Penn FC


Richmond Kickers

halftime (0:0)
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Date Wednesday 13th June 2018
Time 1:00 CEST
90'   Heviel Cordoves
86'   Dan Metzger
56'   Isaac Osae
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Penn FCRichmond Kickers
DRAW in last 1 USL's games.DRAW in last 1 USL's games.
NOT LOST in last 6 USL's games.NOT WON in last 5 USL's games.

22.League position26.
  7pts.Last five games  3pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

4 on Penn FC

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
13th Jun 18 USA - USLPenn FC : Richmond Kickers 2:1
24th May 18 USA - US Open CupRichmond Kickers : Penn FC 3:2
16th Jul 17 USA - USLPenn FC : Richmond Kickers 1:0
14th May 17 USA - USLRichmond Kickers : Penn FC 0:0
25th Mar 17 USA - USLRichmond Kickers : Penn FC 1:0
09th Jul 16 USA - USLPenn FC : Richmond Kickers 0:3
26th Mar 16 USA - USLRichmond Kickers : Penn FC 3:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Real Monarchs SLC15111326:1334
2Phoenix Rising FC1694333:1531
3FC Cincinnati1593330:1830
4Sacramento Republic FC1684419:1528
5Portland Timbers II1682626:2126
6Swope Park Rangers1574422:2325
7Orange County SC1473422:1024
8Louisville City FC1273217:1024
9Pittsburgh Riverhounds1366117:724
10Nashville SC1365214:823
11Charlotte Independence1464422:1822
12Reno 1868 FC1557320:2022
13Indy Eleven1363417:1521
14Charleston Battery1456318:1621
15Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC1662818:1420
16New York Red Bulls II1455425:2020
17San Antonio FC1355314:1320
18Saint Louis FC1555517:1920
19Bethlehem Steel FC1454520:1719
20Fresno FC1647522:2019
21Tampa Bay Rowdies1353519:1718
22Penn FC1446415:1618
23Las Vegas Lights FC1344519:2516
24Ottawa Fury1343611:1915
25North Carolina FC1342718:1814
26Richmond Kickers1341814:2413
27OKC Energy FC15411012:2413
28LA Galaxy II1434723:2713
29Seattle Sounders FC II1332813:2511
30Atlanta United II1425716:2811
31Rio Grande Valley FC1417614:2010
32Tulsa Roughnecks FC1407710:287
33Toronto FC II14021213:332
34St. Louis Lions00000:00

1Real Monarchs SLC761014:419
2New York Red Bulls II751122:916
3Louisville City FC651013:616
4Charlotte Independence843115:815
5Pittsburgh Riverhounds84319:115
6San Antonio FC74219:814
7Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC84228:314
8Sacramento Republic FC74219:614
9Phoenix Rising FC842219:1114
10Charleston Battery74217:314
11Fresno FC934217:1113
12Nashville SC54108:113
13Swope Park Rangers541010:513
14Richmond Kickers841310:913
15Las Vegas Lights FC833214:1112
16Bethlehem Steel FC733112:512
17Portland Timbers II740316:1312
18Orange County SC733111:512
19Tampa Bay Rowdies633012:312
20FC Cincinnati732216:1011
21LA Galaxy II732215:811
22Ottawa Fury73227:511
23Penn FC63219:511
24Saint Louis FC73226:511
25Indy Eleven731311:1010
26Atlanta United II623111:119
27Rio Grande Valley FC81616:59
28Seattle Sounders FC II73049:119
29OKC Energy FC93066:129
30North Carolina FC730413:109
31Reno 1868 FC72239:128
32Tulsa Roughnecks FC70345:183
33Toronto FC II60244:102
34St. Louis Lions00000:00
1FC Cincinnati861114:819
2Phoenix Rising FC852114:417
3Real Monarchs SLC850312:915
4Reno 1868 FC835011:814
5Portland Timbers II942310:814
6Sacramento Republic FC942310:914
7Swope Park Rangers1033412:1812
8Orange County SC740311:512
9Indy Eleven63216:511
10Nashville SC82426:710
11Pittsburgh Riverhounds52308:69
12Saint Louis FC823311:149
13Louisville City FC62224:48
14Bethlehem Steel FC72148:127
15Charlotte Independence62137:107
16Penn FC81436:117
17Charleston Battery714211:137
18Fresno FC71335:96
19San Antonio FC61325:56
20Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC820610:116
21Tampa Bay Rowdies72057:146
22North Carolina FC61235:85
23Las Vegas Lights FC51135:144
24Tulsa Roughnecks FC70435:104
25New York Red Bulls II70433:114
26OKC Energy FC61146:124
27Ottawa Fury61144:144
28Atlanta United II80265:172
29Seattle Sounders FC II60244:142
30LA Galaxy II70258:192
31Rio Grande Valley FC60158:151
32Toronto FC II80089:230
33St. Louis Lions00000:00
34Richmond Kickers50054:150

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Ottawa Fury52304:09
2Louisville City FC52214:38
3Phoenix Rising FC52217:28
4Nashville SC51402:17
5Reno 1868 FC51403:27
6Charlotte Independence51403:17
7OKC Energy FC51403:27
8Penn FC51402:17
9Orange County SC51404:17
10North Carolina FC51404:07
11Swope Park Rangers51312:46
12Bethlehem Steel FC51312:26
13Real Monarchs SLC51311:16
14Portland Timbers II51312:26
15Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC51313:16
16New York Red Bulls II51314:46
17LA Galaxy II513111:106
18Sacramento Republic FC51311:16
19Tampa Bay Rowdies51316:56
20Fresno FC51224:55
21Rio Grande Valley FC50501:15
22Tulsa Roughnecks FC50502:25
23Charleston Battery50504:45
24Las Vegas Lights FC51136:134
25San Antonio FC50412:34
26FC Cincinnati50410:24
27Pittsburgh Riverhounds50412:34
28Atlanta United II50321:63
29Seattle Sounders FC II50321:63
30Indy Eleven50325:93
31Richmond Kickers50322:53
32Saint Louis FC50321:63
33Toronto FC II50233:92
34St. Louis Lions00000:00

1Real Monarchs SLC54108:213
2Louisville City FC54108:313
3Swope Park Rangers53207:311
4Ottawa Fury53206:011
5Orange County SC53208:111
6Charleston Battery53206:211
7Portland Timbers II531111:510
8Nashville SC52304:09
9Bethlehem Steel FC52308:39
10Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC52304:09
11New York Red Bulls II523010:29
12LA Galaxy II523014:69
13Tampa Bay Rowdies52309:29
14North Carolina FC52307:09
15Reno 1868 FC52215:68
16FC Cincinnati52218:58
17Charlotte Independence52216:48
18Phoenix Rising FC522110:78
19Penn FC52215:28
20Richmond Kickers52214:48
21Fresno FC51316:46
22Atlanta United II51317:96
23San Antonio FC51313:56
24Sacramento Republic FC51315:56
25Pittsburgh Riverhounds51311:16
26Saint Louis FC51312:36
27Las Vegas Lights FC51226:65
28Rio Grande Valley FC50501:15
29OKC Energy FC51221:45
30Indy Eleven51227:85
31Seattle Sounders FC II51135:84
32Tulsa Roughnecks FC50413:74
33Toronto FC II50233:72
34St. Louis Lions00000:00
1Sacramento Republic FC53116:310
2Phoenix Rising FC531111:310
3Portland Timbers II52304:09
4FC Cincinnati52217:68
5Nashville SC51403:27
6Reno 1868 FC51404:37
7Pittsburgh Riverhounds51406:57
8Charleston Battery51407:47
9San Antonio FC51314:36
10Charlotte Independence51313:36
11Indy Eleven51312:46
12Penn FC51311:36
13North Carolina FC51314:56
14Bethlehem Steel FC51223:45
15Tulsa Roughnecks FC50503:35
16Real Monarchs SLC51222:35
17Louisville City FC51223:45
18OKC Energy FC51224:65
19Ottawa Fury51221:65
20Orange County SC51224:45
21Las Vegas Lights FC51135:144
22New York Red Bulls II50411:44
23Swope Park Rangers50322:83
24Rio Grande Valley FC50326:83
25Seattle Sounders FC II50321:63
26Saint Louis FC50325:113
27Tampa Bay Rowdies51044:123
28Fresno FC50232:72
29Atlanta United II50231:82
30Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC50231:42
31Toronto FC II50146:121
32LA Galaxy II50147:161
33Richmond Kickers50144:111
34St. Louis Lions00000:00

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