Poland 2. Division 2017/2018 Poland | 2. Division | 2017/2018

2. Division description

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.58 points per game.
Draw occurrence in this league is extremely high. 33% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.43 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is lower than typical. It's 44% of all games.!
League full of surprises. If you want to bet do not bet on favourites, but choose outsiders.!!!

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateroundhome teamaway team1X2result prediction# goalstip 
18 Oct12Gryf Wejherowo
KS Legionovia Legionowo on KS Legionovia Legionowounder0:2
18 Oct12GKS Belchatow
Gwardia Koszalin
1.673.64.26 on GKS Belchatowunder2:0

21 Oct14Blekitni StargardROW Rybnik 1964drawunder1:1
21 Oct14Stal Stalowa WolaKS Legionovia Legionowo5 on KS Legionovia Legionowounder0:2
21 Oct14GKS JastrzebieRozwoj Katowice6 on GKS Jastrzebieunder2:0
21 Oct14Lodzki KSGarbarniadrawunder1:1
21 Oct14Gryf WejherowoGwardia Koszalindrawunder1:1
21 Oct14Olimpia ElblagRadomiak Radomdrawunder1:1
21 Oct14Warta PoznanWisla Pulawy8 on Warta Poznanunder2:0
22 Oct14Znicz PruszkowSiarka Tarnobrzegdrawover2:2
22 Oct14GKS BelchatowMKS Kluczbork4 on GKS Belchatowunder1:0
28 Oct15GarbarniaOlimpia Elblagdrawunder1:1
28 Oct15Siarka TarnobrzegLodzki KSdrawunder1:1
28 Oct15Rozwoj KatowiceZnicz Pruszkow2 on Znicz Pruszkowunder1:1
28 Oct15Wisla PulawyGKS Belchatowdrawunder1:1
28 Oct15ROW Rybnik 1964Stal Stalowa Wola4 on ROW Rybnik 1964over2:1
28 Oct15Gwardia KoszalinBlekitni Stargard2 on Blekitni Stargardover1:2
28 Oct15MKS KluczborkGryf Wejherowodrawunder1:1

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Warta Poznan1382320:726
2Radomiak Radom1375122:1226
3GKS Jastrzebie1374221:925
4Lodzki KS1357113:922
6Siarka Tarnobrzeg1362521:2020
7Olimpia Elblag1354414:1419
8KS Legionovia Legionowo1252517:1417
9Znicz Pruszkow1352616:1917
10ROW Rybnik 19641344519:2016
11GKS Belchatow1243519:1515
12Blekitni Stargard1335510:1214
13Rozwoj Katowice1335512:2014
14Wisla Pulawy1327412:1413
15MKS Kluczbork1327411:2113
16Stal Stalowa Wola1326514:1912
17Gryf Wejherowo1225514:1711
18Gwardia Koszalin121477:237
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1Lodzki KS84318:515
2Radomiak Radom743010:415
3Warta Poznan742110:314
4GKS Jastrzebie742113:614
5Siarka Tarnobrzeg741213:713
6Olimpia Elblag74129:713
8ROW Rybnik 1964632113:911
9Blekitni Stargard72416:410
10Wisla Pulawy72418:510
11GKS Belchatow531112:610
12KS Legionovia Legionowo63039:79
13MKS Kluczbork71608:79
14Znicz Pruszkow730411:149
15Rozwoj Katowice62225:78
16Stal Stalowa Wola71337:126
17Gryf Wejherowo50324:73
18Gwardia Koszalin30122:81
1Warta Poznan640210:412
2GKS Jastrzebie63218:311
3Radomiak Radom632112:811
4KS Legionovia Legionowo62228:78
5Gryf Wejherowo722310:108
6Znicz Pruszkow62225:58
8Siarka Tarnobrzeg62138:137
9Lodzki KS51405:47
10Gwardia Koszalin91355:156
11Rozwoj Katowice71337:136
12Stal Stalowa Wola61327:76
13Olimpia Elblag61325:76
14ROW Rybnik 196471246:115
15GKS Belchatow71247:95
16Blekitni Stargard61144:84
17MKS Kluczbork61143:144
18Wisla Pulawy60334:93

Latest results

dateround home team away team
15 Oct13FTMKS Kluczbork1:1Gwardia KoszalinMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Oct13FTROW Rybnik 19643:0Gryf WejherowoMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Oct13FTWisla Pulawy0:0Olimpia ElblagMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Oct13FTRadomiak Radom1:1Lodzki KSMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Oct13FTKS Legionovia Legionowo2:1Blekitni StargardMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Oct13FTWarta Poznan0:0GKS BelchatowMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Oct13FTGarbarnia0:1Znicz PruszkowMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Oct13FTSiarka Tarnobrzeg0:2GKS JastrzebieMore details about  -  soccer game
14 Oct13FTRozwoj Katowice2:1Stal Stalowa WolaMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct12FTZnicz Pruszkow3:1Radomiak RadomMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct12FTMKS Kluczbork2:2ROW Rybnik 1964More details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct12FTOlimpia Elblag1:0Warta PoznanMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct12FTBlekitni Stargard1:2Rozwoj KatowiceMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct12FTGKS Jastrzebie1:2GarbarniaMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct12FTLodzki KS1:0Wisla PulawyMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Oct12FTStal Stalowa Wola1:2Siarka TarnobrzegMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1KS Legionovia Legionowo53118:410
2Siarka Tarnobrzeg531110:510
3Znicz Pruszkow53116:510
4Olimpia Elblag53114:210
6ROW Rybnik 196452218:68
7Warta Poznan52214:18
8Rozwoj Katowice52125:87
9MKS Kluczbork51315:86
10Lodzki KS51314:46
11Radomiak Radom51316:76
12Gryf Wejherowo51226:75
13GKS Jastrzebie51225:55
14Gwardia Koszalin50413:64
15Wisla Pulawy50413:44
16Blekitni Stargard51044:73
17GKS Belchatow50323:53
18Stal Stalowa Wola50235:82

1Siarka Tarnobrzeg540112:412
2GKS Jastrzebie53118:510
3GKS Belchatow531112:610
4KS Legionovia Legionowo53027:49
5Radomiak Radom52305:39
7ROW Rybnik 1964522110:88
8Warta Poznan52215:28
9Lodzki KS52216:58
10Wisla Pulawy51406:37
11Olimpia Elblag52125:67
12Blekitni Stargard51314:36
13Znicz Pruszkow52037:106
14Rozwoj Katowice51223:75
15MKS Kluczbork50506:65
16Stal Stalowa Wola51225:75
17Gryf Wejherowo50324:73
18Gwardia Koszalin30122:81
1Warta Poznan53027:29
2KS Legionovia Legionowo52217:58
3Znicz Pruszkow52215:48
4GKS Jastrzebie52216:38
5Radomiak Radom52219:78
7Gryf Wejherowo52127:67
8Lodzki KS51405:47
9Rozwoj Katowice51315:66
10Olimpia Elblag51314:46
11Stal Stalowa Wola51227:75
12Siarka Tarnobrzeg51137:134
13ROW Rybnik 196451136:94
14MKS Kluczbork51132:94
15Gwardia Koszalin50323:83
16Blekitni Stargard51044:83
17Wisla Pulawy50324:73
18GKS Belchatow50232:62

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Siarka Tarnobrzeg8562462.863.53.15
2ROW Rybnik 19647769463.672.433
3GKS Belchatow8350253.62.292.83
4Znicz Pruszkow7762233.571.672.69
5Radomiak Radom69383823.332.62
6KS Legionovia Legionowo8350172.672.52.58
7Gryf Wejherowo8342252.22.862.58
8Stal Stalowa Wola7746312.712.332.54
10Gwardia Koszalin7550253.332.222.5
11Rozwoj Katowice85462322.862.46
12MKS Kluczbork7731232.142.832.46
13GKS Jastrzebie853182.711.832.31
14Olimpia Elblag6246232.2922.15
15Warta Poznan5446151.862.332.08
16Wisla Pulawy692381.862.172
17Blekitni Stargard623801.4321.69
18Lodzki KS622301.631.81.69

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Gwardia Koszalin00
2Blekitni Stargard00
3KS Legionovia Legionowo00
4Siarka Tarnobrzeg00
5Rozwoj Katowice00
6Gryf Wejherowo00
7Wisla Pulawy00
8ROW Rybnik 196400
9MKS Kluczbork00
10Znicz Pruszkow00
11Warta Poznan00
12GKS Jastrzebie00
13GKS Belchatow00
14Lodzki KS00
15Stal Stalowa Wola00
16Radomiak Radom00
17Olimpia Elblag00

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included