Croatia - 1. Division


RNK Split


NK Zadar

halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 1st October 2011
Time 18:00 CEST
RefereeZlatko Simcic from Croatia
90'   Antonio Mrsic
87'   in Marko Tesija
87'   out Romano Obilinovic
84'   Bojan Golubovic
79'   out Ivan Baraban
79'   in Ante Vitaic
72'   Ivan Baraban
69'   Ante Erceg
68'   out Igor Banovic
68'   in Ivan Curjuric
68'   in Ibrahim Hajdini
68'   out Ivan-Anton Vasilj
62'   Marin Con
57'   Predrag Simic
47'   Romano Obilinovic
46'   in Bojan Golubovic
46'   out Ante Rebic
46'   Romano Obilinovic
12'   out Mario Bilen
12'   in Marin Con
7'   Ivan-Anton Vasilj
Substitute player: Ante Erceg
Substitute player: Ante Vitaic
Substitute player: Igor Budisa
Substitute player: Romano Obilinovic
Substitute player: Bojan Golubovic
Substitute player: Andrija Vukovic
Substitute player: Ante Rebic
Substitute player: Duje Cop
Substitute player: Ivan Baraban
Substitute player: Ivica Krizanac
Substitute player: Predrag Simic
Substitute player: Filip Marcic
Substitute player: Marko Tesija
Substitute player: Velimir Vidic
Substitute player: Mario Bilen
Substitute player: Marin Con
Substitute player: Antonio Jezina
Substitute player: Igor Banovic
Substitute player: Matej Jonjic
Substitute player: Jakov Surac
Substitute player: Toni Pezo
Substitute player: Ante Saric
Substitute player: Antonio Mrsic
Substitute player: Ibrahim Hajdini
Substitute player: Ivan-Anton Vasilj
Substitute player: Ivan Santini
Substitute player: Ivan Curjuric
Substitute player: Josip Bilaver

Coach: Dalibor Zebic
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RNK SplitNK Zadar
DRAW in last 1 1. Division's games.LOST in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 1. Division's games.NOT WON in last 3 1. Division's games.

4.League position10.
  10pts.Last five games  5pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

5 on RNK Split

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
11th Apr 15 Croatia - 1. DivisionRNK Split : NK Zadar 1:1
18th Mar 15 Croatia - FA CupNK Zadar : RNK Split 1:4
11th Feb 15 Croatia - FA CupRNK Split : NK Zadar 1:0
12th Dec 14 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Zadar : RNK Split 1:1
29th Sep 14 Croatia - 1. DivisionRNK Split : NK Zadar 3:0
21st Jul 14 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Zadar : RNK Split 1:2
19th Apr 14 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Zadar : RNK Split 0:1
23rd Feb 14 Croatia - 1. DivisionRNK Split : NK Zadar 3:1
26th Oct 13 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Zadar : RNK Split 0:1
09th Aug 13 Croatia - 1. DivisionRNK Split : NK Zadar 1:3
26th May 13 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Zadar : RNK Split 2:2
08th Dec 12 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Zadar : RNK Split 1:0
15th Sep 12 Croatia - 1. DivisionRNK Split : NK Zadar 3:1
07th Apr 12 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Zadar : RNK Split 2:1
01st Oct 11 Croatia - 1. DivisionRNK Split : NK Zadar 3:1
07th May 11 Croatia - 1. DivisionRNK Split : NK Zadar 3:2
30th Oct 10 Croatia - 1. DivisionNK Zadar : RNK Split 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Dinamo Zagreb30236173:1175
2Hajduk Split30166850:2454
4RNK Split30148843:3250
6NK Zagreb301361136:4245
7NK Lokomotiva301281033:3344
9NK Istra 1961301191035:3342
10NK Zadar301171229:4440
11Inter Zapresic301151433:3338
16NK Varazdin30232516:708
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1Dinamo Zagreb15132038:441
3RNK Split1586125:1430
4Hajduk Split1593325:1130
5NK Zadar1593321:1730
6NK Istra 19611592420:1329
7Inter Zapresic1585222:929
10NK Zagreb1575320:1726
12NK Lokomotiva1573519:1624
16NK Varazdin15211211:347
1Dinamo Zagreb15104135:734
2Hajduk Split1573525:1324
3RNK Split1562718:1820
4NK Lokomotiva1555514:1720
6NK Zagreb1561816:2519
10NK Istra 19611527615:2013
12NK Zadar152498:2710
13Inter Zapresic15301211:249
16NK Varazdin1502135:362

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1RNK Split53115:210
2NK Zagreb53026:79
4Dinamo Zagreb52309:39
6NK Lokomotiva52217:78
8NK Istra 196152129:87
11NK Zadar51224:105
13Inter Zapresic51134:64
15Hajduk Split51043:63
16NK Varazdin50145:131

1RNK Split550010:115
2NK Istra 196154109:113
3Dinamo Zagreb532013:211
4Inter Zapresic53209:211
5NK Zadar53207:311
7NK Zagreb53118:710
10NK Lokomotiva52126:77
11Hajduk Split52123:37
12NK Varazdin52037:126
1Dinamo Zagreb541015:113
2NK Zagreb53027:69
3NK Lokomotiva52124:107
6NK Istra 196151226:85
8Hajduk Split51136:64
9NK Zadar51132:104
12RNK Split50231:52
15NK Varazdin50143:101
16Inter Zapresic50053:80