Germany - Oberliga Hamburg


SV Halstenbek-Rellingen


TSV Sasel

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Date Sunday 27th November 2011
Time 14:00 CET
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SV Halstenbek-RellingenTSV Sasel
WON in last 1 Oberliga Hamburg's games.LOST in last 7 Oberliga Hamburg's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Oberliga Hamburg's games.NOT WON in last 27 Oberliga Hamburg's games.

11.League position18.
  4pts.Last five games  0pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

9 on SV Halstenbek-Rellingen

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
27th Nov 11 Germany - Oberliga HamburgSV Halstenbek-Rellingen : TSV Sasel 3:0
30th Jul 11 Germany - Oberliga HamburgTSV Sasel : SV Halstenbek-Rellingen 1:2
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SV Halstenbek-Rellingen
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TSV Sasel
Germany - Oberliga Hamburg 2011/2012
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14.10.Oststeinbeker SV3:0TSV SaselMore details about <b>Oststeinbeker SV</b>-TSV Sasel game
08.10.TSV Sasel1:2SC Vier- und MarschlandeMore details about TSV Sasel-<b>SC Vier- und Marschlande</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Victoria Hamburg34218573:3671
2ASV Bergedorf 8534205973:5165
3SV Curslack-Neuengamme342041063:4164
4TuS Germania Schnelsen341861066:4960
5TSV Buchholz34178955:3959
6Eintracht Norderstedt341771062:3758
7Condor Hamburg341761154:4457
8Niendorfer TSV341671162:5155
9Altonaer FC 93341551452:5150
10VfL Pinneberg341541557:5549
11SV Halstenbek-Rellingen341371446:5246
12Meiendorfer SV341261656:5742
13SC Vier- und Marschlande341171655:7040
14SV Rugenbergen341081651:6238
15Uhlenhorster SC Paloma341151838:5838
16Oststeinbeker SV341071739:5537
17V/W Billstedt34572245:7722
18TSV Sasel34172638:10010
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1SV Curslack-Neuengamme17142140:1544
2TuS Germania Schnelsen17131343:2240
3ASV Bergedorf 8517124135:1740
4Condor Hamburg17113332:1836
5Victoria Hamburg17105239:1735
6Niendorfer TSV17102531:2232
7TSV Buchholz1794427:2131
8Eintracht Norderstedt1793533:1830
9Oststeinbeker SV1783627:2427
10Uhlenhorster SC Paloma1783622:2527
11SV Halstenbek-Rellingen1783623:2027
12Altonaer FC 931775528:2326
13Meiendorfer SV1774635:2625
14VfL Pinneberg1772824:2523
15SC Vier- und Marschlande1754834:4019
16SV Rugenbergen1753922:3018
17V/W Billstedt17331121:4012
18TSV Sasel17131322:446
1Victoria Hamburg17113334:1936
2Eintracht Norderstedt1784529:1928
3TSV Buchholz1784528:1828
4VfL Pinneberg1782733:3026
5ASV Bergedorf 851781838:3425
6Altonaer FC 931780924:2824
7Niendorfer TSV1765631:2923
8SC Vier- und Marschlande1763821:3021
9Condor Hamburg1763822:2621
10SV Rugenbergen1755729:3220
11TuS Germania Schnelsen1755723:2720
12SV Curslack-Neuengamme1762923:2620
13SV Halstenbek-Rellingen1754823:3219
14Meiendorfer SV17521021:3117
15Uhlenhorster SC Paloma17321216:3311
16Oststeinbeker SV17241112:3110
17V/W Billstedt17241124:3710
18TSV Sasel17041316:564

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Victoria Hamburg550021:615
2Eintracht Norderstedt541013:413
3TuS Germania Schnelsen540112:712
4Niendorfer TSV531110:710
5ASV Bergedorf 85531111:510
6Uhlenhorster SC Paloma53026:89
7Condor Hamburg530210:79
8Oststeinbeker SV52127:77
9SV Curslack-Neuengamme52127:77
10SC Vier- und Marschlande52039:116
11TSV Buchholz52034:56
12Altonaer FC 93520311:106
13Meiendorfer SV51228:105
14SV Rugenbergen511310:104
15SV Halstenbek-Rellingen51136:124
16VfL Pinneberg51045:103
17V/W Billstedt50145:131
18TSV Sasel50052:200

1Condor Hamburg550014:415
2SV Curslack-Neuengamme541011:513
3ASV Bergedorf 85541013:413
4Uhlenhorster SC Paloma54018:612
5Niendorfer TSV540110:512
6Victoria Hamburg540118:612
7TuS Germania Schnelsen53118:410
8Eintracht Norderstedt531111:510
9Altonaer FC 93531112:510
10TSV Buchholz53026:59
11Oststeinbeker SV52217:78
12Meiendorfer SV522110:68
13VfL Pinneberg52129:87
14SC Vier- und Marschlande52129:107
15SV Halstenbek-Rellingen52037:106
16SV Rugenbergen51139:124
17V/W Billstedt51046:133
18TSV Sasel50054:170
1Victoria Hamburg550014:315
2Eintracht Norderstedt540114:412
3ASV Bergedorf 85530211:109
4TuS Germania Schnelsen52219:88
5SV Rugenbergen521211:77
6Oststeinbeker SV52125:57
7Niendorfer TSV52128:77
8VfL Pinneberg52039:86
9SC Vier- und Marschlande52037:96
10SV Curslack-Neuengamme52036:76
11TSV Buchholz52033:36
12Meiendorfer SV51138:124
13Uhlenhorster SC Paloma51045:113
14Altonaer FC 9351045:143
15SV Halstenbek-Rellingen50234:112
16TSV Sasel50147:231
17Condor Hamburg50143:111
18V/W Billstedt50147:131