Austria - tipp3-Bundesliga




Wiener Neustadt

halftime (1:0)
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Date Saturday 21st July 2012
Time 18:30 CEST
Venue namePappelstadion
90'   in Marvin Potzmann
90'   out Michael Moerz
76'   in Florin Lovin
76'   out Ilco Naumoski
75'   Dominik Hofbauer
69'   in Daniel Offenbacher
69'   out Stefan Rakowitz
64'   Thorsten Rocher
63'   in Thomas Froeschl
63'   out Dario Tadic
54'   Matthias Maak
46'   in Dominik Hofbauer
46'   out Mario Pollhammer
46'   out Alois Holler
46'   in Thorsten Rocher
42'   Michael Moerz
38'   Michael Moerz
30'   Stefan Rakowitz
19'   Ilco Naumoski

Goalkeeper: Thomas Borenitsch

Defence: Martin Rodler
Defence: Nedeljko Malic
Defence: Patrick Farkas
Defence: Adnan Mravac

Midfield: Michael Moerz
Midfield: Manuel Prietl
Midfield: Manuel Seidl
Midfield: Alois Holler

Forward: Patrick Buerger
Forward: Ilco Naumoski

Substitute player: Florin Lovin
Substitute player: Marvin Potzmann
Substitute player: Christian Gartner
Substitute player: Ronald Spuller
Substitute player: Philipp Erhardt
Substitute player: Thorsten Rocher
Substitute player: Markus Boecskoer

Coach: Franz Lederer
Goalkeeper: Joerg Siebenhandl

Defence: Matthias Maak
Defence: Thomas Kral
Defence: Jiri Lenko
Defence: Michael Berger

Midfield: Stefan Rakowitz
Midfield: Mario Pollhammer
Midfield: Daniel Wolf
Midfield: Peter Hlinka

Forward: Guenther Friesenbichler
Forward: Dario Tadic

Substitute player: Dominik Hofbauer
Substitute player: Mahmud Imamoglu
Substitute player: Thomas Vollnhofer
Substitute player: Thomas Froeschl
Substitute player: Manuel Wallner
Substitute player: Christoph Freitag
Substitute player: Daniel Offenbacher

Coach: Heimo Pfeifenberger
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MattersburgWiener Neustadt
LOST in last 2 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.WON in last 2 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.

10.League position7.
  7pts.Last five games  7pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.
»Head to Head matches
06th Apr 13 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaWiener Neustadt : Mattersburg 0:0
08th Dec 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Wiener Neustadt 1:0
29th Sep 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaWiener Neustadt : Mattersburg 0:0
21st Jul 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Wiener Neustadt 2:0
31st Mar 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaWiener Neustadt : Mattersburg 0:0
17th Dec 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Wiener Neustadt 0:1
01st Oct 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaWiener Neustadt : Mattersburg 1:2
16th Jul 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Wiener Neustadt 1:2
25th May 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Wiener Neustadt 1:1
19th Mar 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaWiener Neustadt : Mattersburg 2:1
04th Dec 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaWiener Neustadt : Mattersburg 1:0
22nd Sep 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Wiener Neustadt 0:3
14th Apr 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaWiener Neustadt : Mattersburg 2:1
13th Feb 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Wiener Neustadt 1:0
04th Dec 09 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaMattersburg : Wiener Neustadt 1:3
22nd Sep 09 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaWiener Neustadt : Mattersburg 3:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Austria Wien36257484:3182
3Rapid Wien361691157:3957
4Sturm Graz361391449:5648
5Wolfsberger AC3612111353:5647
7Wiener Neustadt36991832:6036
8FC Wacker Innsbruck361132241:7536
9Admira Moedling36981947:6835
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

2Austria Wien18123342:1539
3Rapid Wien1886430:1930
4Sturm Graz1885532:2729
7Wiener Neustadt1866616:2124
8FC Wacker Innsbruck18711021:3122
9Admira Moedling1863933:3321
10Wolfsberger AC1856727:2821
1Austria Wien18134142:1643
3Rapid Wien1883727:2027
4Wolfsberger AC1875626:2826
5Sturm Graz1854917:2919
7Admira Moedling18351014:3514
8FC Wacker Innsbruck18421220:4414
9Wiener Neustadt18331216:3912

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Austria Wien540113:512
3Rapid Wien53118:310
4Admira Moedling52125:47
6FC Wacker Innsbruck52128:117
7Wiener Neustadt52128:117
8Sturm Graz51045:123
10Wolfsberger AC50233:82

3Austria Wien531112:810
4Admira Moedling53028:79
5Rapid Wien52217:48
6Wiener Neustadt52217:88
7FC Wacker Innsbruck52127:87
9Sturm Graz51227:105
10Wolfsberger AC51227:75
2Austria Wien531110:410
3Rapid Wien52218:68
4FC Wacker Innsbruck521211:127
5Admira Moedling51133:94
6Wolfsberger AC51137:114
7Wiener Neustadt51136:84
10Sturm Graz50051:120