-<b>Entente Boulet Rouge</b> game
08.7.Cercle de Joachim SC1:0PamplemoussesMore details about <b>Cercle de Joachim SC</b>-Pamplemousses game
30.6.Pamplemousses2:1Chamarel FCMore details about <b>Pamplemousses</b>-Chamarel FC game
07.6.Port-Louis 20003:2PamplemoussesMore details about <b>Port-Louis 2000</b>-Pamplemousses game
04.6.Petite Rivière Noire1:3PamplemoussesMore details about Petite Rivière Noire-<b>Pamplemousses</b> game
31.5.Pamplemousses1:0Sodnac Quatre-Bornes UnitedMore details about <b>Pamplemousses</b>-Sodnac Quatre-Bornes United game
10.5.Curepipe Starlight0:1PamplemoussesMore details about Curepipe Starlight-<b>Pamplemousses</b> game
03.5.Pamplemousses1:0La Cure SylvesterMore details about <b>Pamplemousses</b>-La Cure Sylvester game
29.4.Rivière du Rempart1:0PamplemoussesMore details about <b>Rivière du Rempart</b>-Pamplemousses game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Port-Louis 200018112531:1735
3Cercle de Joachim SC18104432:1934
4Petite Rivière Noire18104431:1934
5Rivière du Rempart1883729:2327
6AS de Vacoas-Phoenix1866615:1824
8Curepipe Starlight18711027:3122
9Pointe-aux-Sables Mates18231311:319
10Entente Boulet Rouge18231320:499
 champions league champions league   relegation relegation  

1Cercle de Joachim SC981023:525
3Port-Louis 2000971117:222
4Petite Rivière Noire963020:821
5Rivière du Rempart951319:1116
7AS de Vacoas-Phoenix93337:612
8Curepipe Starlight940515:1112
9Entente Boulet Rouge912614:205
10Pointe-aux-Sables Mates91267:155
2Port-Louis 2000941414:1513
3Petite Rivière Noire941411:1113
4AS de Vacoas-Phoenix93338:1212
5Rivière du Rempart932410:1211
6Curepipe Starlight931512:2010
7Cercle de Joachim SC92349:149
9Entente Boulet Rouge91176:294
10Pointe-aux-Sables Mates91174:164

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Port-Louis 2000540112:812
3Cercle de Joachim SC531111:410
4AS de Vacoas-Phoenix53115:310
5Petite Rivière Noire530211:69
6Entente Boulet Rouge52038:156
7Rivière du Rempart520311:96
8Pointe-aux-Sables Mates51044:83
10Curepipe Starlight50142:81

1Cercle de Joachim SC550013:315
3Petite Rivière Noire541015:513
4Port-Louis 200054019:212
5Curepipe Starlight53029:59
6Rivière du Rempart521210:87
7AS de Vacoas-Phoenix52124:47
9Entente Boulet Rouge51048:123
10Pointe-aux-Sables Mates50145:111
2Port-Louis 200052128:97
3Rivière du Rempart52035:86
4Petite Rivière Noire52036:76
6Cercle de Joachim SC51224:55
7AS de Vacoas-Phoenix51133:104
8Entente Boulet Rouge51045:183
9Pointe-aux-Sables Mates51043:83
10Curepipe Starlight50142:121