Cyprus - 2. Division


Omonia Aradippou


PO Xylotympou 2006

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Date Saturday 4th November 2017
Time 13:30 CET
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Omonia AradippouPO Xylotympou 2006
WON in last 1 2. Division's games.LOST in last 4 2. Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 2. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 8 2. Division's games.

3.League position12.
  7pts.Last five games  3pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

10 on Omonia Aradippou

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 4:1
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04th Nov 17 Cyprus - 2. DivisionOmonia Aradippou : PO Xylotympou 2006 2:1
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Omonia Aradippou
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Enosis Paralimni1494125:1131
2Anagennisi Deryneia1492325:1229
3Omonia Aradippou1492327:1529
4Othellos Athienou1483320:1027
5Ayia Napa1472523:1923
6ASIL Lysi1465323:1523
7Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion1465323:1423
8AEZ Zakakiou1472519:1423
10Digenis Oroklinis1433817:3212
11E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias1426612:2112
12PO Xylotympou 20061432914:2411
13Ethnikos Assia1404108:244
14Halkanoras Idaliou14101312:423
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Enosis Paralimni761016:419
2Ayia Napa760116:618
3Othellos Athienou752012:517
4Anagennisi Deryneia751115:616
5AEZ Zakakiou74219:414
6Omonia Aradippou742115:914
7ASIL Lysi741213:813
8Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion73319:412
10Digenis Oroklinis722310:138
11PO Xylotympou 200672148:97
12E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias72147:117
13Halkanoras Idaliou71066:183
14Ethnikos Assia70346:133
1Omonia Aradippou750212:615
2Anagennisi Deryneia741210:613
4Enosis Paralimni73319:712
5Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion732214:1011
6Othellos Athienou73138:510
7ASIL Lysi724110:710
8AEZ Zakakiou730410:109
9Ayia Napa71247:135
10E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias70525:105
11PO Xylotympou 200671156:154
12Digenis Oroklinis71157:194
13Ethnikos Assia70162:111
14Halkanoras Idaliou70076:240

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Enosis Paralimni541010:213
3Ayia Napa540112:612
4Anagennisi Deryneia531110:410
5Othellos Athienou53117:310
6AEZ Zakakiou53028:79
7ASIL Lysi52217:58
8Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion52129:77
9Omonia Aradippou52124:37
10Digenis Oroklinis51137:134
11E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias51135:94
12PO Xylotympou 200651044:93
13Halkanoras Idaliou51044:153
14Ethnikos Assia50142:81

1Anagennisi Deryneia550013:315
2Enosis Paralimni550013:215
3Ayia Napa540111:612
4Othellos Athienou53208:311
5AEZ Zakakiou53118:410
6Omonia Aradippou52216:58
8Digenis Oroklinis52129:97
9ASIL Lysi521210:87
10Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion51314:46
11E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias51135:84
12PO Xylotympou 200651044:83
13Halkanoras Idaliou51045:123
14Ethnikos Assia50235:112
1Omonia Aradippou54019:412
2Anagennisi Deryneia53118:410
4AEZ Zakakiou53029:79
5ASIL Lysi52217:48
6Enosis Paralimni52215:48
7Karmiotissa Pano Polemidion521210:87
8Othellos Athienou52125:47
9PO Xylotympou 200651136:104
10Ayia Napa51135:94
11E.N.TH.O.I. Lakatamias50324:93
12Digenis Oroklinis50143:161
13Halkanoras Idaliou50054:170
14Ethnikos Assia50052:90

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