Botswana - Premier League


Mogoditshane Fighters


Gaborone United

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Date Tuesday 3rd July 2012
Time 15:00 CEST
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Mogoditshane FightersGaborone United
WON in last 1 Premier League's games.WON in last 3 Premier League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 Premier League's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Premier League's games.

8.League position4.
  4pts.Last five games  10pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

4 on Gaborone United

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
09th Apr 13 Botswana - Premier LeagueGaborone United : Mogoditshane Fighters 5:2
22nd Sep 12 Botswana - Premier LeagueMogoditshane Fighters : Gaborone United 0:1
03rd Jul 12 Botswana - Premier LeagueMogoditshane Fighters : Gaborone United 0:4
02nd Dec 11 Botswana - Premier LeagueGaborone United : Mogoditshane Fighters 3:0
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Mogoditshane Fighters
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Gaborone United
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05.11.Gaborone United3:0FC SatmosMore details about <b>Gaborone United</b>-FC Satmos game
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25.9.Botswana Meat Commission1:0Gaborone UnitedMore details about <b>Botswana Meat Commission</b>-Gaborone United game
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24.8.Gaborone United2:1LetlapengMore details about <b>Gaborone United</b>-Letlapeng game
09.8.Gaborone United2:3Notwane FCMore details about Gaborone United-<b>Notwane FC</b> game
26.4.FC Satmos2:3Gaborone UnitedMore details about FC Satmos-<b>Gaborone United</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Centre Chiefs30253296:2678
2Botswana Meat Commission30177635:2158
3Township Rollers30169557:2457
4Gaborone United30176760:3357
5Nico United301641057:4152
6ECCO City Greens30139851:3748
7Botswana Defence Force XI301461041:3648
8Mogoditshane Fighters301241438:6040
9Extension Gunners301081240:4438
10Police XI30991235:4836
13Uniao Flamengo Santos30841831:5628
14Notwane FC30822035:5126
15GNT FC30681622:4926
16FC Satmos30442233:7416
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Centre Chiefs15140150:1142
2Botswana Meat Commission15103219:933
3Township Rollers1594230:1131
4Gaborone United1593330:1830
5Nico United1591530:2228
6Mogoditshane Fighters1583422:2427
7ECCO City Greens1557320:1722
8Botswana Defence Force XI1554615:1619
10Police XI1546517:2418
11Extension Gunners1552818:2117
12GNT FC1544713:2316
13Notwane FC15501023:3015
14Uniao Flamengo Santos1542916:3114
16FC Satmos15221116:368
1Centre Chiefs15113146:1536
2Botswana Defence Force XI1592426:2029
3Gaborone United1583430:1527
4ECCO City Greens1582531:2026
5Township Rollers1575327:1326
6Botswana Meat Commission1574416:1225
7Nico United1573527:1924
9Extension Gunners1556422:2321
10Police XI1553718:2418
12Uniao Flamengo Santos1542915:2514
13Mogoditshane Fighters15411016:3613
14Notwane FC15321012:2111
15GNT FC152499:2610
16FC Satmos15221117:388

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Centre Chiefs550011:415
3ECCO City Greens53209:411
4Gaborone United531113:710
5Botswana Meat Commission52302:09
6Extension Gunners52217:78
7Botswana Defence Force XI52217:58
9Nico United52038:96
10Notwane FC52038:86
11GNT FC51225:95
12Township Rollers51223:55
13Mogoditshane Fighters51137:134
14FC Satmos51049:133
15Uniao Flamengo Santos50236:112
16Police XI50143:91

1Centre Chiefs550014:215
2Township Rollers54106:113
4Nico United53119:610
5Botswana Meat Commission53115:210
6Gaborone United530212:99
7Police XI52215:58
8GNT FC52127:127
9Mogoditshane Fighters52127:117
11ECCO City Greens51315:56
12Botswana Defence Force XI52033:56
13FC Satmos51138:104
14Extension Gunners51132:74
15Notwane FC51049:133
16Uniao Flamengo Santos50144:111
2ECCO City Greens540113:612
3Centre Chiefs540116:512
4Gaborone United531113:610
5Extension Gunners52219:88
6Botswana Defence Force XI52217:58
7Nico United52035:76
8Notwane FC52034:56
9Police XI52036:76
10Mogoditshane Fighters52037:96
11Botswana Meat Commission51311:26
12GNT FC51224:85
13FC Satmos51139:124
15Township Rollers50232:72
16Uniao Flamengo Santos50145:101