Argentina - Primera Apertura


Rosario Central


Atletico Tucuman

halftime (1:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 27th November 2009
Time 23:00 CET
84'   out Gonzalo Castillejos
84'   in Leandro Emanuel Gurrieri
78'   Fabio Escobar
73'   in Claudio Romualdo Sarria
73'   out Cesar Ariel Montiglio
68'   out Adrian De Leon
68'   in Martin Mauricio Astudillo
63'   in Matias Leonardo Escobar
63'   out Emmanuel Gigliotti
56'   in Raul Fernando Saavedra
56'   out Sebastian Angel Longo
34'   in Hernan Ismael Galindez
34'   out Jorge Emanuel Broun
8'   Guillermo Burdisso
Goalkeeper: Jorge Emanuel Broun

Defence: Paul Ambrosi
Defence: Diego Braghieri
Defence: Guillermo Burdisso
Defence: Diego Martin Chitzoff

Midfield: Gervasio Daniel Nunez
Midfield: Mariano Angel Paglialunga
Midfield: Jesus Mendez
Midfield: Jonathan David Gomez

Forward: Gonzalo Castillejos
Forward: Adrian De Leon

Substitute player: Lucas Maximiliano Moya
Substitute player: Milton Zarate
Substitute player: Martin Mauricio Astudillo
Substitute player: Nahuel Valentini
Substitute player: Nicolas Fernandez
Substitute player: Hernan Ismael Galindez
Substitute player: Leandro Emanuel Gurrieri
Goalkeeper: Lucas Mario Ischuk

Defence: Cesar More
Defence: Deivis Barone
Defence: Javier Marcelo Paez
Defence: Matias Sebastian Villavicencio

Midfield: Sebastian Angel Longo
Midfield: Damian Musto
Midfield: Diego Jose Erroz
Midfield: Cesar Ariel Montiglio

Forward: Emmanuel Gigliotti
Forward: Juan Pablo Pereyra

Substitute player: Martin Rodrigo Granero
Substitute player: Claudio Romualdo Sarria
Substitute player: Matias Leonardo Escobar
Substitute player: Hector Desvaux
Substitute player: Fabio Escobar
Substitute player: Esteban Jose Dei Rossi
Substitute player: Raul Fernando Saavedra
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Rosario CentralAtletico Tucuman
WON in last 1 Primera Apertura's games.WON in last 1 Primera Apertura's games.
NOT LOST in last 8 Primera Apertura's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Primera Apertura's games.

10.League position13.
  7pts.Last five games  10pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.
»Head to Head matches
25th Mar 13 Argentina - Primera B NacionalAtletico Tucuman : Rosario Central 3:4
22nd Sep 12 Argentina - Primera B NacionalRosario Central : Atletico Tucuman 3:1
19th May 12 Argentina - Primera B NacionalRosario Central : Atletico Tucuman 2:0
19th Nov 11 Argentina - Primera B NacionalAtletico Tucuman : Rosario Central 2:1
14th May 11 Argentina - Primera B NacionalRosario Central : Atletico Tucuman 2:0
16th Nov 10 Argentina - Primera B NacionalAtletico Tucuman : Rosario Central 4:2
25th Apr 10 Argentina - Primera ClausuraAtletico Tucuman : Rosario Central 2:2
27th Nov 09 Argentina - Primera AperturaRosario Central : Atletico Tucuman 1:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Newells Old Boys19123426:1539
5Velez Sarsfield19104529:2134
6Argentinos Juniors1988329:2032
7San Lorenzo1995528:2032
10Rosario Central1987421:1431
11Boca Juniors1976628:2427
12Arsenal Sarandi1976620:2427
13Atletico Tucuman1964924:3222
14River Plate1956823:2621
15Chacarita Juniors19541018:2519
16Racing Club19451017:2617
17Godoy Cruz1937918:2816
18Gimnasia LP19341216:2913

4Argentinos Juniors1054116:819
5Rosario Central1054112:519
6Velez Sarsfield961217:819
7Arsenal Sarandi1053210:918
9Boca Juniors1053220:1118
10Atletico Tucuman952217:1217
11San Lorenzo1052314:1117
12Newells Old Boys951312:916
14River Plate934214:1213
15Racing Club933311:912
16Chacarita Juniors93247:911
17Gimnasia LP1031612:1310
18Godoy Cruz916211:129
1Newells Old Boys1072114:623
5San Lorenzo943214:915
6Velez Sarsfield1043312:1315
7Argentinos Juniors934213:1213
9Rosario Central93339:912
11Arsenal Sarandi923410:159
12Boca Juniors92348:139
13Chacarita Juniors1022611:168
14River Plate102269:148
15Godoy Cruz102177:167
16Atletico Tucuman101277:205
17Racing Club101276:175
19Gimnasia LP90364:163

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Argentinos Juniors532011:511
3Atletico Tucuman53116:410
4Velez Sarsfield531111:510
6San Lorenzo53028:39
7Arsenal Sarandi52217:78
8Chacarita Juniors52215:38
10River Plate52217:58
11Newells Old Boys52126:67
12Rosario Central51406:57
13Boca Juniors52127:57
15Racing Club52035:96
17Godoy Cruz50323:53
20Gimnasia LP50051:110

1Atletico Tucuman540110:512
4Rosario Central53208:211
5Arsenal Sarandi53117:610
8Racing Club53117:310
10Boca Juniors531110:210
11Velez Sarsfield530211:79
12Chacarita Juniors52215:48
13Argentinos Juniors522110:68
14River Plate52217:48
15Newells Old Boys52126:77
16Godoy Cruz51316:56
17San Lorenzo52036:76
20Gimnasia LP51137:84
1Newells Old Boys55008:215
4Chacarita Juniors52126:57
5San Lorenzo52128:67
6Velez Sarsfield52125:77
8River Plate52127:77
9Arsenal Sarandi51316:66
10Argentinos Juniors51316:76
11Rosario Central51316:66
14Racing Club51045:113
15Boca Juniors50323:73
16Atletico Tucuman50142:111
18Godoy Cruz50051:100
19Gimnasia LP50050:90