Germany - Oberliga NRW


SW Essen


Westfalia Herne

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Date Sunday 27th February 2011
Time 15:00 CET
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SW EssenWestfalia Herne
WON in last 2 Oberliga NRW's games.WON in last 1 Oberliga NRW's games.
NOT DRAW in last 7 Oberliga NRW's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Oberliga NRW's games.

5.League position13.
  9pts.Last five games  7pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

6 on SW Essen

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
10th Apr 12 Germany - Oberliga NRWSW Essen : Westfalia Herne 2:0
16th Oct 11 Germany - Oberliga NRWWestfalia Herne : SW Essen 0:3
27th Feb 11 Germany - Oberliga NRWSW Essen : Westfalia Herne 2:1
12th Sep 10 Germany - Oberliga NRWWestfalia Herne : SW Essen 2:2
21st Mar 10 Germany - Oberliga NRWWestfalia Herne : SW Essen 0:4
20th Sep 09 Germany - Oberliga NRWSW Essen : Westfalia Herne 1:0
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24.8.SW Essen0:0SV SonsbeckMore details about SW Essen-SV Sonsbeck game
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Westfalia Herne
Germany - Oberliga Westfalen 2014/2015
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26.10.Eintracht Rheine1:2Westfalia HerneMore details about Eintracht Rheine-<b>Westfalia Herne</b> game
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12.10.SC Roland Beckum2:0Westfalia HerneMore details about <b>SC Roland Beckum</b>-Westfalia Herne game
05.10.Westfalia Herne1:6RW AhlenMore details about Westfalia Herne-<b>RW Ahlen</b> game
28.9.SuS Stadtlohn4:0Westfalia HerneMore details about <b>SuS Stadtlohn</b>-Westfalia Herne game
21.9.Westfalia Herne0:1Westfalia RhynernMore details about Westfalia Herne-<b>Westfalia Rhynern</b> game
14.9.SpVgg Erkenschwick0:0Westfalia HerneMore details about SpVgg Erkenschwick-Westfalia Herne game
07.9.Westfalia Herne2:5SuS NeuenkirchenMore details about Westfalia Herne-<b>SuS Neuenkirchen</b> game
31.8.SV Zweckel1:0Westfalia HerneMore details about <b>SV Zweckel</b>-Westfalia Herne game
24.8.Westfalia Herne2:2TSG SprockhoevelMore details about Westfalia Herne-TSG Sprockhoevel game
16.8.VfB Huels3:0Westfalia HerneMore details about <b>VfB Huels</b>-Westfalia Herne game
08.6.TuS Dornberg1:5Westfalia HerneMore details about TuS Dornberg-<b>Westfalia Herne</b> game
01.6.Westfalia Herne1:4SuS NeuenkirchenMore details about Westfalia Herne-<b>SuS Neuenkirchen</b> game
25.5.FC Guetersloh2:0Westfalia HerneMore details about <b>FC Guetersloh</b>-Westfalia Herne game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Germania Windeck32206662:3766
3Fortuna Koln32187757:2561
4Aachen II321571058:3752
5SW Essen321561145:3651
7Sportfreunde Siegen321461254:4748
8Duisburg II321281239:4244
9VfB Speldorf3210121049:4642
10SV Schermbeck321331644:4942
11VfB Homberg321151641:5238
12Bergisch Gladbach321071535:6137
13Westfalia Herne321061652:6036
14FC Wegberg-Beeck32991443:5836
15VfB Huels321061634:5036
16Westfalia Rhynern32871743:6431
17SpVgg Erkenschwick32452331:6917
 promotion promotion   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

2Germania Windeck16103329:2033
3Duisburg II1694323:1631
4Fortuna Koln1694330:1231
6SW Essen1692524:1329
7Sportfreunde Siegen1692534:2329
8Aachen II1683530:1827
9VfB Speldorf1666429:2224
10Westfalia Herne1664625:2022
11SV Schermbeck1671829:2622
12VfB Huels1662823:2720
13FC Wegberg-Beeck1654721:2619
14VfB Homberg1653822:2518
15Bergisch Gladbach1653814:2718
16Westfalia Rhynern1644826:3516
17SpVgg Erkenschwick16331016:2812
2Germania Windeck16103333:1733
3Fortuna Koln1693427:1330
4Aachen II1674528:1925
5SW Essen1664621:2322
6SV Schermbeck1662815:2320
7VfB Homberg1662819:2720
8Bergisch Gladbach1654721:3419
9Sportfreunde Siegen1654720:2419
10VfB Speldorf1646620:2418
12FC Wegberg-Beeck1645722:3217
13VfB Huels1644811:2316
14Westfalia Rhynern1643917:2915
15Westfalia Herne16421027:4014
16Duisburg II1634916:2613
17SpVgg Erkenschwick16121315:415

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Fortuna Koln54109:213
2SV Schermbeck53119:810
3Bergisch Gladbach53117:810
4Sportfreunde Siegen531111:410
5Duisburg II53026:49
6SW Essen530212:89
7Germania Windeck522113:88
8Aachen II52218:88
9Westfalia Herne521211:67
11FC Wegberg-Beeck52036:96
12VfB Speldorf513111:96
14VfB Homberg51228:145
15Westfalia Rhynern51046:123
16VfB Huels51045:93
17SpVgg Erkenschwick50055:140

1SV Schermbeck541012:713
2Aachen II541014:313
3Fortuna Koln541010:313
4Westfalia Herne531113:410
5FC Wegberg-Beeck53027:69
6Duisburg II53027:59
7Germania Windeck522110:98
8VfB Speldorf522113:88
10VfB Homberg52128:97
11Bergisch Gladbach52032:76
12SW Essen52037:56
13Sportfreunde Siegen520310:96
15Westfalia Rhynern51047:133
16VfB Huels51045:93
17SpVgg Erkenschwick50052:140
2SV Schermbeck54019:412
3Germania Windeck531110:510
4Fortuna Koln53117:310
6VfB Homberg52218:98
7VfB Speldorf522110:88
8Aachen II52218:68
9SW Essen52129:97
10Sportfreunde Siegen52128:87
11Westfalia Rhynern52038:86
12Bergisch Gladbach51228:135
13VfB Huels51043:123
14FC Wegberg-Beeck51044:133
15Westfalia Herne51049:133
16Duisburg II51043:63
17SpVgg Erkenschwick50056:130