Guinea - Championnat National


Santoba FC


Horoya AC

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Date Friday 22nd June 2012
Time 15:00 CEST
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Santoba FCHoroya AC
WON in last 1 Championnat National's games.WON in last 4 Championnat National's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 Championnat National's games.NOT LOST in last 7 Championnat National's games.

7.League position1.
  5pts.Last five games  13pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
23rd Jul 15 Guinea - Championnat National de Ligue 1Horoya AC : Santoba FC 3:2
04th Jan 15 Guinea - Championnat National de Ligue 1Santoba FC : Horoya AC 0:3
12th Jul 14 Guinea - Championnat National de Ligue 1Santoba FC : Horoya AC 0:1
04th Jan 14 Guinea - Championnat National de Ligue 1Horoya AC : Santoba FC 1:2
12th Jul 13 Guinea - Championnat NationalSantoba FC : Horoya AC 1:2
22nd Feb 13 Guinea - Championnat NationalHoroya AC : Santoba FC 0:0
22nd Jun 12 Guinea - Championnat NationalSantoba FC : Horoya AC 0:0
11th Mar 12 Guinea - Championnat NationalHoroya AC : Santoba FC 1:0
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Horoya AC
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17.2.CI Kamsar0:1Horoya ACMore details about CI Kamsar-<b>Horoya AC</b> game
19.12.Horoya AC4:1Ashanti GBMore details about <b>Horoya AC</b>-Ashanti GB game
16.12.Horoya AC2:0Athletico ColeahMore details about <b>Horoya AC</b>-Athletico Coleah game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Horoya AC22138132:947
2Athletico Coleah22136328:745
3Fello Star22910327:1737
4Ashanti GB221021027:2432
5Satellite FC2295822:2232
6AS du Kaloum Star2287719:1831
7Santoba FC2286817:1830
8AS Batè Nafadji2276917:2227
9Hafia FC2267915:1825
11Espoir de Labe22551215:2420
12AS Baraka Djoma22411711:4413
 relegation relegation  

1Horoya AC1183023:527
2AS du Kaloum Star1163213:821
3Athletico Coleah1063112:221
4Ashanti GB1161413:619
5Hafia FC1244411:916
6Fello Star1144312:1016
7Santoba FC1143410:1015
8AS Batè Nafadji1143412:1015
9Satellite FC1134410:1013
11Espoir de Labe112364:99
12AS Baraka Djoma102085:206
1Athletico Coleah1273216:524
2Fello Star1156015:721
3Horoya AC115519:420
4Satellite FC1161412:1219
5Santoba FC114347:815
6Ashanti GB1141614:1813
7AS Batè Nafadji113355:1212
8Espoir de Labe1132611:1511
9AS du Kaloum Star112456:1010
10Hafia FC102354:99
12AS Baraka Djoma122196:247

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Horoya AC54109:113
2Athletico Coleah54017:312
3Fello Star52219:78
4AS du Kaloum Star52126:57
5Ashanti GB521210:57
6Hafia FC51404:37
7Satellite FC52126:87
9Santoba FC51223:55
10Espoir de Labe51223:65
11AS Batè Nafadji51133:64
12AS Baraka Djoma50054:140

1Horoya AC550013:115
2Ashanti GB53118:310
3Athletico Coleah53115:210
4AS du Kaloum Star53028:69
5Hafia FC51316:46
6AS Batè Nafadji52035:66
8Santoba FC51223:45
9Satellite FC51223:55
10Fello Star51223:55
11Espoir de Labe50321:33
12AS Baraka Djoma50052:130
1Fello Star532011:511
2AS Batè Nafadji52303:19
3Satellite FC53026:79
4Athletico Coleah53028:49
5Santoba FC52213:38
7Ashanti GB52128:67
8Horoya AC51312:26
9Espoir de Labe52036:96
10AS du Kaloum Star51224:55
11Hafia FC51221:55
12AS Baraka Djoma51043:103