Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5




FC Vilafranca

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Date Sunday 22nd April 2012
Time 17:00 CEST
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ManlleuFC Vilafranca
WON in last 2 Tercera Division - Grp. 5's games.LOST in last 1 Tercera Division - Grp. 5's games.
NOT LOST in last 12 Tercera Division - Grp. 5's games.NOT WON in last 6 Tercera Division - Grp. 5's games.

3.League position9.
  11pts.Last five games  2pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

4 on Manlleu

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
»Head to Head matches
09th Nov 14 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5FC Vilafranca : Manlleu 1:1
01st May 14 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5Manlleu : FC Vilafranca 2:0
15th Dec 13 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5FC Vilafranca : Manlleu 0:2
10th Feb 13 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5FC Vilafranca : Manlleu 1:0
16th Sep 12 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5Manlleu : FC Vilafranca 2:0
22nd Apr 12 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5Manlleu : FC Vilafranca 3:0
27th Nov 11 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5FC Vilafranca : Manlleu 1:0
10th Apr 11 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5FC Vilafranca : Manlleu 1:4
21st Nov 10 Spain - Tercera Division - Grp. 5Manlleu : FC Vilafranca 1:1
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FC Vilafranca
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1AE Prat38229757:2775
2Espanyol B381913668:3070
4Pobla Mafumet3818101052:2764
5UD Cornella381614852:3562
6FC Santboia3816101247:4358
9FC Vilafranca381581551:6153
10UE Olot3813121353:5451
11UE Rubi381481661:5450
13CF Balaguer3813101536:5249
14UE Vic3812111544:5047
15CF Montanesa3811141342:5447
16CE Europa3812101638:4646
18Vilanova Geltru3810111744:5841
19CF Amposta38872352:8531
20CD Masnou38592432:6824
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

2Pobla Mafumet19114432:1437
3Espanyol B19107238:1237
6FC Vilafranca19104535:2534
7UD Cornella1996428:1433
8FC Santboia19103622:1733
9UE Rubi19102737:2732
10CF Montanesa1988325:1832
12AE Prat1995523:1232
14UE Olot1994634:2931
15CE Europa1985621:1929
16CF Balaguer1977519:1928
17UE Vic1968522:2126
18CF Amposta1973936:3824
19Vilanova Geltru19631021:2821
20CD Masnou19171115:3210
1AE Prat19134234:1543
2Espanyol B1996430:1833
3UD Cornella1978424:2129
4Pobla Mafumet1976620:1327
6FC Santboia1967625:2625
7UE Vic19631022:2921
8CF Balaguer19631017:3321
10UE Olot1948719:2520
11Vilanova Geltru1948723:3020
12FC Vilafranca19541016:3619
13UE Rubi1946924:2718
15CE Europa19451017:2717
17CF Montanesa19361017:3615
18CD Masnou19421317:3614
20CF Amposta19141416:477

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Espanyol B541015:613
2UD Cornella54015:212
4UE Vic53025:79
5Pobla Mafumet53028:39
6UE Olot52218:68
7CF Balaguer52216:38
8CE Europa52218:88
9AE Prat522110:68
10FC Santboia52218:58
13CF Montanesa52127:87
14Vilanova Geltru52038:96
16UE Rubi51135:84
18FC Vilafranca50237:132
19CF Amposta50146:191
20CD Masnou50051:120

1Espanyol B550017:215
2Pobla Mafumet540113:412
3UD Cornella54019:212
5UE Olot531111:1010
6CF Montanesa531110:810
7FC Santboia53117:410
8UE Vic52218:78
9CF Balaguer52217:68
12CF Amposta521213:127
13AE Prat52127:57
15FC Vilafranca51229:115
16CE Europa51226:85
18UE Rubi51046:103
19Vilanova Geltru51044:113
20CD Masnou50142:121
1AE Prat541010:313
2UE Olot53116:210
3UD Cornella53119:710
5UE Vic53026:79
7CE Europa52216:58
8FC Santboia52219:88
9Espanyol B521211:97
10Pobla Mafumet52035:56
13UE Rubi51228:75
14Vilanova Geltru512210:115
15FC Vilafranca51135:134
16CF Balaguer51135:124
17CD Masnou51044:113
18CF Montanesa50233:92
20CF Amposta50054:200