Romania Liga II 2016/2017 Romania | Liga II | 2016/2017

Liga II description

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.77 points per game.!
Draws are less common in this league. 18% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.69 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 51% of all games.
Favourites usually win in this league.!

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
29 Apr32FC Olimpia Satu MareASU Politehnica Timisoara6 on FC Olimpia Satu Mareover3:0
29 Apr32CS AfumatiChindia Targoviste4 on Chindia Targovisteunder0:1
29 Apr32Luceafarul OradeaRamnicu Valcea4 on Luceafarul Oradeaunder1:0
29 Apr32Sepsi OSKACS Berceni10 on Sepsi OSKover4:1
29 Apr32FC Academica ClinceniUnirea Tarlungeni5 on FC Academica Clinceniover2:1
29 Apr32CS MioveniCSM Metalul Resita10 on CS Mioveniover3:0
29 Apr32CS Soimii PancotaForesta Suceava
30 Apr32Juventus BucurestiCS Balotesti10 on Juventus Bucurestiover3:0
30 Apr32FC Dunarea CalarasiUTA Batrana Doamna4 on UTA Batrana Doamnaover1:2
2 May32FC BrasovDacia Unirea Braila7 on FC Brasovunder2:0
5 May33CS MioveniFC Academica Clinceni9 on CS Mioveniover3:0
6 May33ACS BerceniJuventus Bucuresti10 on Juventus Bucurestiover1:3
6 May33UTA Batrana DoamnaUnirea Tarlungeni10 on UTA Batrana Doamnaunder2:0
6 May33Foresta SuceavaLuceafarul Oradea6 on Foresta Suceavaover3:0
6 May33Ramnicu ValceaCS Afumatidrawunder1:1
6 May33CSM Metalul ResitaFC Brasov7 on FC Brasovover0:3
6 May33ASU Politehnica TimisoaraFC Dunarea Calarasi3 on FC Dunarea Calarasiover1:2

There have to be at least four rounds played to make predictions.
All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Juventus Bucuresti28213458:1566
2Sepsi OSK28176549:2557
3UTA Batrana Doamna28175647:2756
4FC Brasov28158545:2753
5CS Mioveni28156740:2151
6Chindia Targoviste27162947:2750
7FC Olimpia Satu Mare281351038:3144
8Dacia Unirea Braila281341133:3343
9FC Dunarea Calarasi28118939:3441
10Foresta Suceava281151245:4838
11CS Afumati271051230:3035
12Luceafarul Oradea281041435:3234
13FC Academica Clinceni28941537:5731
14Ramnicu Valcea1947817:2119
14ASU Politehnica Timisoara28861436:4930
15CS Balotesti27761432:4727
16CSM Metalul Resita28622030:5920
17Unirea Tarlungeni19251216:3711
19ACS Berceni1400147:440
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1Sepsi OSK14112135:1035
2Chindia Targoviste14111229:834
3Juventus Bucuresti13111131:634
4FC Brasov13111129:834
5FC Olimpia Satu Mare14102229:1032
6Dacia Unirea Braila15101421:1131
7CS Mioveni1492321:929
8UTA Batrana Doamna1484223:1028
9Foresta Suceava1483328:1427
10FC Dunarea Calarasi1364316:1022
11ASU Politehnica Timisoara1563625:2021
12CS Afumati1355319:1420
13Luceafarul Oradea1462621:1420
14CSM Metalul Resita1452719:1717
15CS Balotesti1444618:2416
16FC Academica Clinceni1351718:3116
17Ramnicu Valcea933310:712
18Unirea Tarlungeni1124513:1810
19ACS Berceni70074:170
1Juventus Bucuresti15102327:932
2UTA Batrana Doamna1491424:1728
3Sepsi OSK1464414:1522
4CS Mioveni1464419:1222
5FC Dunarea Calarasi1554623:2419
6FC Brasov1547416:1919
7Chindia Targoviste1351718:1916
8CS Afumati1450911:1615
9FC Academica Clinceni1543819:2615
10Luceafarul Oradea1442814:1814
11FC Olimpia Satu Mare143389:2112
12Dacia Unirea Braila1333712:2212
13CS Balotesti1332814:2311
14Foresta Suceava1432917:3411
15ASU Politehnica Timisoara1323811:299
16Ramnicu Valcea101457:147
17CSM Metalul Resita14101311:423
18Unirea Tarlungeni80173:191
19ACS Berceni70073:270

Latest results

dateround home team away team
27 Apr31FTCS Balotesti0:2Sepsi OSKMore details about  -  soccer game
26 Apr31FTChindia Targoviste2:1Luceafarul OradeaMore details about  -  soccer game
26 Apr31FTCSM Metalul Resita1:1FC Academica ClinceniMore details about  -  soccer game
26 Apr31FTDacia Unirea Braila1:0CS MioveniMore details about  -  soccer game
26 Apr31FTForesta Suceava0:0FC BrasovMore details about  -  soccer game
26 Apr31FTASU Politehnica Timisoara2:1Juventus BucurestiMore details about  -  soccer game
26 Apr31Finished after awarded winUnirea Tarlungeni0:3FC Dunarea CalarasiMore details about  -  soccer game
25 Apr31FTUTA Batrana Doamna2:0FC Olimpia Satu MareMore details about  -  soccer game
23 Apr30FTFC Academica Clinceni1:4FC Dunarea CalarasiMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr30FTCS Mioveni2:2Foresta SuceavaMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr30FTCS Afumati1:0CS BalotestiMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr30Finished after awarded winFC Brasov3:0Ramnicu ValceaMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr30FTCSM Metalul Resita3:0Dacia Unirea BrailaMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr30Finished after awarded winFC Olimpia Satu Mare3:0Unirea TarlungeniMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr30FTJuventus Bucuresti1:2UTA Batrana DoamnaMore details about  -  soccer game
21 Apr30FTSepsi OSK2:1ASU Politehnica TimisoaraMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Chindia Targoviste540112:312
2UTA Batrana Doamna53206:211
3Sepsi OSK53118:410
4FC Dunarea Calarasi53118:310
5CS Mioveni53119:410
6Juventus Bucuresti530213:59
7Dacia Unirea Braila53026:69
8Foresta Suceava52217:78
9FC Brasov52216:78
10CS Afumati52124:47
11ASU Politehnica Timisoara52036:106
12Ramnicu Valcea51222:35
13CS Balotesti51134:94
14CSM Metalul Resita51136:104
15FC Academica Clinceni51133:84
16Luceafarul Oradea51138:84
17Unirea Tarlungeni50143:111
18FC Olimpia Satu Mare50052:110
19ACS Berceni50051:180

1Sepsi OSK550017:515
2Chindia Targoviste550015:315
3Juventus Bucuresti54019:512
4FC Dunarea Calarasi53209:311
5Foresta Suceava532010:411
6ASU Politehnica Timisoara531110:610
7UTA Batrana Doamna53119:310
8CS Balotesti53119:610
9Dacia Unirea Braila53117:410
10FC Brasov53118:310
11FC Olimpia Satu Mare53026:49
12CS Mioveni52219:68
13CSM Metalul Resita52129:57
14Luceafarul Oradea521211:87
15Ramnicu Valcea52124:27
16FC Academica Clinceni52034:136
17CS Afumati51223:55
18Unirea Tarlungeni50236:122
19ACS Berceni50054:150
1UTA Batrana Doamna53116:310
2Juventus Bucuresti530214:59
3CS Mioveni53028:59
4Sepsi OSK52126:67
5FC Dunarea Calarasi52129:77
6FC Brasov51315:86
7ASU Politehnica Timisoara51136:104
8CS Balotesti51135:104
9FC Academica Clinceni51135:84
10Chindia Targoviste51135:74
11CS Afumati51042:83
12Dacia Unirea Braila50232:82
13Ramnicu Valcea50232:62
14FC Olimpia Satu Mare50143:101
15Foresta Suceava50144:111
16Luceafarul Oradea50145:91
17Unirea Tarlungeni50051:140
18ACS Berceni50052:190
19CSM Metalul Resita50052:160

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1ACS Berceni71645734.293.64
2FC Academica Clinceni8170483.7733.36
3Foresta Suceava93674133.643.32
4CSM Metalul Resita9269382.573.793.18
5ASU Politehnica Timisoara89523333.083.04
6CS Balotesti81543532.852.93
7Unirea Tarlungeni7239392.822.752.79
8Chindia Targoviste8546272.642.852.74
9UTA Batrana Doamna7154252.362.932.64
10Sepsi OSK7456223.212.072.64
11Juventus Bucuresti6356262.852.42.61
12FC Dunarea Calarasi74562623.132.61
13FC Brasov8146192.852.332.57
14FC Olimpia Satu Mare6748262.792.142.46
15Luceafarul Oradea6352222.52.292.39
16Dacia Unirea Braila6938152.132.622.36
17CS Afumati6542152.541.932.22
18CS Mioveni6238152.142.212.18
19Ramnicu Valcea5332161.892.12

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.