Cameroon - Première Division


Panthere FC


Union Douala

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Date Sunday 28th March 2010
Time 15:00 CEST
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Panthere FCUnion Douala
LOST in last 1 Première Division's games.LOST in last 1 Première Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 Première Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Première Division's games.

4.League position11.
  4pts.Last five games  10pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.
»Head to Head matches
31st Aug 14 Cameroon - Ligue 1Panthere FC : Union Douala 0:0
31st Aug 14 Cameroon - Ligue 1Panthere FC : Union Douala 0:0
20th Mar 14 Cameroon - Ligue 1Union Douala : Panthere FC 0:2
18th Aug 13 Cameroon - Première DivisionUnion Douala : Panthere FC 0:0
14th Apr 13 Cameroon - Première DivisionPanthere FC : Union Douala 0:0
07th Oct 12 Cameroon - Première DivisionUnion Douala : Panthere FC 1:2
22nd Apr 12 Cameroon - Première DivisionPanthere FC : Union Douala 1:0
22nd May 11 Cameroon - Première DivisionPanthere FC : Union Douala 1:2
19th Dec 10 Cameroon - Première DivisionUnion Douala : Panthere FC 0:0
28th Mar 10 Cameroon - Première DivisionPanthere FC : Union Douala 0:0
29th Nov 09 Cameroon - Première DivisionUnion Douala : Panthere FC 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
0Coton Sport26185351:2059
2Les Astres26137637:2246
3Tiko United26136729:2145
4Panthere FC261011528:2441
5Young Sports Academy26812626:1736
8Canon Sportif2689929:2533
9Fovu Club2689925:2733
11Union Douala26710933:3131
12Renaissance de Ngoumou26851324:3429
13AS Matelots26741522:4225
14Roumde Adija26431921:4915
 relegation relegation  

1Coton Sport13121035:1037
2Tiko United13100221:930
3Les Astres1393028:1230
4Young Sports Academy1357112:622
5Panthere FC135719:422
6Fovu Club1364012:922
8Canon Sportif1363019:1221
9Union Douala1355323:1820
11Renaissance de Ngoumou1353513:1518
12AS Matelots1351714:1816
14Roumde Adija1341811:1913
2Coton Sport1364316:1022
3Panthere FC1354419:2019
4Les Astres134459:1016
6Young Sports Academy1335514:1114
7Tiko United133558:1214
8Canon Sportif1326510:1312
9Renaissance de Ngoumou1332811:1911
11Union Douala1325610:1311
12AS Matelots132388:249
13Fovu Club1305613:185
14Roumde Adija13021110:302

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Tiko United54018:212
2Les Astres53206:111
3Union Douala531112:310
5Fovu Club53025:49
6Young Sports Academy52217:38
7Renaissance de Ngoumou52217:48
8Canon Sportif522110:48
9Coton Sport521210:57
10Panthere FC51134:114
13AS Matelots51042:153
14Roumde Adija50145:161

1Fovu Club54107:213
2Les Astres541011:413
3Canon Sportif541013:313
4Coton Sport541013:213
5Tiko United54019:312
6Young Sports Academy53206:311
7Renaissance de Ngoumou53208:311
8AS Matelots53117:610
10Union Douala522113:78
12Panthere FC51313:36
13Roumde Adija51136:134
1Young Sports Academy52219:48
2Panthere FC52129:127
5Tiko United51222:45
6Union Douala51224:45
7Les Astres51222:25
8Coton Sport51224:65
9Renaissance de Ngoumou51133:54
11Fovu Club50233:72
12Canon Sportif50234:82
13Roumde Adija50145:131
14AS Matelots50143:161