Austria - ADEG Erste Liga


SKN St. Poelten



halftime (1:0)
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Date Friday 16th March 2012
Time 18:30 CET
90'    Matthias Hopfer
79'   Orhan Ademi
69'   penalty Mirnel Sadovic
57'   Petr Vorisek
25'   Jano

Goalkeeper: Christoph Riegler

Defence: Stephan Zwierschitz
Defence: Michael Popp
Defence: Markus Speiser
Defence: Manuel Roedl

Midfield: Jochen Fallmann
Midfield: Jano
Midfield: Michael Ambichl
Midfield: Mirnes Becirovic

Forward: Jannick Schibany
Forward: Robert Gruberbauer

Substitute player: Karl Heinz Gschwindl
Substitute player: Markus Keusch
Substitute player: Patrick Schagerl
Substitute player: Bernhard Kotynski
Substitute player: Andreas Gradinger
Substitute player: Peter Brandl
Substitute player: Alexander Egger
Goalkeeper: Martin Kobras

Defence: Alexander Guem
Defence: Matthias Sereinig
Defence: Christoph Schoesswendter

Midfield: Philipp Netzer
Midfield: Harun Erbek
Midfield: Daniel Schoepf
Midfield: Petr Vorisek

Forward: Patrick Seeger
Forward: Orhan Ademi
Forward: Mirnel Sadovic

Substitute player: Sebastian Brandner
Substitute player: Christoph Domig
Substitute player: Eric Zachhuber
Substitute player: Matthias Hopfer
Substitute player: Hannes Eder
Substitute player: Lukas Jaeger
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SKN St. PoeltenAltach
WON in last 2 ADEG Erste Liga's games.WON in last 2 ADEG Erste Liga's games.
NOT DRAW in last 5 ADEG Erste Liga's games.NOT LOST in last 4 ADEG Erste Liga's games.

5.League position2.
  9pts.Last five games  10pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

2 on Altach

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
28th Apr 14 Austria - Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 2:2
14th Mar 14 Austria - Erste LigaAltach : SKN St. Poelten 3:2
22nd Oct 13 Austria - Erste LigaAltach : SKN St. Poelten 3:0
09th Aug 13 Austria - Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 0:1
30th Apr 13 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 1:1
08th Mar 13 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaAltach : SKN St. Poelten 2:1
19th Oct 12 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 3:2
07th Aug 12 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaAltach : SKN St. Poelten 1:4
04th May 12 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaAltach : SKN St. Poelten 1:0
16th Mar 12 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 1:3
14th Oct 11 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaAltach : SKN St. Poelten 1:0
02nd Aug 11 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 1:2
24th May 11 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaAltach : SKN St. Poelten 3:0
01st Apr 11 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 1:0
05th Nov 10 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 0:0
20th Aug 10 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaAltach : SKN St. Poelten 2:1
24th Apr 10 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 0:1
20th Nov 09 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaSKN St. Poelten : Altach 1:0
21st Aug 09 Austria - ADEG Erste LigaAltach : SKN St. Poelten 0:3
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Wolfsberger AC361911671:4968
3LASK Linz361613755:4061
4Austria Lustenau3616101059:4758
5SKN St. Poelten361491345:4551
6BW Linz3613101349:5249
7SV Groedig361191646:5242
8Vienna FC369101744:5637
9FC Lustenau369101751:6637
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Wolfsberger AC18106233:2236
3LASK Linz18104432:2234
4SKN St. Poelten18102627:2232
5Austria Lustenau1887328:1931
6BW Linz1877428:2528
7Vienna FC1874725:2025
8SV Groedig1864827:2822
9FC Lustenau1856726:3321
1Wolfsberger AC1895438:2732
3Austria Lustenau1883731:2827
4LASK Linz1869323:1827
5BW Linz1863921:2721
6SV Groedig1855819:2420
7SKN St. Poelten1847718:2319
8FC Lustenau18441025:3316
10Vienna FC18261019:3612

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2LASK Linz53117:510
3Wolfsberger AC53118:710
4SKN St. Poelten53028:49
6FC Lustenau51316:86
7BW Linz51227:105
8Vienna FC51226:75
9Austria Lustenau51137:94
10SV Groedig50324:73

2Wolfsberger AC54017:512
3Austria Lustenau531112:510
4Vienna FC53118:410
5SKN St. Poelten53117:410
6LASK Linz52217:68
7BW Linz52216:68
8FC Lustenau51226:105
9SV Groedig51136:84
1BW Linz530210:109
2LASK Linz52215:48
3Wolfsberger AC52127:77
5FC Lustenau51316:66
6Austria Lustenau52039:96
7Vienna FC51226:65
8SKN St. Poelten51226:65
10SV Groedig50231:72