Swaziland - Premier League


Manzini Wanderers


Malanti Chiefs

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Date Sunday 20th March 2011
Time 15:00 CET
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Manzini WanderersMalanti Chiefs
WON in last 4 Premier League's games.DRAW in last 1 Premier League's games.
NOT LOST in last 5 Premier League's games.NOT LOST in last 2 Premier League's games.

2.League position8.
  13pts.Last five games  5pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  9pts.

2 on Manzini Wanderers

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
04th May 14 Swaziland - Premier LeagueMalanti Chiefs : Manzini Wanderers 0:1
25th Sep 13 Swaziland - Premier LeagueManzini Wanderers : Malanti Chiefs 1:0
24th Apr 13 Swaziland - Premier LeagueMalanti Chiefs : Manzini Wanderers 1:2
17th Nov 12 Swaziland - Premier LeagueManzini Wanderers : Malanti Chiefs 0:0
11th Feb 12 Swaziland - Premier LeagueManzini Wanderers : Malanti Chiefs 1:1
01st Oct 11 Swaziland - Premier LeagueMalanti Chiefs : Manzini Wanderers 2:1
20th Mar 11 Swaziland - Premier LeagueManzini Wanderers : Malanti Chiefs 1:2
20th Nov 10 Swaziland - Premier LeagueMalanti Chiefs : Manzini Wanderers 0:2
08th Jan 10 Swaziland - Premier LeagueManzini Wanderers : Malanti Chiefs 2:0
20th Sep 09 Swaziland - Premier LeagueMalanti Chiefs : Manzini Wanderers 3:0
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Manzini Wanderers
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Malanti Chiefs
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28.4.Young Buffaloes2:1Malanti ChiefsMore details about <b>Young Buffaloes</b>-Malanti Chiefs game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Green Mamba26155652:2650
2Manzini Wanderers26148449:2350
3Manzini Sundowns26128634:2144
4Mbabane Highlanders26118737:3141
5Mbabane Swallows26117851:3640
6Royal Leopards26116935:2639
7Young Buffaloes2699838:2836
8Malanti Chiefs26811737:3435
9Hellenic FC261121333:4435
10Moneni Pirates261041224:3234
11Umbelebele Jomo Cosmos26871134:3931
12Hub Sundowns26781125:5229
13Mhlambanyatsi Rovers265101130:4125
1411 Men in Flight26232122:689
 relegation relegation  

1Manzini Wanderers1391325:1228
2Royal Leopards1381422:1225
3Manzini Sundowns1366116:724
4Green Mamba1372423:1523
5Young Buffaloes1365223:1223
6Mbabane Highlanders1355316:1420
7Umbelebele Jomo Cosmos1353524:2118
8Mbabane Swallows1345420:1617
9Hellenic FC1351716:2016
10Moneni Pirates134277:1414
11Mhlambanyatsi Rovers1335515:2014
12Hub Sundowns1325611:3011
13Malanti Chiefs1325618:2311
1411 Men in Flight13021110:392
1Green Mamba1383229:1127
2Malanti Chiefs1366119:1124
3Mbabane Swallows1372431:2023
4Manzini Wanderers1357124:1122
5Mbabane Highlanders1363421:1721
6Manzini Sundowns1362518:1420
7Moneni Pirates1362517:1820
8Hellenic FC1361617:2419
9Hub Sundowns1353514:2218
10Royal Leopards1335513:1414
11Umbelebele Jomo Cosmos1334610:1813
12Young Buffaloes1334615:1613
13Mhlambanyatsi Rovers1325615:2111
1411 Men in Flight13211012:297

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Green Mamba550014:615
2Manzini Wanderers541012:213
3Manzini Sundowns532011:411
4Mbabane Highlanders531110:710
5Young Buffaloes523011:29
6Hellenic FC52126:87
7Umbelebele Jomo Cosmos52127:57
8Mhlambanyatsi Rovers51318:96
9Malanti Chiefs51227:95
10Mbabane Swallows51227:55
11Moneni Pirates51133:94
12Hub Sundowns50233:162
13Royal Leopards50142:81
1411 Men in Flight50053:170

1Manzini Sundowns53209:211
2Green Mamba53029:79
3Royal Leopards53028:59
4Manzini Wanderers53029:69
5Young Buffaloes523011:29
6Umbelebele Jomo Cosmos52129:47
7Moneni Pirates52035:86
8Mbabane Highlanders51315:56
9Hub Sundowns51224:85
10Mhlambanyatsi Rovers51226:95
11Mbabane Swallows51225:55
12Hellenic FC51134:94
13Malanti Chiefs51138:94
1411 Men in Flight50144:121
1Green Mamba541010:513
2Mbabane Highlanders540111:712
3Moneni Pirates53117:610
4Malanti Chiefs52305:39
5Manzini Wanderers522110:48
6Manzini Sundowns52127:77
7Hellenic FC52125:87
8Mhlambanyatsi Rovers52128:97
9Mbabane Swallows521210:97
10Hub Sundowns51225:135
11Young Buffaloes51226:65
12Royal Leopards51132:64
13Umbelebele Jomo Cosmos50231:92
1411 Men in Flight50053:150