Chile - Primera Division Clausura




Deportes Iquique

halftime (0:0)
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Date Tuesday 21st March 2017
Time 1:00 CET
83'   Manuel Villalobos
80'   out Tomas Charles
80'   in Manuel Villalobos
78'   in Manuel Bravo
78'   out Francisco Arancibia
73'   in Marco Medel
73'   out Martin Rolle
73'   out Alan Moreno
73'   in Felipe Reynero
72'   in Pedro Munoz
72'   out Pablo Ignacio Calandria
50'   Albert Acevedo
46'   in Diego Bielkiewicz
46'   out Misael Cubillos
Goalkeeper: Miguel Pinto

Substitute player: Nozomi Kimura
Substitute player: Manuel Bravo
Substitute player: Pedro Munoz
Substitute player: Matias Sepulveda
Substitute player: Marco Medel
Substitute player: Gonzalo Barriga
Substitute player: Leonardo Figueroa
Goalkeeper: Rodrigo Naranjo

Substitute player: Eduardo Farias
Substitute player: Manuel Villalobos
Substitute player: Mathias Riquero
Substitute player: Brayan Cortes
Substitute player: Kevin Mellado
Substitute player: Felipe Reynero
Substitute player: Diego Bielkiewicz
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O'HigginsDeportes Iquique
DRAW in last 1 Primera Division Clausura's games.DRAW in last 1 Primera Division Clausura's games.
NOT WON in last 3 Primera Division Clausura's games.NOT WON in last 7 Primera Division Clausura's games.

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8.League position6.
  5pts.Last five games  3pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
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26th May 18 Chile - Primera DivisionO'Higgins : Deportes Iquique 2:1
05th Nov 17 Chile - Primera Division Torneo de TransicionDeportes Iquique : O'Higgins 0:1
21st Mar 17 Chile - Primera Division ClausuraO'Higgins : Deportes Iquique 1:1
13th Aug 16 Chile - Primera Division AperturaDeportes Iquique : O'Higgins 1:1
09th May 16 Chile - Primera Division Clausura Copa Sudamericana PlayoffO'Higgins : Deportes Iquique 0:1
05th May 16 Chile - Primera Division Clausura Copa Sudamericana PlayoffDeportes Iquique : O'Higgins 1:3
31st Jan 16 Chile - Primera Division ClausuraO'Higgins : Deportes Iquique 0:0
15th Aug 15 Chile - Primera Division AperturaDeportes Iquique : O'Higgins 2:5
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Universidad de Chile1593324:1130
2Colo Colo1585229:1329
3Universidad de Concepcion1566316:1324
4Universidad Catolica1572625:2323
5Union Espanola1564525:2122
6Deportes Iquique1557323:2022
7Audax Italiano1564523:2322
9Deportes Temuco1564517:1722
10Everton CD1556419:1421
12San Luis1553719:2518
15Santiago Wanderers1534819:2413

1Universidad Catolica760119:818
2Universidad de Chile752012:317
3Union Espanola851216:916
4Universidad de Concepcion844010:116
5Colo Colo743012:215
6Audax Italiano750215:1115
8Deportes Temuco74219:514
10San Luis833211:1412
11Deportes Iquique833215:1312
12Everton CD733112:812
15Santiago Wanderers822412:138
1Colo Colo842217:1114
2Universidad de Chile841312:813
3Deportes Iquique72418:710
4Everton CD82337:69
7Deportes Temuco82248:128
8Universidad de Concepcion72236:128
9Audax Italiano81438:127
10San Luis72058:116
11Union Espanola71339:126
13Universidad Catolica81256:155
14Santiago Wanderers71247:115

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Universidad de Chile540111:312
2Universidad Catolica531111:510
3Universidad de Concepcion52304:09
4Colo Colo52217:58
7Deportes Temuco52214:28
8San Luis52126:67
9Union Espanola51317:76
11Audax Italiano51226:75
12Santiago Wanderers51226:85
15Everton CD51137:84
16Deportes Iquique50325:93

1Universidad Catolica550016:515
2Universidad de Chile541011:313
3San Luis53208:511
4Union Espanola53118:410
5Deportes Temuco53116:310
6Colo Colo52306:19
7Audax Italiano530210:99
8Universidad de Concepcion52305:09
12Everton CD52218:58
14Deportes Iquique51228:105
15Santiago Wanderers51229:85
1Universidad de Chile53118:310
2Colo Colo521210:97
3Deportes Iquique51314:46
4Universidad Catolica51225:85
7Deportes Temuco51224:55
8Universidad de Concepcion51224:65
10Everton CD51134:54
11Santiago Wanderers51135:84
12San Luis51045:103
13Union Espanola50326:83
14Audax Italiano50324:63

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