Netherlands - Eredivisie


Roda JC Kerkrade



halftime (0:1)
»Game details
Date Friday 19th February 2010
Time 20:45 CET
88'   Marcel De Jong
83'   Tim Breukers
75'   Davy de Fauw
75'   in Samuel Armenteros
75'   out Darl Douglas
70'   out Boldiszar Bodor
70'   in Arnaud Sutchuin Djoum
68'   Anour Hadouir
30'   Willy Overtoom
27'   Marko Vejinovic
25'   out Laurent Delorge
25'   in Jeanvion Yulu-Matondo
8'   Everton

Goalkeeper: Przemyslaw Tyton

Defence: Arnold Kruiswijk
Defence: Davy de Fauw
Defence: Jan-Paul Saeijs
Defence: Marcel De Jong

Midfield: Boldiszar Bodor
Midfield: Willem Janssen
Midfield: Ruud Vormer
Midfield: Laurent Delorge

Forward: Mads Junker
Forward: Anour Hadouir

Substitute player: Pa Modou Kah
Substitute player: Bram Castro
Substitute player: Arnaud Sutchuin Djoum
Substitute player: Jamaique Vandamme
Substitute player: Jeanvion Yulu-Matondo
Substitute player: Sebastian Svaerd
Substitute player: Vincent Lachambre

Coach: Harm van Veldhoven
Goalkeeper: Martin Pieckenhagen

Defence: Antoine van der Linden
Defence: Birger Maertens
Defence: Tim Breukers
Defence: Mark Looms

Midfield: Darl Douglas
Midfield: Marko Vejinovic
Midfield: Willy Overtoom
Midfield: Oliver ter Horst

Forward: Everton
Forward: Bas Dost

Substitute player: Peter Reekers
Substitute player: Mark-Jan Fledderus
Substitute player: Resit Schuurmann
Substitute player: Dennis Rosink
Substitute player: Dennis Telgenkamp
Substitute player: Sebastian Steur
Substitute player: Samuel Armenteros

Coach: Gert-Jan Verbeek
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Roda JC KerkradeHeracles
WON in last 3 Eredivisie's games.WON in last 1 Eredivisie's games.
NOT DRAW in last 18 Eredivisie's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Eredivisie's games.

9.League position6.
  12pts.Last five games  10pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.
»Head to Head matches
07th Aug 16 Netherlands - EredivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : Heracles 1:1
28th Feb 16 Netherlands - EredivisieHeracles : Roda JC Kerkrade 0:5
08th Aug 15 Netherlands - EredivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : Heracles 3:1
15th Mar 14 Netherlands - EredivisieHeracles : Roda JC Kerkrade 2:1
08th Dec 13 Netherlands - EredivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : Heracles 1:3
02nd Feb 13 Netherlands - EredivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : Heracles 3:3
18th Nov 12 Netherlands - EredivisieHeracles : Roda JC Kerkrade 5:1
18th Feb 12 Netherlands - EredivisieHeracles : Roda JC Kerkrade 2:1
26th Nov 11 Netherlands - EredivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : Heracles 3:1
06th Feb 11 Netherlands - EredivisieHeracles : Roda JC Kerkrade 1:0
28th Aug 10 Netherlands - EredivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : Heracles 4:2
09th May 10 Netherlands - Europe League PlayoffHeracles : Roda JC Kerkrade 1:2
06th May 10 Netherlands - Europe League PlayoffRoda JC Kerkrade : Heracles 1:1
19th Feb 10 Netherlands - EredivisieRoda JC Kerkrade : Heracles 2:1
28th Nov 09 Netherlands - EredivisieHeracles : Roda JC Kerkrade 3:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
0RKC Waalwijk34502930:8015
1FC Twente34275263:2386
3PSV Eindhoven34239272:2978
5AZ Alkmaar341951064:3462
7FC Utrecht341411939:3353
8FC Groningen341471348:4749
9Roda JC Kerkrade341401556:6047
10NAC Breda3412101242:4946
11SC Heerenveen341141944:6437
13NEC Nijmegen34891735:5933
15ADO Den Haag34791838:5930
16Sparta Rotterdam34682030:6626
17Willem II34702536:7023
 champions league champions league   champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa uefa   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1FC Twente17160037:1048
3PSV Eindhoven17134040:1343
4AZ Alkmaar17112433:1635
7FC Utrecht1787221:1231
8FC Groningen1793525:1530
9NAC Breda1785426:1729
11Roda JC Kerkrade1790537:2827
12SC Heerenveen1774625:1925
13NEC Nijmegen1755720:2720
15Sparta Rotterdam1754818:2619
16Willem II1760923:2918
17ADO Den Haag17431021:2815
18RKC Waalwijk17401318:3012
1FC Twente17114226:1337
3PSV Eindhoven17105232:1635
5AZ Alkmaar1783631:1827
7FC Groningen1754823:3219
8FC Utrecht1760718:2118
9NAC Breda1745816:3217
10ADO Den Haag1736817:3115
11Roda JC Kerkrade17501019:3215
12SC Heerenveen17401319:4512
14NEC Nijmegen17301015:329
16Sparta Rotterdam17041212:404
17RKC Waalwijk17001612:500
18Willem II17001613:410

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Roda JC Kerkrade540117:812
3FC Twente54018:112
4AZ Alkmaar53207:111
6PSV Eindhoven52307:49
8FC Groningen52129:87
9ADO Den Haag520310:86
11NAC Breda51312:36
12SC Heerenveen51228:115
13FC Utrecht51226:75
15NEC Nijmegen51134:104
16RKC Waalwijk51047:163
17Sparta Rotterdam50143:141
18Willem II50052:130

2FC Twente550012:215
4AZ Alkmaar541013:513
5Roda JC Kerkrade540118:1112
6FC Groningen540111:412
8NAC Breda53026:69
9PSV Eindhoven523010:49
10SC Heerenveen522111:68
11FC Utrecht52216:58
13ADO Den Haag51227:55
15RKC Waalwijk51047:113
16Willem II51043:103
17Sparta Rotterdam50233:102
18NEC Nijmegen50231:82
2AZ Alkmaar532010:311
3FC Twente53116:210
4FC Utrecht53027:69
5Roda JC Kerkrade53029:59
7PSV Eindhoven52219:98
9ADO Den Haag51137:124
11NAC Breda50413:64
12FC Groningen51135:104
13SC Heerenveen51046:163
14NEC Nijmegen51044:113
16RKC Waalwijk50054:210
17Sparta Rotterdam50053:160
18Willem II50055:130