Algeria - Ligue 2


SA Mohammadia


USM Annaba

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Date Friday 3rd February 2012
Time 17:00 CET
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SA MohammadiaUSM Annaba
LOST in last 1 Ligue 2's games.LOST in last 2 Ligue 2's games.
NOT DRAW in last 17 Ligue 2's games.NOT WON in last 5 Ligue 2's games.

13.League position8.
  6pts.Last five games  2pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.
»Head to Head matches
15th Feb 13 Algeria - Ligue 2USM Annaba : SA Mohammadia 0:1
16th Oct 12 Algeria - Ligue 2SA Mohammadia : USM Annaba 0:0
03rd Feb 12 Algeria - Ligue 2SA Mohammadia : USM Annaba 2:1
23rd Sep 11 Algeria - Ligue 2USM Annaba : SA Mohammadia 2:0
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SA Mohammadia
Algeria - Ligue 2 2012/2013
03.5.ES Mostaganem3:2SA MohammadiaMore details about <b>ES Mostaganem</b>-SA Mohammadia game
30.4.SA Mohammadia2:0AB MerouanaMore details about <b>SA Mohammadia</b>-AB Merouana game
19.4.MO Bejaia6:2SA MohammadiaMore details about <b>MO Bejaia</b>-SA Mohammadia game
13.4.SA Mohammadia0:0USM BlidaMore details about SA Mohammadia-USM Blida game
05.4.SA Mohammadia1:1Olympique de MedeaMore details about SA Mohammadia-Olympique de Medea game
23.3.NA Hussein Dey0:1SA MohammadiaMore details about NA Hussein Dey-<b>SA Mohammadia</b> game
16.3.SA Mohammadia2:3CRB Ain FekrounMore details about SA Mohammadia-<b>CRB Ain Fekroun</b> game
08.3.CR Temouchent0:0SA MohammadiaMore details about CR Temouchent-SA Mohammadia game
22.2.SA Mohammadia1:1ASM OranMore details about SA Mohammadia-ASM Oran game
15.2.USM Annaba0:1SA MohammadiaMore details about USM Annaba-<b>SA Mohammadia</b> game
08.2.SA Mohammadia2:1RC ArbaaMore details about <b>SA Mohammadia</b>-RC Arbaa game
01.2.AS Khroub2:0SA MohammadiaMore details about <b>AS Khroub</b>-SA Mohammadia game
25.1.SA Mohammadia1:1MC SaidaMore details about SA Mohammadia-MC Saida game
18.1.MO Constantine1:2SA MohammadiaMore details about MO Constantine-<b>SA Mohammadia</b> game
15.1.SA Mohammadia2:3MSP BatnaMore details about SA Mohammadia-<b>MSP Batna</b> game
21.12.SA Mohammadia0:0ES MostaganemMore details about SA Mohammadia-ES Mostaganem game
08.12.AB Merouana2:0SA MohammadiaMore details about <b>AB Merouana</b>-SA Mohammadia game
01.12.SA Mohammadia2:2MO BejaiaMore details about SA Mohammadia-MO Bejaia game
24.11.USM Blida2:0SA MohammadiaMore details about <b>USM Blida</b>-SA Mohammadia game
20.11.Olympique de Medea1:0SA MohammadiaMore details about <b>Olympique de Medea</b>-SA Mohammadia game
10.11.SA Mohammadia2:1NA Hussein DeyMore details about <b>SA Mohammadia</b>-NA Hussein Dey game
06.11.CRB Ain Fekroun4:0SA MohammadiaMore details about <b>CRB Ain Fekroun</b>-SA Mohammadia game
23.10.SA Mohammadia1:0CR TemouchentMore details about <b>SA Mohammadia</b>-CR Temouchent game
19.10.ASM Oran4:1SA MohammadiaMore details about <b>ASM Oran</b>-SA Mohammadia game
USM Annaba
Algeria - Ligue 2 2013/2014
16.5.USM Annaba4:1USMM HadjoutMore details about <b>USM Annaba</b>-USMM Hadjout game
09.5.US Chaouia1:0USM AnnabaMore details about <b>US Chaouia</b>-USM Annaba game
02.5.USM Annaba0:1Olympique de MedeaMore details about USM Annaba-<b>Olympique de Medea</b> game
29.4.ASM Oran1:0USM AnnabaMore details about <b>ASM Oran</b>-USM Annaba game
25.4.USM Annaba1:1CA BatnaMore details about USM Annaba-CA Batna game
28.3.USM Bel Abbes2:0USM AnnabaMore details about <b>USM Bel Abbes</b>-USM Annaba game
21.3.USM Annaba1:1MC SaidaMore details about USM Annaba-MC Saida game
14.3.NA Hussein Dey2:1USM AnnabaMore details about <b>NA Hussein Dey</b>-USM Annaba game
07.3.USM Annaba1:0AB MerouanaMore details about <b>USM Annaba</b>-AB Merouana game
28.2.USM Blida0:0USM AnnabaMore details about USM Blida-USM Annaba game
21.2.AS Khroub6:0USM AnnabaMore details about <b>AS Khroub</b>-USM Annaba game
14.2.USM Annaba0:0MSP BatnaMore details about USM Annaba-MSP Batna game
07.2.WA Tlemcen3:0USM AnnabaMore details about <b>WA Tlemcen</b>-USM Annaba game
31.1.USM Annaba0:0ES MostaganemMore details about USM Annaba-ES Mostaganem game
17.1.A Bou Saada1:0USM AnnabaMore details about <b>A Bou Saada</b>-USM Annaba game
27.12.USMM Hadjout3:0USM AnnabaMore details about <b>USMM Hadjout</b>-USM Annaba game
13.12.USM Annaba1:1US ChaouiaMore details about USM Annaba-US Chaouia game
29.11.Olympique de Medea1:0USM AnnabaMore details about <b>Olympique de Medea</b>-USM Annaba game
22.11.USM Annaba0:0ASM OranMore details about USM Annaba-ASM Oran game
08.11.CA Batna0:1USM AnnabaMore details about CA Batna-<b>USM Annaba</b> game
01.11.USM Annaba1:0USM Bel AbbesMore details about <b>USM Annaba</b>-USM Bel Abbes game
25.10.MC Saida2:1USM AnnabaMore details about <b>MC Saida</b>-USM Annaba game
18.10.USM Annaba1:0NA Hussein DeyMore details about <b>USM Annaba</b>-NA Hussein Dey game
04.10.AB Merouana0:0USM AnnabaMore details about AB Merouana-USM Annaba game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1CA Bordj Bou Arreridj30176736:2157
2JS Saoura30166846:2654
3USM Bel Abbes30148834:2550
4MO Bejaia301541143:3049
5USM Blida301210840:3546
6ASM Oran301011934:3641
7ES Mostaganem301181138:3641
8USM Annaba301171231:3440
9MSP Batna3010101025:2740
10AB Merouana301091124:2939
11Olympique de Medea309111024:2938
12MO Constantine301081236:4038
13SA Mohammadia301131630:4736
14Paradou AC30981334:3435
15RC Kouba30881429:3932
16US Biskra30732030:4624
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1JS Saoura15131135:840
2MO Bejaia15121229:937
3USM Bel Abbes15113123:836
4CA Bordj Bou Arreridj15113121:636
5USM Blida15105026:935
6Olympique de Medea1596018:633
7ES Mostaganem1596026:1033
8USM Annaba15103224:1333
9ASM Oran1595127:1732
10MSP Batna1595116:632
11SA Mohammadia15101419:1331
12AB Merouana1576213:527
13MO Constantine1575325:1826
14Paradou AC1574421:1525
15US Biskra1562719:1420
16RC Kouba1554617:1819
1CA Bordj Bou Arreridj1563615:1521
2USM Bel Abbes1535711:1714
3JS Saoura1535711:1814
4RC Kouba1534812:2113
5MO Constantine1533911:2212
6AB Merouana1533911:2412
7MO Bejaia1533914:2112
8USM Blida1525814:2611
9Paradou AC1524913:1910
10ASM Oran151687:199
11ES Mostaganem15221112:268
12MSP Batna151599:218
13USM Annaba1514107:217
14SA Mohammadia15121211:345
15Olympique de Medea1505106:235
16US Biskra15111311:324

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1AB Merouana53114:310
2USM Bel Abbes53119:510
3MO Bejaia531113:410
4JS Saoura53118:510
5Paradou AC52218:58
6MSP Batna52217:68
7USM Blida522110:108
8MO Constantine52128:77
9ES Mostaganem52126:77
10US Biskra52037:86
11SA Mohammadia52033:46
12ASM Oran52037:96
13RC Kouba52036:106
14CA Bordj Bou Arreridj51133:64
15Olympique de Medea50323:83
16USM Annaba50234:92

1SA Mohammadia55009:315
2AB Merouana55008:115
3MO Bejaia550016:315
4Paradou AC54107:113
5ASM Oran54109:413
6USM Bel Abbes54109:313
7JS Saoura541012:413
8USM Blida541015:613
9ES Mostaganem532011:411
10USM Annaba53116:410
11MSP Batna52308:49
12CA Bordj Bou Arreridj52213:28
13US Biskra521212:67
14Olympique de Medea51404:37
15MO Constantine51228:85
16RC Kouba51135:84
1USM Blida52219:118
2RC Kouba51225:85
3Paradou AC51135:74
4MO Constantine51135:84
5USM Bel Abbes51134:94
6MO Bejaia51135:94
7JS Saoura50412:44
8US Biskra51045:123
9Olympique de Medea50323:83
10ES Mostaganem51044:93
11AB Merouana50233:72
12USM Annaba50233:102
13MSP Batna50142:91
14CA Bordj Bou Arreridj50143:91
15SA Mohammadia50052:110
16ASM Oran50054:110