Chile - Primera Division Clausura




Santiago Morning

halftime (1:0)
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Date Sunday 7th August 2011
Time 22:00 CEST
Venue nameEstadio El Teniente
90'   Ever Cantero
67'   Enzo Gutierrez
66'    Fernando Manriquez
10'   Boris Sagredo
Substitute player: Federico Javier Sardella
Substitute player: Alejandro Lopez
Substitute player: Sebastian Pinto
Substitute player: Cristian Oviedo
Substitute player: Luis Casanova
Substitute player: Miguel Gonzalez
Substitute player: Mauricio Arias
Substitute player: Yerson Opazo
Substitute player: Boris Sagredo
Substitute player: Nicolas Larrondo
Substitute player: Juan Luis Gonzalez
Substitute player: Juan Pablo Carrasco
Substitute player: Fernando De la Fuente
Substitute player: Roberto Gonzalez
Substitute player: Luis Marin
Substitute player: Esteban Carvajal
Substitute player: Enzo Gutierrez
Substitute player: Guillermo Suarez

Coach: Ivo Basay
Substitute player: Jaime Bravo
Substitute player: Ever Cantero
Substitute player: Joel Reyes
Substitute player: Sergio Hector Comba
Substitute player: Leonardo Espinoza Solis
Substitute player: Fernando Lopez
Substitute player: Gaston Lezcano
Substitute player: Mauricio Yedro
Substitute player: Bastian Arce
Substitute player: Fabian Nunez
Substitute player: Juan Jose Ribera
Substitute player: Fernando Solis
Substitute player: Fernando Manriquez
Substitute player: Washington Torres
Substitute player: Miguel Riffo
Substitute player: Dagoberto Currimilla
Substitute player: Victor Loyola
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O'HigginsSantiago Morning
DRAW in last 1 Primera Division Clausura's games.LOST in last 2 Primera Division Clausura's games.
NOT WON in last 2 Primera Division Clausura's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Primera Division Clausura's games.

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16.League position12.
  4pts.Last five games  6pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
07th Aug 11 Chile - Primera Division ClausuraO'Higgins : Santiago Morning 2:1
06th Feb 11 Chile - Primera Division AperturaSantiago Morning : O'Higgins 2:4
24th Oct 10 Chile - Primera Division AperturaSantiago Morning : O'Higgins 2:1
10th Apr 10 Chile - Primera Division AperturaO'Higgins : Santiago Morning 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Universidad de Chile17116039:1539
3Colo Colo1793527:2830
4Audax Italiano1785429:2329
5Universidad Catolica1784529:1828
6La Serena1784526:2328
7Union La Calera1773720:1824
8Union Espanola1765631:2323
10Santiago Wanderers1755719:2220
11Deportes Iquique1755730:4120
12Santiago Morning17611029:3419
13Atletico Nublense17611022:3219
14Universidad de Concepcion1747620:2119
18Union San Felipe1727816:2913

1Universidad de Chile972024:923
2La Serena871017:522
3Universidad Catolica870122:521
4Audax Italiano963018:521
5Colo Colo862021:1020
6Union La Calera960313:618
8Union Espanola851216:716
11Universidad de Concepcion936013:715
12Santiago Wanderers943211:815
13Santiago Morning841317:1213
14Deportes Iquique832316:2011
17Atletico Nublense830512:179
18Union San Felipe81438:137
1Universidad de Chile844015:616
3Atletico Nublense931510:1510
4Colo Colo93156:1810
5Deportes Iquique923414:219
7Audax Italiano822411:188
9Union Espanola914415:167
10Universidad Catolica91447:137
11Union La Calera81347:126
12Santiago Morning920712:226
13Union San Felipe91358:166
15La Serena91359:186
16Santiago Wanderers81258:145
17Universidad de Concepcion81167:144

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Universidad Catolica532010:511
3Union La Calera53026:49
4La Serena53029:109
5Deportes Iquique52219:108
6Colo Colo52218:78
7Universidad de Concepcion522110:78
8Union Espanola521213:107
10Universidad de Chile51409:77
11Audax Italiano52128:87
12Santiago Wanderers52125:47
13Santiago Morning520311:106
17Atletico Nublense51046:113
18Union San Felipe50234:72

1La Serena550012:415
2Colo Colo541013:613
3Union La Calera54018:412
4Union Espanola540113:612
5Universidad Catolica540112:412
7Universidad de Chile532013:711
8Audax Italiano53209:311
9Atletico Nublense53028:79
12Santiago Wanderers52216:58
13Santiago Morning521210:97
15Universidad de Concepcion51406:57
16Deportes Iquique51227:125
18Union San Felipe50233:92
3Universidad de Chile51408:57
4Deportes Iquique51319:116
5Atletico Nublense52037:96
6Santiago Morning52039:96
7Audax Italiano52037:136
8Universidad Catolica51226:85
10La Serena51226:85
11Union La Calera51136:74
12Union Espanola511310:104
13Colo Colo51132:114
14Union San Felipe51134:64
15Santiago Wanderers51136:74
16Universidad de Concepcion51046:93