Malawi - Super League


Red Lions


Silver Strikers

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Date Sunday 30th October 2011
Time 13:30 CET
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Red LionsSilver Strikers
WON in last 1 Super League's games.WON in last 2 Super League's games.
NOT LOST in last 2 Super League's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Super League's games.

9.League position1.
  10pts.Last five games  10pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
30th Nov 14 Malawi - Super LeagueSilver Strikers : Red Lions 1:1
22nd Jun 14 Malawi - Super LeagueRed Lions : Silver Strikers 5:2
06th Oct 13 Malawi - Super LeagueSilver Strikers : Red Lions 3:0
21st Jul 13 Malawi - Super LeagueRed Lions : Silver Strikers 1:0
11th Nov 12 Malawi - Super LeagueSilver Strikers : Red Lions 0:1
05th Aug 12 Malawi - Super LeagueRed Lions : Silver Strikers 2:1
30th Oct 11 Malawi - Super LeagueRed Lions : Silver Strikers 0:1
27th Jul 11 Malawi - Super LeagueSilver Strikers : Red Lions 0:0
18th Dec 10 Malawi - Super LeagueSilver Strikers : Red Lions 3:0
10th Jul 10 Malawi - Super LeagueRed Lions : Silver Strikers 1:3
22nd Nov 09 Malawi - Super LeagueRed Lions : Silver Strikers 0:0
06th Sep 09 Malawi - Super LeagueSilver Strikers : Red Lions 1:0
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Red Lions
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Silver Strikers
Malawi - Super League 2014/2015
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13.9.Blantyre United1:3Silver StrikersMore details about Blantyre United-<b>Silver Strikers</b> game
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08.6.Blue Eagles0:1Silver StrikersMore details about Blue Eagles-<b>Silver Strikers</b> game
07.6.Silver Strikers0:0CIVO UnitedMore details about Silver Strikers-CIVO United game
18.5.Tigers FC0:1Silver StrikersMore details about Tigers FC-<b>Silver Strikers</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Silver Strikers28146860:2848
2Escom United28145938:2647
3MTL Wanderers28129729:1945
4CIVO United281351036:2844
5Moyale Barracks281341151:3443
6EPAC United281341141:3243
7Blantyre United28119840:3342
8Blue Eagles281261030:3242
9Red Lions281011730:2441
10Tigers FC281241241:3940
11Bullets FC281010829:2840
13Cobbe Barracks28761527:4727
14Zomba United28641821:5122
15Embangweni United28541917:5819
 relegation relegation  

1Moyale Barracks1493228:830
2Silver Strikers1492342:1229
3Blue Eagles1484214:628
4EPAC United1483328:1527
5CIVO United1482420:1426
6Escom United1474320:1225
7Blantyre United1473421:1324
8Zomba United1463516:1721
9Red Lions1455415:1220
10MTL Wanderers1455412:820
12Tigers FC1461726:2619
13Bullets FC1454514:1519
14Cobbe Barracks1453619:1918
15Embangweni United1452713:2117
1MTL Wanderers1474317:1125
2Escom United1471618:1422
3Tigers FC1463515:1321
4Red Lions1456315:1221
5Bullets FC1456315:1321
7Silver Strikers1454518:1619
8Blantyre United1446419:2018
9CIVO United1453616:1418
10EPAC United1451813:1716
11Blue Eagles1442816:2614
12Moyale Barracks1441923:2613
13Cobbe Barracks142398:289
14Embangweni United1402124:372
15Zomba United1401135:341

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Escom United54018:112
2EPAC United53117:410
3Red Lions531110:610
4Silver Strikers53118:410
5Blue Eagles53027:69
6Moyale Barracks530211:89
7MTL Wanderers52215:38
8Bullets FC52216:58
10Tigers FC52036:86
11CIVO United51137:84
12Cobbe Barracks50326:123
13Blantyre United51047:103
14Zomba United51044:173
15Embangweni United50142:121

1EPAC United541010:213
2Blue Eagles54106:113
3Moyale Barracks540115:412
4Silver Strikers540118:312
5Red Lions53118:510
6CIVO United53117:410
7Escom United53117:410
8Tigers FC530212:119
9Blantyre United52127:77
10Embangweni United52037:76
11Zomba United52036:96
12MTL Wanderers51313:36
13Bullets FC51226:55
15Cobbe Barracks50236:112
1Escom United54019:212
2Bullets FC53206:311
3MTL Wanderers53117:410
4EPAC United52126:57
5Blue Eagles52129:87
6Silver Strikers52123:57
8Red Lions51316:66
9Cobbe Barracks51224:115
10Blantyre United51137:104
11Tigers FC51136:94
12CIVO United51136:74
13Moyale Barracks51049:123
14Embangweni United50141:211
15Zomba United50142:161