Germany - Oberliga NRW


RW Ahlen


KFC Uerdingen

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Date Sunday 11th March 2012
Time 15:00 CET
Venue nameWersestadion
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RW AhlenKFC Uerdingen
LOST in last 1 Oberliga NRW's games.WON in last 2 Oberliga NRW's games.
NOT DRAW in last 18 Oberliga NRW's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Oberliga NRW's games.

17.League position8.
  6pts.Last five games  6pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

10 on KFC Uerdingen

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
11th Mar 12 Germany - Oberliga NRWRW Ahlen : KFC Uerdingen 0:3
26th Aug 11 Germany - Oberliga NRWKFC Uerdingen : RW Ahlen 4:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Viktoria Koeln 1904342545102:2779
2Sportfreunde Siegen34246475:2378
3Duisburg II34198767:3065
5Arminia Bielefeld II341771080:6058
6Alemannia Aachen II341841262:4658
7VfB Huels341681058:3856
8KFC Uerdingen341681056:5056
9Bergisch Gladbach341741376:3855
10SW Essen341741359:5155
11Westfalia Rhynern341361554:5945
12TuS Dornberg341151845:6638
13SV Schermbeck341051955:8535
14VfB Speldorf348101653:7734
15TuS Erndtebrueck34871943:7331
16VfB Homberg34781935:6429
17RW Ahlen34532628:9018
18Westfalia Herne34332813:10912
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off  

1Viktoria Koeln 190417141258:1143
2Sportfreunde Siegen17104334:1434
3Duisburg II1795337:1832
4SW Essen17101635:2431
5KFC Uerdingen1793525:1830
6VfB Huels1785429:1929
7Alemannia Aachen II1792632:2529
9Arminia Bielefeld II1784543:2728
10Bergisch Gladbach1783640:2027
11TuS Dornberg1772831:2823
12SV Schermbeck1772835:4323
13Westfalia Rhynern1763824:3321
14TuS Erndtebrueck1762922:3020
15VfB Speldorf1755732:3820
16VfB Homberg1754820:2919
17RW Ahlen17331112:3212
18Westfalia Herne1730148:519
1Sportfreunde Siegen17142141:944
2Viktoria Koeln 190417113344:1636
3Duisburg II17103430:1233
5Arminia Bielefeld II1793537:3330
6Alemannia Aachen II1792630:2129
7Bergisch Gladbach1791736:1828
8VfB Huels1783629:1927
9KFC Uerdingen1775531:3226
10Westfalia Rhynern1773730:2624
11SW Essen1773724:2724
12TuS Dornberg17431014:3815
13VfB Speldorf1735921:3914
14SV Schermbeck17331120:4212
15TuS Erndtebrueck17251021:4311
16VfB Homberg17241115:3510
17RW Ahlen17201516:586
18Westfalia Herne1703145:583

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1SW Essen550012:115
2Sportfreunde Siegen540114:612
3VfB Huels532012:511
4TuS Dornberg530212:109
5Duisburg II530211:89
7Viktoria Koeln 190452218:48
8TuS Erndtebrueck52219:88
9Bergisch Gladbach521210:37
10Alemannia Aachen II52129:67
11KFC Uerdingen52037:126
12Arminia Bielefeld II520315:126
13RW Ahlen52038:96
14Westfalia Rhynern51136:144
15Westfalia Herne51133:184
16SV Schermbeck51048:183
17VfB Homberg51045:123
18VfB Speldorf51043:123

1SW Essen550012:215
2Sportfreunde Siegen550012:215
3Bergisch Gladbach531114:210
4Duisburg II53029:79
5RW Ahlen53027:79
7VfB Huels52217:48
8KFC Uerdingen52215:58
9Viktoria Koeln 1904521210:87
10Westfalia Rhynern52128:127
11Arminia Bielefeld II521218:97
12TuS Dornberg520310:106
13SV Schermbeck520311:136
14TuS Erndtebrueck51228:95
15VfB Speldorf51225:125
16Alemannia Aachen II51138:124
17Westfalia Herne51043:153
18VfB Homberg50054:160
1Sportfreunde Siegen540111:412
2SW Essen532010:411
3VfB Huels531113:810
4Duisburg II531113:510
5Bergisch Gladbach530216:49
6Arminia Bielefeld II530210:109
8Viktoria Koeln 1904522110:78
9TuS Erndtebrueck51319:96
10TuS Dornberg52035:146
11Alemannia Aachen II52035:56
12KFC Uerdingen52039:136
13Westfalia Rhynern51139:114
14SV Schermbeck51044:153
15VfB Homberg51045:153
16VfB Speldorf51044:143
17RW Ahlen51045:143
18Westfalia Herne50142:251