Real Monarchs SLC


Reno 1868 FC

halftime (2:1)
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Date Tuesday 20th June 2017
Time 3:05 CEST
45'   Taylor Peay
34'   Antoine Hoppenot
22'   Andrew Brody
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Real Monarchs SLCReno 1868 FC
DRAW in last 1 USL's games.WON in last 1 USL's games.
NOT LOST in last 10 USL's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 USL's games.

1.League position10.
  13pts.Last five games  10pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

9 on Real Monarchs SLC

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
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20th Jun 17 USA - USLReal Monarchs SLC : Reno 1868 FC 2:1
07th Apr 17 USA - USLReal Monarchs SLC : Reno 1868 FC 5:3
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Reno 1868 FC
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Real Monarchs SLC14121133:1337
2San Antonio FC15104124:634
3Charleston Battery1594234:1831
4Louisville City FC1374219:1025
5Sacramento Republic FC1673624:2024
6Tampa Bay Rowdies1666421:1524
7Swope Park Rangers1372421:1523
8Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC1665526:2523
9Bethlehem Steel FC1471618:1522
10Reno 1868 FC1363431:2121
11Seattle Sounders FC II1562725:3220
12Ottawa Fury1455419:1720
13FC Cincinnati1555517:1520
14Rochester Rhinos1255215:1320
15Charlotte Independence1254319:1519
16Portland Timbers00000:00
16Orlando City B1554616:1719
17Pittsburgh Riverhounds1554615:1719
18OKC Energy FC1453617:2018
19New York Red Bulls II1553724:3018
20Rio Grande Valley FC1352616:1617
21Phoenix Rising FC1252517:2117
22Tulsa Roughnecks FC1350818:2515
23Vancouver Whitecaps II1443717:2015
24Saint Louis FC1243513:1715
25Orange County SC941413:1513
26Harrisburg City Islanders1434710:1713
27LA Galaxy II1432913:2711
28Richmond Kickers152589:1711
29Toronto FC II152586:2211
30Portland Timbers II1511138:274

1Real Monarchs SLC770020:721
2Charleston Battery962123:1020
3Swope Park Rangers861115:719
4San Antonio FC853013:218
5Tampa Bay Rowdies852113:517
6FC Cincinnati944114:816
7Reno 1868 FC742118:714
8Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC742113:814
9Rochester Rhinos742110:414
10Rio Grande Valley FC841311:613
11Seattle Sounders FC II841316:1313
12OKC Energy FC64117:413
13Sacramento Republic FC641115:713
14Phoenix Rising FC741211:1213
15Tulsa Roughnecks FC740313:912
16New York Red Bulls II940513:1512
17Ottawa Fury73319:612
18Louisville City FC53206:111
19Bethlehem Steel FC73139:810
20Pittsburgh Riverhounds83149:910
21Harrisburg City Islanders62317:69
22Richmond Kickers92345:89
23Saint Louis FC530210:89
24Vancouver Whitecaps II622210:78
25Charlotte Independence522110:68
26Orlando City B61327:96
27Toronto FC II61323:56
28Orange County SC32018:46
29LA Galaxy II71158:134
30Portland Timbers II80173:151
31Portland Timbers00000:00
1San Antonio FC751111:416
2Real Monarchs SLC751113:616
3Louisville City FC842213:914
4Orlando City B94149:813
5Bethlehem Steel FC74039:712
6Charlotte Independence73229:911
7Sacramento Republic FC103259:1311
8Charleston Battery632111:811
9Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC923413:179
10Pittsburgh Riverhounds72326:89
11Ottawa Fury722310:118
12Reno 1868 FC621313:147
13Seattle Sounders FC II72149:197
14Vancouver Whitecaps II82157:137
15LA Galaxy II72145:147
16Orange County SC62135:117
17Tampa Bay Rowdies81438:107
18New York Red Bulls II613211:156
19Saint Louis FC71333:96
20Rochester Rhinos51315:96
21Toronto FC II91263:175
22OKC Energy FC812510:165
23Swope Park Rangers51136:84
24Rio Grande Valley FC51135:104
25FC Cincinnati61143:74
26Phoenix Rising FC51136:94
27Harrisburg City Islanders81163:114
28Tulsa Roughnecks FC61055:163
29Portland Timbers II71065:123
30Richmond Kickers60244:92
31Portland Timbers00000:00

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Bethlehem Steel FC54109:313
2Real Monarchs SLC54108:313
3Swope Park Rangers53209:511
4Reno 1868 FC531111:710
5Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC53118:610
6Louisville City FC531111:510
7Sacramento Republic FC531111:710
8San Antonio FC52214:28
9FC Cincinnati52216:48
10Charlotte Independence52217:48
11OKC Energy FC522110:88
12Ottawa Fury52215:48
13Phoenix Rising FC52219:88
14Charleston Battery522114:98
15Rochester Rhinos52214:38
16Orlando City B52124:47
17Seattle Sounders FC II521212:117
18New York Red Bulls II52125:87
19Orange County SC52038:96
20Pittsburgh Riverhounds51224:65
21Rio Grande Valley FC51137:114
22Vancouver Whitecaps II51136:84
23Toronto FC II51133:104
24Saint Louis FC51134:64
25Tampa Bay Rowdies50415:74
26Tulsa Roughnecks FC51046:133
27LA Galaxy II51045:103
28Harrisburg City Islanders51042:73
29Richmond Kickers50144:101
30Portland Timbers II50052:110
31Portland Timbers00000:00

1Real Monarchs SLC550013:415
2Reno 1868 FC541017:413
3OKC Energy FC54107:313
4Charleston Battery541013:513
5San Antonio FC53205:111
6FC Cincinnati53208:411
7Louisville City FC53206:111
8Swope Park Rangers531110:610
9Rio Grande Valley FC53118:310
10Seattle Sounders FC II531112:710
11Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC531110:610
12Sacramento Republic FC531111:710
13Ottawa Fury53119:610
14Phoenix Rising FC53119:1010
15Rochester Rhinos53114:210
16Tulsa Roughnecks FC530212:69
17Pittsburgh Riverhounds53025:39
18Saint Louis FC530210:89
19Charlotte Independence522110:68
20Tampa Bay Rowdies52217:58
21Bethlehem Steel FC52125:57
22Orlando City B51316:66
23Harrisburg City Islanders51314:46
24Orange County SC32018:46
25Vancouver Whitecaps II51227:75
26Toronto FC II51223:55
27New York Red Bulls II51046:123
28Richmond Kickers50322:53
29Portland Timbers II50141:101
30LA Galaxy II50145:111
31Portland Timbers00000:00
1Real Monarchs SLC541010:313
2Bethlehem Steel FC54017:312
3San Antonio FC53118:310
4Orlando City B53025:39
5Ottawa Fury52218:78
6Charleston Battery52219:88
7Reno 1868 FC521210:97
8Louisville City FC52128:77
9Charlotte Independence52126:77
10LA Galaxy II52124:97
11Rochester Rhinos51315:96
12New York Red Bulls II51228:125
13Pittsburgh Riverhounds51223:65
14Tampa Bay Rowdies51226:75
15Swope Park Rangers51136:84
16Rio Grande Valley FC51135:104
17FC Cincinnati51132:54
18Seattle Sounders FC II51137:154
19Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC51136:114
20OKC Energy FC51138:94
21Sacramento Republic FC51135:94
22Phoenix Rising FC51136:94
23Orange County SC51133:114
24Vancouver Whitecaps II51045:103
25Portland Timbers II51044:93
26Richmond Kickers50234:82
27Saint Louis FC50231:82
28Toronto FC II50141:101
29Harrisburg City Islanders50142:91
30Tulsa Roughnecks FC50054:160
31Portland Timbers00000:00