Australia - Victorian


Oakleigh Cannons


Bulleen Lions

halftime (2:0)
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Date Friday 17th February 2017
Time 10:30 CET
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Oakleigh CannonsBulleen Lions
LOST in last 1 Victorian's games.WON in last 3 Victorian's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Victorian's games.NOT LOST in last 5 Victorian's games.

9.League position8.
  4pts.Last five games  13pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.
»Head to Head matches
29th May 17 Australia - VictorianBulleen Lions : Oakleigh Cannons 3:2
17th Feb 17 Australia - VictorianOakleigh Cannons : Bulleen Lions 2:2
03rd Jun 16 Australia - VictorianOakleigh Cannons : Bulleen Lions 3:0
29th Feb 16 Australia - VictorianBulleen Lions : Oakleigh Cannons 1:0
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Oakleigh Cannons
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Bulleen Lions
Australia - Victorian 2017
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25.7.Bulleen Lions1:1Northcote CityMore details about Bulleen Lions-Northcote City game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1South Melbourne18113435:1736
2Heidelberg United18113433:1536
3Bentleigh Greens1996431:2133
4Avondale Heights17103421:1633
5Green Gully Cavaliers1978434:3129
6Pascoe Vale SC1977524:2228
7Hume City FC1976625:1827
8Bulleen Lions1983831:2827
9Oakleigh Cannons1867526:1925
10Port Melbourne Sharks SC1966729:2824
11Kingston City1857628:2922
12Melbourne Knights19451022:3917
13North Geelong Warriors19161216:429
14St Albans Saints19141413:437
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1South Melbourne990025:327
2Avondale Heights962114:720
3Heidelberg United1061317:519
4Bentleigh Greens953118:618
5Pascoe Vale SC1045113:1017
6Port Melbourne Sharks SC1051418:1316
7Green Gully Cavaliers1044221:1716
8Hume City FC943213:915
9Kingston City1135318:1714
10Bulleen Lions941415:1513
11Oakleigh Cannons61508:78
12Melbourne Knights922510:208
13North Geelong Warriors91358:156
14St Albans Saints101276:205
1Oakleigh Cannons1252518:1217
2Heidelberg United852116:1017
3Bentleigh Greens1043313:1515
4Bulleen Lions1042416:1314
5Avondale Heights84137:913
6Green Gully Cavaliers934213:1413
7Hume City FC1033412:912
8Pascoe Vale SC932411:1211
9South Melbourne923410:149
10Melbourne Knights1023512:199
11Kingston City722310:128
12Port Melbourne Sharks SC915311:158
13North Geelong Warriors100378:273
14St Albans Saints90277:232

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1South Melbourne550017:215
2Bulleen Lions541014:513
3Pascoe Vale SC53115:310
4Avondale Heights53026:79
5Heidelberg United53029:69
6Kingston City52218:88
7Port Melbourne Sharks SC52219:68
8Bentleigh Greens52218:58
9Hume City FC52217:48
10Green Gully Cavaliers51318:76
11Oakleigh Cannons51135:74
12St Albans Saints50145:171
13Melbourne Knights50144:141
14North Geelong Warriors50053:130

1South Melbourne550017:215
2Bulleen Lions540111:712
3Bentleigh Greens53209:111
4Avondale Heights53118:610
5Pascoe Vale SC53117:610
6Port Melbourne Sharks SC53029:89
7Heidelberg United53027:49
8Hume City FC52217:48
9Oakleigh Cannons51406:57
10North Geelong Warriors51315:66
11Green Gully Cavaliers51318:76
12Kingston City51135:74
13Melbourne Knights51133:144
14St Albans Saints50234:92
1Heidelberg United540110:512
2Bentleigh Greens52217:58
3South Melbourne52218:68
4Bulleen Lions521210:67
5Avondale Heights52033:76
6Oakleigh Cannons52035:66
7Green Gully Cavaliers51315:66
8Kingston City51136:104
9Port Melbourne Sharks SC50416:74
10Melbourne Knights50234:92
11Hume City FC50233:62
12North Geelong Warriors50144:121
13Pascoe Vale SC50142:81
14St Albans Saints50146:161