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PFL Zone South description

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.75 points per game.!
Draws are less common in this league. 21% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.5 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 45% of all games.
Favourites usually win in this league.!

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Armavir FC19153142:1048
2Afips Afipsky18152136:947
3FC Krasnodar II18122443:1538
4Chernomorets Novorossiysk1994629:1831
5Akademiya Togliati00000:00
6Legion Dynamo1884618:1528
7Biolog Novokubansk1984721:2328
8SKA Rostov1876527:1927
9Spartak Nalchik1968526:1726
11Akademia Rostov1864816:2722
12Angusht Nazran1755717:2720
12FC Rotor Volgograd II00000:00
13Spartak Vladikavkaz19541017:2719
15Anzhi Makhachkala II18431120:3015
16Kuban Krasnodar II18301514:449
17Dinamo Stavropol18131416:486
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1Armavir FC11110029:133
2Afips Afipsky981023:625
3Chernomorets Novorossiysk1181223:825
4FC Krasnodar II880027:524
6Biolog Novokubansk1052316:1017
8Angusht Nazran84319:715
9Spartak Nalchik843114:315
10Legion Dynamo93339:1012
11Anzhi Makhachkala II933313:812
12SKA Rostov933312:812
14Akademia Rostov932410:1311
15Spartak Vladikavkaz93248:711
16Kuban Krasnodar II930611:209
17Dinamo Stavropol91358:186
18FC Rotor Volgograd II00000:00
19Akademiya Togliati00000:00
1Afips Afipsky971113:322
2Legion Dynamo95139:516
3Armavir FC843113:915
4SKA Rostov943215:1115
5FC Krasnodar II1042416:1014
7Akademia Rostov93246:1411
8Biolog Novokubansk93245:1311
9Spartak Nalchik1125412:1411
10Spartak Vladikavkaz102269:208
12Chernomorets Novorossiysk81346:106
13Angusht Nazran91268:205
15Anzhi Makhachkala II91087:223
16FC Rotor Volgograd II00000:00
17Kuban Krasnodar II90093:240
18Dinamo Stavropol90098:300
19Akademiya Togliati00000:00

Latest results

dateround home team away team
22 Nov11FTSpartak Vladikavkaz1:0Anzhi Makhachkala IIMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Nov19FTFC Krasnodar II4:0Kuban Krasnodar IIMore details about  -  soccer game
19 Nov20FTArmavir FC3:1Anzhi Makhachkala IIMore details about  -  soccer game
19 Nov20FTKuban Krasnodar II3:0DruzhbaMore details about  -  soccer game
18 Nov20FTSpartak Vladikavkaz1:1Chernomorets NovorossiyskMore details about  -  soccer game
18 Nov20FTBiolog Novokubansk1:1Spartak NalchikMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Nov19FTDruzhba1:0Akademia RostovMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Nov19FTSpartak Nalchik0:0ChaykaMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Nov19FTChernomorets Novorossiysk1:3Afips AfipskyMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Nov19FTMashuk-KMV0:1Armavir FCMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Nov19FTSKA Rostov4:1Dinamo StavropolMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Nov19FTAngusht Nazran1:1Biolog NovokubanskMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Nov19FTSpartak Vladikavkaz0:1Legion DynamoMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Nov18FTArmavir FC3:0DruzhbaMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Nov18FTChayka3:1Angusht NazranMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Nov18FTAfips Afipsky6:1Anzhi Makhachkala IIMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Afips Afipsky550014:315
2Armavir FC541010:213
3Legion Dynamo53204:111
4Spartak Vladikavkaz53117:310
5FC Krasnodar II531112:410
6SKA Rostov52219:48
7Chernomorets Novorossiysk522110:68
8Spartak Nalchik52217:38
10Akademia Rostov52035:86
11Kuban Krasnodar II52037:96
13Biolog Novokubansk51224:95
15Angusht Nazran50235:122
16Dinamo Stavropol50143:131
17FC Rotor Volgograd II00000:00
18Anzhi Makhachkala II50052:130
19Akademiya Togliati00000:00

1Afips Afipsky550016:415
2FC Krasnodar II550015:415
3Armavir FC550014:115
4Chernomorets Novorossiysk540115:512
5Spartak Nalchik53209:011
7Kuban Krasnodar II53028:89
9Angusht Nazran52216:68
10SKA Rostov52219:48
12Akademia Rostov52126:77
13Legion Dynamo52123:37
14Spartak Vladikavkaz52125:37
15Biolog Novokubansk52127:67
16Anzhi Makhachkala II51225:35
17Dinamo Stavropol51131:84
18FC Rotor Volgograd II00000:00
19Akademiya Togliati00000:00
1Afips Afipsky55009:115
2Legion Dynamo53114:110
3Akademia Rostov53025:59
4Armavir FC52307:59
5FC Krasnodar II521211:57
6SKA Rostov52125:67
8Chernomorets Novorossiysk51225:55
9Spartak Vladikavkaz51135:144
10Biolog Novokubansk51132:94
11Spartak Nalchik51135:74
14FC Rotor Volgograd II00000:00
15Kuban Krasnodar II50051:140
16Anzhi Makhachkala II50053:150
17Dinamo Stavropol50053:160
18Angusht Nazran50052:160
19Akademiya Togliati00000:00

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1FC Rotor Volgograd II   000
2Akademiya Togliati   000
3Dinamo Stavropol8372562.894.223.56
4Kuban Krasnodar II7867393.4433.22
5FC Krasnodar II78725042.63.22
6Anzhi Makhachkala II6744332.333.222.78
7Armavir FC8447262.732.752.74
8Angusht Nazran76532423.112.59
9SKA Rostov6756222.222.892.56
10Afips Afipsky6733283.221.782.5
12Chernomorets Novorossiysk8442162.8222.47
13Akademia Rostov6739222.562.222.39
14Spartak Vladikavkaz5342211.672.92.32
15Biolog Novokubansk6337212.622.32
16Spartak Nalchik6842212.132.362.26
17Legion Dynamo4422112.111.561.83

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1FC Rotor Volgograd II00
2Akademia Rostov00
3Legion Dynamo00
4Kuban Krasnodar II00
5Spartak Vladikavkaz00
7Afips Afipsky00
8Anzhi Makhachkala II00
9FC Krasnodar II00
10Biolog Novokubansk00
11Armavir FC00
13Dinamo Stavropol00
14Angusht Nazran00
15Akademiya Togliati00
16SKA Rostov00
18Chernomorets Novorossiysk00
19Spartak Nalchik00

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