Canada - CSL


Astros Vasas FC


Toronto Croatia

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Date Sunday 13th June 2010
Time 21:45 CEST
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Astros Vasas FCToronto Croatia
LOST in last 4 CSL's games.DRAW in last 2 CSL's games.
NOT WON in last 5 CSL's games.NOT WON in last 4 CSL's games.

12.League position8.
  1pts.Last five games  5pts.
  0pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.
»Head to Head matches
14th Jul 13 Canada - CSLToronto Croatia : Astros Vasas FC 3:3
09th Jun 13 Canada - CSLAstros Vasas FC : Toronto Croatia 0:3
11th Jun 12 Canada - CSLAstros Vasas FC : Toronto Croatia 0:6
26th Sep 11 Canada - CSLToronto Croatia : Astros Vasas FC 6:2
12th Sep 11 Canada - CSLAstros Vasas FC : Toronto Croatia 1:5
02nd Aug 10 Canada - CSLToronto Croatia : Astros Vasas FC 4:3
13th Jun 10 Canada - CSLAstros Vasas FC : Toronto Croatia 2:2
10th Sep 09 Canada - CSLToronto Croatia : Astros Vasas FC 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1York Region Shooters24137445:2946
2Serbian White Eagles24129340:1645
3FC Hamilton Croatia24135651:2744
4Milltown FC24127543:2243
5SC Toronto24115846:3938
6TFC Academy24108632:2738
7Brantford Galaxy FC24951045:5132
8Toronto Croatia2479836:3830
9Montreal Impact Academy24771034:3128
10Brampton United24771033:3728
11London City24481238:6120
12Astros Vasas FC24531632:6218
 promotion play off promotion play off  

1Milltown FC1283128:1127
2York Region Shooters1274124:1025
3Serbian White Eagles1273220:824
4FC Hamilton Croatia1272328:1223
5Brantford Galaxy FC1263328:2021
6SC Toronto1262422:2020
7TFC Academy1254315:1219
8Brampton United1253414:1318
9Montreal Impact Academy1244418:1116
10Toronto Croatia1235417:2014
11London City1225520:3111
13Astros Vasas FC1222819:368
1Serbian White Eagles1256120:821
2York Region Shooters1263321:1921
3FC Hamilton Croatia1263323:1521
4TFC Academy1254317:1519
5SC Toronto1253424:1918
6Toronto Croatia1244419:1816
7Milltown FC1244415:1116
8Montreal Impact Academy1233616:2012
9Brantford Galaxy FC1232717:3111
10Brampton United1224619:2410
11Astros Vasas FC1231813:2610
12London City1223718:309

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Hamilton Croatia550010:415
2York Region Shooters541013:613
3Serbian White Eagles53208:311
4SC Toronto532012:511
5Milltown FC531113:310
6Brantford Galaxy FC51227:95
7Toronto Croatia51227:85
8Montreal Impact Academy51228:95
9TFC Academy51225:65
10Brampton United51227:95
12London City50329:143
13Astros Vasas FC50146:121

1Milltown FC531113:310
2Brampton United53114:210
3FC Hamilton Croatia53028:49
4Montreal Impact Academy52219:68
5Brantford Galaxy FC52127:87
6Serbian White Eagles52124:37
7SC Toronto521212:107
8York Region Shooters51319:86
9TFC Academy51225:75
10London City50329:143
12Toronto Croatia50325:83
13Astros Vasas FC50055:210
1York Region Shooters541012:613
2FC Hamilton Croatia540110:412
3SC Toronto53209:411
4Serbian White Eagles52309:49
5Milltown FC52219:38
6Brampton United522112:88
7Toronto Croatia52037:76
8TFC Academy51315:56
10London City511312:144
11Montreal Impact Academy51135:84
12Astros Vasas FC51132:114
13Brantford Galaxy FC50146:151