Austria - Regionalliga Middle


SK Austria Klagenfurt


SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors

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Date Sunday 11th March 2012
Time 14:30 CET
Venue nameWörtherseestadion
Coach: Joze Prelogar
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SK Austria KlagenfurtSPG Pasching/LASK Juniors
LOST in last 1 Regionalliga Middle's games.WON in last 4 Regionalliga Middle's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Regionalliga Middle's games.NOT LOST in last 5 Regionalliga Middle's games.

6.League position12.
  7pts.Last five games  13pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  13pts.

10 on SK Austria Klagenfurt

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
17th Apr 15 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSK Austria Klagenfurt : SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors 5:2
20th Sep 14 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSPG Pasching/LASK Juniors : SK Austria Klagenfurt 0:4
30th Apr 14 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSK Austria Klagenfurt : SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors 0:2
28th Sep 13 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSPG Pasching/LASK Juniors : SK Austria Klagenfurt 3:0
26th Apr 13 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSPG Pasching/LASK Juniors : SK Austria Klagenfurt 2:1
30th Oct 12 Austria - OeFB Samsung CupSPG Pasching/LASK Juniors : SK Austria Klagenfurt 2:1
15th Sep 12 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSK Austria Klagenfurt : SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors 2:2
11th Mar 12 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSK Austria Klagenfurt : SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors 1:0
02nd Aug 11 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSPG Pasching/LASK Juniors : SK Austria Klagenfurt 0:3
20th May 11 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSK Austria Klagenfurt : SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors 0:2
29th Oct 10 Austria - Regionalliga MiddleSPG Pasching/LASK Juniors : SK Austria Klagenfurt 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Grazer AK30224480:2970
2Villacher SV30158745:3053
3SAK Klagenfurt30139844:4148
6SK Austria Klagenfurt301361144:3645
9Sturm Graz (A)301181141:3941
11Kapfenberger (A)301171247:4640
12SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors301081241:4038
13FC Wels30991232:4236
14Vorwaerts Steyr30691536:5827
16LASK Linz (A)30622228:7520
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

2Grazer AK15103240:1233
3Villacher SV15103229:933
5SAK Klagenfurt1594225:1331
6SK Austria Klagenfurt1583427:1727
7Sturm Graz (A)1583424:1627
8Kapfenberger (A)1582525:1526
11SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors1565425:1323
14FC Wels1547417:2019
15Vorwaerts Steyr1553725:3318
16LASK Linz (A)1551916:2916
1Grazer AK15121240:1737
4Villacher SV1555516:2120
5SK Austria Klagenfurt1553717:1918
6FC Wels1552815:2217
7SAK Klagenfurt1545619:2817
8SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors1543816:2715
10Kapfenberger (A)1535722:3114
11Sturm Graz (A)1535717:2314
14Vorwaerts Steyr1516811:259
16LASK Linz (A)15111312:464

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors541017:213
2Sturm Graz (A)540110:412
4Villacher SV53119:610
5Kapfenberger (A)53029:69
6Grazer AK53029:129
7SAK Klagenfurt52309:69
9SK Austria Klagenfurt52126:67
12Vorwaerts Steyr51134:94
13LASK Linz (A)51136:94
14FC Wels51134:104

2SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors540113:212
4Villacher SV540114:412
6Vorwaerts Steyr53027:109
7Grazer AK530215:79
8Sturm Graz (A)53029:79
9SAK Klagenfurt52308:59
10Kapfenberger (A)52036:66
11SK Austria Klagenfurt51227:95
12FC Wels51224:75
14LASK Linz (A)51045:133
1SPG Pasching/LASK Juniors541012:313
2Grazer AK540114:1012
3FC Wels53029:109
6Sturm Graz (A)52217:68
7SAK Klagenfurt52218:108
8Kapfenberger (A)52128:107
9SK Austria Klagenfurt52034:56
12Villacher SV51133:94
15Vorwaerts Steyr50143:121
16LASK Linz (A)50144:131