Poland 2. Division 2016/2017 Poland | 2. Division | 2016/2017

2. Division description

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.58 points per game.
Draws are more common in this league. 30% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.59 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 49% of all games.
Average league for betting.

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
28 Apr28Polonia BytomRozwoj Katowice4 on Rozwoj Katowiceunder0:1
28 Apr28Polonia WarsawRadomiak Radom6 on Radomiak Radomunder0:2
29 Apr28Rakow CzestochowaBlekitni Stargard7 on Rakow Czestochowaover3:0
29 Apr28Warta PoznanROW Rybnik 19643 on Warta Poznanunder1:0
29 Apr28Odra OpolePuszcza Niepolomice2 on Odra Opoleunder1:0
29 Apr28Stal Stalowa WolaGryf Wejherowo3 on Gryf Wejherowoover1:2
29 Apr28GKS BelchatowKS Legionovia Legionowodrawunder1:1
29 Apr28Kotwica KolobrzegOlimpia Zambrowdrawunder1:1
29 Apr28Olimpia ElblagSiarka Tarnobrzeg3 on Olimpia Elblagover2:1
6 May29Blekitni StargardPolonia Bytom7 on Blekitni Stargardunder2:0
6 May29Puszcza NiepolomicePolonia Warsaw10 on Puszcza Niepolomiceunder2:0
6 May29Siarka TarnobrzegWarta Poznan5 on Siarka Tarnobrzegover3:0
6 May29Olimpia ZambrowRakow Czestochowa8 on Rakow Czestochowaover0:3
6 May29Rozwoj KatowiceOdra Opole7 on Odra Opoleunder0:2
6 May29Radomiak RadomOlimpia Elblagdrawunder1:1
6 May29Kotwica KolobrzegStal Stalowa Woladrawover2:2
6 May29KS Legionovia LegionowoGryf Wejherowodrawover2:2
6 May29ROW Rybnik 1964GKS Belchatow4 on GKS Belchatowunder0:1

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Odra Opole27177354:2558
2Rakow Czestochowa271510253:2455
3Puszcza Niepolomice27148532:1750
4Radomiak Radom27138630:2247
5Siarka Tarnobrzeg27129646:3644
6Olimpia Elblag27913548:3940
7Blekitni Stargard27911737:2938
8KS Legionovia Legionowo27981042:3735
9Gryf Wejherowo271051239:4635
10GKS Belchatow271051228:3032
11Warta Poznan27871232:4631
12Rozwoj Katowice27791128:3030
13Olimpia Zambrow27771328:4328
14Stal Stalowa Wola276101130:4428
15ROW Rybnik 196427761426:4027
16Polonia Warsaw274121126:3524
17Kotwica Kolobrzeg27581429:4423
18Polonia Bytom27831621:4219
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1Rakow Czestochowa13102132:1032
2Puszcza Niepolomice1494121:831
3Siarka Tarnobrzeg1485125:1329
4Radomiak Radom1492319:1029
5Odra Opole1384126:1428
6Olimpia Elblag1374230:1725
7Blekitni Stargard1457223:1222
8Gryf Wejherowo1463521:1821
9Olimpia Zambrow1462620:2220
10KS Legionovia Legionowo1455418:1420
11GKS Belchatow1362517:1220
12Stal Stalowa Wola1354414:1319
13Rozwoj Katowice1446416:1418
14ROW Rybnik 19641444616:2116
15Polonia Bytom1343612:1815
16Polonia Warsaw1336417:1915
17Kotwica Kolobrzeg1335514:1814
18Warta Poznan1325614:2111
1Odra Opole1493228:1130
2Rakow Czestochowa1458121:1423
3Warta Poznan1462618:2520
4Puszcza Niepolomice1354411:919
5Radomiak Radom1346311:1218
6Blekitni Stargard1344514:1716
7Siarka Tarnobrzeg1344521:2316
8KS Legionovia Legionowo1343624:2315
9GKS Belchatow1443711:1815
10Olimpia Elblag1429318:2215
11Gryf Wejherowo1342718:2814
12Rozwoj Katowice1333712:1612
13Polonia Bytom1440109:2412
14ROW Rybnik 19641332810:1911
15Kotwica Kolobrzeg1423915:269
16Stal Stalowa Wola1416716:319
17Polonia Warsaw141679:169
18Olimpia Zambrow131578:218

Latest results

dateround home team away team
22 Apr27FTRozwoj Katowice1:1Rakow CzestochowaMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr27FTOlimpia Zambrow6:2Stal Stalowa WolaMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr27FTKS Legionovia Legionowo1:2Warta PoznanMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr27FTSiarka Tarnobrzeg1:0Polonia WarsawMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr27FTGryf Wejherowo4:1GKS BelchatowMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr27FTPuszcza Niepolomice2:0Polonia BytomMore details about  -  soccer game
22 Apr27FTBlekitni Stargard2:0Kotwica KolobrzegMore details about  -  soccer game
21 Apr27FTROW Rybnik 19641:1Olimpia ElblagMore details about  -  soccer game
21 Apr27FTRadomiak Radom1:2Odra OpoleMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr26FTPolonia Bytom0:3Radomiak RadomMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr26FTStal Stalowa Wola0:0GKS BelchatowMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr26FTWarta Poznan2:2Gryf WejherowoMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr26FTOlimpia Elblag4:3KS Legionovia LegionowoMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr26FTOdra Opole4:3Siarka TarnobrzegMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr26FTOlimpia Zambrow1:2Blekitni StargardMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Apr26FTRakow Czestochowa2:1Puszcza NiepolomiceMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Puszcza Niepolomice54019:412
2Rakow Czestochowa53209:511
3Gryf Wejherowo531111:810
4GKS Belchatow53116:610
5Odra Opole531113:610
6Olimpia Elblag531112:810
7Siarka Tarnobrzeg530210:99
8Rozwoj Katowice52307:49
9Blekitni Stargard52126:77
10Warta Poznan52126:67
11KS Legionovia Legionowo51228:75
12Radomiak Radom51226:65
13Olimpia Zambrow51139:84
14Kotwica Kolobrzeg51136:84
15Stal Stalowa Wola50326:113
16Polonia Bytom51042:103
17ROW Rybnik 196450233:122
18Polonia Warsaw50233:72

1Siarka Tarnobrzeg54109:413
2Puszcza Niepolomice54108:213
3Olimpia Elblag540114:712
4Odra Opole532011:711
5Gryf Wejherowo53119:710
6Rakow Czestochowa531111:510
7GKS Belchatow53024:39
8KS Legionovia Legionowo52218:48
9Polonia Bytom52125:67
10Blekitni Stargard51316:66
11Rozwoj Katowice51314:46
12Kotwica Kolobrzeg51317:76
13ROW Rybnik 196451226:125
14Stal Stalowa Wola51223:45
15Radomiak Radom51223:45
16Polonia Warsaw51228:95
17Warta Poznan51137:104
18Olimpia Zambrow510410:133
1Odra Opole540115:612
2Warta Poznan53116:410
3Puszcza Niepolomice53028:69
4Radomiak Radom52215:38
5Rakow Czestochowa52216:58
6Olimpia Elblag52219:68
7KS Legionovia Legionowo521213:137
8Rozwoj Katowice52125:47
9Gryf Wejherowo52129:117
10GKS Belchatow52125:87
11Blekitni Stargard51225:75
12Siarka Tarnobrzeg51137:104
13Polonia Bytom51042:123
14Olimpia Zambrow50232:72
15ROW Rybnik 196450233:92
16Stal Stalowa Wola50237:132
17Polonia Warsaw50233:62
18Kotwica Kolobrzeg50055:120

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Olimpia Elblag8559443.622.863.22
2Gryf Wejherowo7867482.793.543.15
3Siarka Tarnobrzeg8167372.713.383.04
4Odra Opole8156303.082.792.93
5KS Legionovia Legionowo7856372.293.622.93
6Warta Poznan7856332.693.072.89
7Rakow Czestochowa8163333.232.52.85
8Stal Stalowa Wola6752332.083.362.74
9Kotwica Kolobrzeg7852372.462.932.7
10Olimpia Zambrow78482232.232.63
11ROW Rybnik 19647837192.642.232.44
12Blekitni Stargard7444262.52.382.44
13Polonia Bytom7044152.312.362.33
14Polonia Warsaw6737222.771.792.26
15Rozwoj Katowice7033152.142.152.15
16GKS Belchatow5637192.232.072.15
17Radomiak Radom4837152.071.771.93
18Puszcza Niepolomice633042.071.541.81

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.