Russia - 2. Division East




Yakutiya Yakutsk

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Date Saturday 22nd October 2011
Time 8:00 CEST
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SakhalinYakutiya Yakutsk
WON in last 2 2. Division East's games.WON in last 1 2. Division East's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 2. Division East's games.NOT DRAW in last 12 2. Division East's games.

6.League position12.
  7pts.Last five games  6pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.

6 on Sakhalin

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
13th May 14 Russia - Professional Football League Zone EastSakhalin : Yakutiya Yakutsk 1:2
02nd Oct 13 Russia - Professional Football League Zone EastYakutiya Yakutsk : Sakhalin 0:3
14th Aug 13 Russia - Professional Football League Zone EastSakhalin : Yakutiya Yakutsk 1:0
18th May 13 Russia - 2. Division EastYakutiya Yakutsk : Sakhalin 1:0
08th Oct 12 Russia - 2. Division EastSakhalin : Yakutiya Yakutsk 0:0
17th Aug 12 Russia - 2. Division EastYakutiya Yakutsk : Sakhalin 1:0
22nd Oct 11 Russia - 2. Division EastSakhalin : Yakutiya Yakutsk 2:0
31st Aug 11 Russia - 2. Division EastYakutiya Yakutsk : Sakhalin 1:1
18th May 11 Russia - 2. Division EastSakhalin : Yakutiya Yakutsk 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Metallurg-Kuzbass N.36246664:2478
3FC Chita361781149:3359
5Dinamo Barnaul361414854:4156
7Baikal Irkutsk3613131042:3752
8Smena Komsomolsk361215947:3051
9FC Kuzbass361261834:4042
10Sibiryak Bratsk361171843:6240
12Yakutiya Yakutsk36782138:7629
13Sibir Novosibirsk II36592231:8024
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

2Metallurg-Kuzbass N.18143138:1045
3FC Chita17134033:943
5Dinamo Barnaul18105331:1535
6Baikal Irkutsk1896327:1933
7Sibiryak Bratsk1894523:2231
9FC Kuzbass1994624:1531
10Smena Komsomolsk1776426:1627
11Yakutiya Yakutsk1866625:3024
13Sibir Novosibirsk II19451019:3917
1Metallurg-Kuzbass N.18103526:1433
2Smena Komsomolsk1959521:1424
4Dinamo Barnaul1849523:2621
5Baikal Irkutsk1847715:1819
9FC Chita19441116:2416
10FC Kuzbass17321210:2511
11Sibiryak Bratsk18231320:409
12Sibir Novosibirsk II17141212:417
13Yakutiya Yakutsk18121513:465

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
3Metallurg-Kuzbass N.53118:410
6Smena Komsomolsk521211:57
7Yakutiya Yakutsk52036:106
8Baikal Irkutsk52034:56
9FC Kuzbass51225:65
10FC Chita51223:65
11Sibiryak Bratsk51137:74
12Sibir Novosibirsk II51044:143
13Dinamo Barnaul50233:82

4Metallurg-Kuzbass N.541011:313
5FC Chita541012:113
6Yakutiya Yakutsk53028:79
7Baikal Irkutsk52215:48
8FC Kuzbass51312:36
10Smena Komsomolsk51228:65
11Dinamo Barnaul51224:75
12Sibiryak Bratsk51134:74
13Sibir Novosibirsk II50052:160
2Metallurg-Kuzbass N.52213:28
4FC Kuzbass52125:57
6Sibiryak Bratsk52038:86
8Smena Komsomolsk51227:55
9Sibir Novosibirsk II51136:154
10FC Chita51134:84
11Dinamo Barnaul50322:53
12Baikal Irkutsk50142:61
13Yakutiya Yakutsk50052:180