Germany - Oberliga Hessen


RW Frankfurt


FSC Lohfelden

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Date Saturday 28th April 2012
Time 15:00 CEST
Venue nameStadion Brentanobad
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RW FrankfurtFSC Lohfelden
WON in last 1 Oberliga Hessen's games.LOST in last 1 Oberliga Hessen's games.
NOT DRAW in last 7 Oberliga Hessen's games.NOT DRAW in last 17 Oberliga Hessen's games.

17.League position9.
  6pts.Last five games  6pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

4 on FSC Lohfelden

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
28th Apr 12 Germany - Oberliga HessenRW Frankfurt : FSC Lohfelden 2:1
15th Oct 11 Germany - Oberliga HessenFSC Lohfelden : RW Frankfurt 1:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2KSV Baunatal34217682:4870
3FSV Fernwald341810658:3064
4Viktoria Aschaffenburg341681067:5556
5Viktoria Urberach341591067:4554
6Wehen II341561361:5551
7OSC Vellmar341561360:6351
8Rot-Weiss Darmstadt341541565:5949
9FSC Lohfelden341531668:6348
10TGM SV Juegesheim3412111147:4147
11Buchonia Flieden341521764:6947
12Kickers Offenbach II341361566:6345
13SpVgg 1922 Hadamar341081649:6238
14SC Waldgirmes341081654:7238
15Eintracht Stadtallendorf341071749:6837
16FCA Darmstadt34881850:6532
17RW Frankfurt34862037:8630
18Eintracht Wetzlar34662244:8624
 promotion promotion   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1KSV Baunatal17113348:2636
3Viktoria Urberach17103435:1733
4Wehen II17103439:2133
5FSV Fernwald1795331:1732
6FSC Lohfelden17102538:2832
7OSC Vellmar1794431:2431
8Viktoria Aschaffenburg1786335:2230
9Kickers Offenbach II1792639:2229
10Rot-Weiss Darmstadt1791741:3128
11Buchonia Flieden1791736:2928
12SC Waldgirmes1784536:2828
13TGM SV Juegesheim1775525:1726
14FCA Darmstadt1782737:3026
15SpVgg 1922 Hadamar1765627:2723
16Eintracht Stadtallendorf1754831:3419
17RW Frankfurt17521016:2917
18Eintracht Wetzlar17341022:4113
2KSV Baunatal17104334:2234
3FSV Fernwald1795327:1332
4Viktoria Aschaffenburg1782732:3326
5TGM SV Juegesheim1756622:2421
6Rot-Weiss Darmstadt1763824:2821
7Viktoria Urberach1756632:2821
8OSC Vellmar1762929:3920
9Buchonia Flieden17611028:4019
10Eintracht Stadtallendorf1753918:3418
11Wehen II1753922:3418
12Kickers Offenbach II1744927:4116
13FSC Lohfelden17511130:3516
14SpVgg 1922 Hadamar17431022:3515
15RW Frankfurt17341021:5713
16Eintracht Wetzlar17321222:4511
17SC Waldgirmes17241118:4410
18FCA Darmstadt17061113:356

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Viktoria Aschaffenburg541012:513
3FSV Fernwald53209:111
4FCA Darmstadt531112:610
5OSC Vellmar53028:89
6TGM SV Juegesheim522112:58
7Viktoria Urberach522111:78
8KSV Baunatal522111:98
9SC Waldgirmes521211:117
10Rot-Weiss Darmstadt520310:146
11RW Frankfurt52038:126
12FSC Lohfelden520311:126
13Eintracht Stadtallendorf51226:95
14Wehen II51226:105
15SpVgg 1922 Hadamar50418:114
16Kickers Offenbach II51048:153
17Eintracht Wetzlar50145:131
18Buchonia Flieden50143:151

1TGM SV Juegesheim541013:213
2Viktoria Aschaffenburg541012:313
3FCA Darmstadt531114:510
4SC Waldgirmes531114:510
6Rot-Weiss Darmstadt530214:109
7Viktoria Urberach530211:69
8FSC Lohfelden530214:109
9SpVgg 1922 Hadamar52217:78
10Eintracht Wetzlar52219:78
11Wehen II52218:78
12FSV Fernwald52215:38
13KSV Baunatal522112:88
14OSC Vellmar52125:57
15RW Frankfurt52127:87
16Kickers Offenbach II520311:76
17Eintracht Stadtallendorf51228:105
18Buchonia Flieden51136:104
1FSV Fernwald53209:211
2KSV Baunatal53209:511
3Viktoria Aschaffenburg531110:610
5TGM SV Juegesheim51317:66
6Eintracht Stadtallendorf52037:106
7Viktoria Urberach51318:66
8Buchonia Flieden52037:126
9OSC Vellmar51137:104
10SC Waldgirmes51135:144
11Rot-Weiss Darmstadt51045:133
12Kickers Offenbach II51045:163
13FSC Lohfelden51046:143
14SpVgg 1922 Hadamar50235:102
15Wehen II50234:152
16FCA Darmstadt50143:141
17RW Frankfurt50145:181
18Eintracht Wetzlar50052:130