Colombia - Liga Postobón Apertura


Santa Fe


Atletico Junior

halftime (1:0)
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Date Thursday 21st April 2011
Time 3:00 CEST
Venue nameNemesio Camacho
60'   Mario Gomez
32'   Oscar Rodas
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Santa FeAtletico Junior
WON in last 1 Liga Postobón Apertura's games.WON in last 1 Liga Postobón Apertura's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Liga Postobón Apertura's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Liga Postobón Apertura's games.

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14.League position15.
  8pts.Last five games  4pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
09th Nov 14 Colombia - Liga Postobón ClausuraSanta Fe : Atletico Junior 1:0
21st Apr 14 Colombia - Liga Postobón AperturaAtletico Junior : Santa Fe 2:1
06th Dec 13 Colombia - Liga Postobón Playoff Clausura grp. ASanta Fe : Atletico Junior 2:1
22nd Nov 13 Colombia - Liga Postobón Playoff Clausura grp. AAtletico Junior : Santa Fe 3:2
29th Aug 13 Colombia - Liga Postobón ClausuraSanta Fe : Atletico Junior 3:0
17th Mar 13 Colombia - Liga Postobón AperturaAtletico Junior : Santa Fe 2:3
27th Sep 12 Colombia - Liga Postobón ClausuraAtletico Junior : Santa Fe 1:1
01st Apr 12 Colombia - Liga Postobón AperturaSanta Fe : Atletico Junior 2:1
03rd Oct 11 Colombia - Liga Postobón ClausuraAtletico Junior : Santa Fe 3:3
21st Apr 11 Colombia - Liga Postobón AperturaSanta Fe : Atletico Junior 2:0
18th Oct 10 Colombia - Liga Postobón ClausuraSanta Fe : Atletico Junior 2:0
18th Apr 10 Colombia - Liga Postobón AperturaAtletico Junior : Santa Fe 2:0
20th Sep 09 Colombia - Liga Postobón ClausuraSanta Fe : Atletico Junior 2:2
16th Nov 08 Colombia - Liga Postobón ClausuraAtletico Junior : Santa Fe 3:1
22nd Jul 07 Colombia - Liga Postobón ClausuraAtletico Junior : Santa Fe 2:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Once Caldas18113432:1736
3Atletico Nacional18103533:2733
5La Equidad1885523:1429
7Deportivo Cali1883721:2227
9Chico FC1881925:2425
10Deportes Quindio1874722:2925
11Aguilas Pereira1866624:2324
12America de Cali1873821:2524
13Real Cartagena1865724:2523
14Santa Fe1856718:2221
15Atletico Junior1854919:2819
16Atletico Huila1845925:3617
17Independiente Medellin18431119:3015
18Deportivo Pereira18151216:348
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1Once Caldas971120:822
3America de Cali961218:1319
4Real Cartagena954018:819
5Atletico Nacional961220:1219
6Chico FC961218:919
8La Equidad953115:418
9Santa Fe95229:517
10Deportes Quindio952216:1217
11Aguilas Pereira944115:1016
13Atletico Junior951315:1016
14Deportivo Cali94148:1013
16Independiente Medellin933315:1412
17Atletico Huila932415:1711
18Deportivo Pereira91355:116
1Deportivo Cali942313:1214
2Atletico Nacional942313:1514
3Once Caldas942312:914
8La Equidad93248:1011
9Aguilas Pereira92259:138
10Deportes Quindio92256:178
11Chico FC92077:156
12Atletico Huila913510:196
13America de Cali91263:125
14Santa Fe90459:174
15Real Cartagena91176:174
16Independiente Medellin91084:163
17Atletico Junior90364:183
18Deportivo Pereira902711:232

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Once Caldas54107:313
3Deportivo Cali53118:410
4Atletico Nacional53119:910
5Chico FC53029:69
8Santa Fe52216:58
9Deportes Quindio522111:108
10America de Cali52126:87
11Real Cartagena51316:46
13Aguilas Pereira51135:74
14La Equidad51134:74
15Atletico Huila51135:104
16Atletico Junior51135:74
17Deportivo Pereira50145:121
18Independiente Medellin50142:71

1Santa Fe54108:213
2Atletico Nacional541011:413
4Chico FC540111:612
5Real Cartagena532010:411
7America de Cali53119:710
8Once Caldas53118:510
9Deportes Quindio531111:910
11Deportivo Cali53026:69
13Atletico Junior530210:69
14La Equidad52218:38
15Atletico Huila521210:127
16Aguilas Pereira51318:66
17Independiente Medellin51136:84
18Deportivo Pereira50143:91
1Deportivo Cali53119:510
2Atletico Nacional53028:109
4La Equidad52126:77
5Once Caldas52126:67
6Chico FC52035:66
9America de Cali51222:55
10Aguilas Pereira51134:74
12Santa Fe50327:103
13Deportes Quindio50232:102
14Deportivo Pereira50238:122
15Atletico Junior50230:62
16Real Cartagena50141:81
17Atletico Huila50145:131
18Independiente Medellin50050:100