Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier League


Rudar Prijedor


Zrinjski Mostar

halftime (0:0)
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Date Saturday 23rd April 2011
Time 16:30 CEST
84'   Sasa Kovacevic
52'   Mirza Dzafic
35'    Goran Kotaran
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Rudar PrijedorZrinjski Mostar
WON in last 1 Premier League's games.WON in last 1 Premier League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 9 Premier League's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Premier League's games.

9.League position7.
  3pts.Last five games  9pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

4 on Rudar Prijedor

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
19th Mar 16 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueZrinjski Mostar : Rudar Prijedor 2:1
09th Sep 15 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueRudar Prijedor : Zrinjski Mostar 0:1
16th Nov 13 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueRudar Prijedor : Zrinjski Mostar 0:2
03rd Aug 13 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueZrinjski Mostar : Rudar Prijedor 0:0
04th May 13 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueRudar Prijedor : Zrinjski Mostar 4:1
15th Nov 12 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueZrinjski Mostar : Rudar Prijedor 0:0
23rd May 12 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueRudar Prijedor : Zrinjski Mostar 3:2
26th Nov 11 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueZrinjski Mostar : Rudar Prijedor 3:1
23rd Apr 11 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueRudar Prijedor : Zrinjski Mostar 2:0
25th Sep 10 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueZrinjski Mostar : Rudar Prijedor 1:0
27th Mar 10 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueRudar Prijedor : Zrinjski Mostar 2:0
30th Aug 09 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueZrinjski Mostar : Rudar Prijedor 3:1
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Rudar Prijedor
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Zrinjski Mostar
Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier League 2016/2017
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International - Champions League Qualification 2016/2017
19.7.Legia Warszawa2:0Zrinjski MostarMore details about <b>Legia Warszawa</b>-Zrinjski Mostar game
12.7.Zrinjski Mostar1:1Legia WarszawaMore details about Zrinjski Mostar-Legia Warszawa game
Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier League 2015/2016
15.5.Zrinjski Mostar2:1Sloboda TuzlaMore details about <b>Zrinjski Mostar</b>-Sloboda Tuzla game
07.5.FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj0:3Zrinjski MostarMore details about FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj-<b>Zrinjski Mostar</b> game
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29.4.Zeljeznicar0:0Zrinjski MostarMore details about Zeljeznicar-Zrinjski Mostar game
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16.4.Radnik Bijeljina0:1Zrinjski MostarMore details about Radnik Bijeljina-<b>Zrinjski Mostar</b> game
09.4.Zrinjski Mostar2:1Borac Banja LukaMore details about <b>Zrinjski Mostar</b>-Borac Banja Luka game
03.4.Slavija Sarajevo0:1Zrinjski MostarMore details about Slavija Sarajevo-<b>Zrinjski Mostar</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Borac Banja Luka30197437:1564
2FK Sarajevo30176751:2657
4Siroki Brijeg301621259:4550
5Olimpik Sarajevo301461035:3348
6Sloboda Tuzla301441228:2946
7Zrinjski Mostar301331441:3942
8FK Zvijezda301191040:3842
9Rudar Prijedor301181137:4141
10Celik Zenica301171230:3040
11Slavija Sarajevo301151444:4638
13FK Velez Mostar301131631:4336
14FK Leotar301051529:4935
16Drina Zvornik30722118:5323
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1FK Sarajevo15122130:738
2Borac Banja Luka15113125:936
3Celik Zenica15112222:835
4Zrinjski Mostar15112229:1135
5Siroki Brijeg15111342:1834
7Slavija Sarajevo15103227:1033
9Sloboda Tuzla15102319:732
10Olimpik Sarajevo1594220:1131
11Rudar Prijedor1585225:1529
12FK Leotar1592420:1329
13FK Velez Mostar1591522:1728
14FK Zvijezda1568119:1026
15Drina Zvornik1560912:2218
1Borac Banja Luka1584312:628
3FK Sarajevo1554621:1919
4Olimpik Sarajevo1552815:2217
5FK Zvijezda1551921:2816
6Siroki Brijeg1551917:2716
7Sloboda Tuzla154299:2214
8Rudar Prijedor1533912:2612
10FK Velez Mostar1522119:268
11Zrinjski Mostar15211212:287
12FK Leotar1513119:366
13Drina Zvornik1512126:315
14Slavija Sarajevo15121217:365
16Celik Zenica1505108:225

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FK Sarajevo541011:013
2Olimpik Sarajevo531111:710
3FK Zvijezda531112:710
4Borac Banja Luka53117:410
5FK Velez Mostar53026:39
6Zrinjski Mostar530212:89
7Siroki Brijeg52128:67
8Celik Zenica52123:67
11Drina Zvornik52032:106
12Slavija Sarajevo520311:86
13Sloboda Tuzla52034:66
14Rudar Prijedor51046:113
16FK Leotar50233:132

1Siroki Brijeg550019:415
2Olimpik Sarajevo541011:513
3Borac Banja Luka541010:413
4Zrinjski Mostar541011:113
5FK Sarajevo541011:213
6FK Velez Mostar54017:312
7Sloboda Tuzla54016:312
8Celik Zenica53207:211
9FK Zvijezda52306:49
11Slavija Sarajevo522110:38
12Rudar Prijedor52128:87
13FK Leotar52125:77
15Drina Zvornik51041:113
1FK Sarajevo530210:59
3Borac Banja Luka52122:27
4Siroki Brijeg52123:47
5FK Zvijezda520311:116
6Sloboda Tuzla52035:86
7Olimpik Sarajevo51224:55
9FK Leotar51135:134
10Zrinjski Mostar51134:104
11Drina Zvornik51041:123
12Rudar Prijedor51046:123
13Slavija Sarajevo50145:121
14FK Velez Mostar50143:91
16Celik Zenica50142:91