Kenya - Division One Zone A





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Date Saturday 3rd March 2012
Time 13:00 CET
82'   David Ngure
33'   Ambrose Kamau
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LOST in last 1 Division One Zone A's games.WON in last 3 Division One Zone A's games.
NOT WON in last 2 Division One Zone A's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Division One Zone A's games.

4.League position3.
  10pts.Last five games  10pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  11pts.
»Head to Head matches
15th Sep 12 Kenya - Division One Zone AAdmiral : Mahakama 2:0
03rd Mar 12 Kenya - Division One Zone AMahakama : Admiral 2:0
27th Nov 11 Kenya - FKL Nationwide OneMahakama : Admiral 1:0
19th Mar 11 Kenya - FKL Nationwide OneAdmiral : Mahakama 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Bidco United371914449:2771
5Administration Police371891056:3463
6Ligi Ndogo371515747:2860
7Kariobangi Sharks371691251:4257
8Nairobi Stima3713141046:3953
9MOSCA FC371491441:3751
10Ushuru FC3713111335:3550
11FC West Ham United3713111345:4750
12Coast United371291641:5244
13Green Berets371191744:4942
14Kibera Celtic379121629:5139
15Modern Coast Rangers37991933:5336
16Sparki Youth371171939:5133
17KSL Thola Glass37882130:6032
18Gatundu Stars37872234:6431
19Iron Strikers377102043:7431
20Mathare Youth19341211:2613
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

2Bidco United18134131:1143
3Administration Police19124333:1440
5Kariobangi Sharks18114333:1337
7Ligi Ndogo1887323:1231
8Coast United1994622:2031
9Kibera Celtic1887320:1331
10FC West Ham United1986529:2330
11Sparki Youth1885527:1829
12Green Berets1977523:1628
13Modern Coast Rangers1984724:2028
14MOSCA FC1876522:1427
15Nairobi Stima1876525:2127
16KSL Thola Glass1964915:2022
17Ushuru FC1957719:2022
18Iron Strikers19531124:3518
19Gatundu Stars19451017:2817
20Mathare Youth91266:135
4Ligi Ndogo1978424:1629
5Ushuru FC1884616:1528
6Bidco United19610318:1628
7Nairobi Stima1968521:1826
8MOSCA FC1973919:2324
9Administration Police1865723:2023
10Kariobangi Sharks1955918:2920
11FC West Ham United1855816:2420
12Green Berets18421221:3314
13Coast United18351019:3214
14Gatundu Stars18421217:3614
15Iron Strikers1827919:3913
16Sparki Youth19321412:3311
17KSL Thola Glass18241215:4010
18Kibera Celtic1915139:388
19Mathare Youth102265:138
20Modern Coast Rangers1815129:338

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
3Bidco United53118:610
5Green Berets53027:49
6Ligi Ndogo52308:59
7MOSCA FC52215:48
8Coast United521210:117
9Nairobi Stima52128:67
10Mathare Youth52123:47
11Ushuru FC52129:77
12FC West Ham United52128:77
13Sparki Youth51317:76
14Administration Police51316:56
15Iron Strikers51139:124
16Kibera Celtic51132:84
17Modern Coast Rangers51045:123
18Kariobangi Sharks50234:92
19Gatundu Stars50233:82
20KSL Thola Glass50145:111

3Green Berets53207:211
4Coast United53208:311
5Bidco United53207:211
6Kibera Celtic53116:210
8Administration Police53118:310
9MOSCA FC52306:39
10Nairobi Stima530210:89
11Ushuru FC522110:78
12Ligi Ndogo52128:67
13Modern Coast Rangers521211:77
14FC West Ham United521210:87
15Gatundu Stars51134:114
16Mathare Youth51135:84
17Iron Strikers51048:143
18KSL Thola Glass51042:73
19Kariobangi Sharks50324:63
20Sparki Youth50233:72
3Ushuru FC53115:310
5MOSCA FC53027:69
6Green Berets52128:67
7Ligi Ndogo51405:47
8Nairobi Stima52126:47
9Bidco United51314:66
10Administration Police51319:56
11KSL Thola Glass51136:94
12Sparki Youth51134:94
13Gatundu Stars51136:104
14FC West Ham United51134:84
15Coast United51048:163
16Kibera Celtic51042:143
17Mathare Youth51041:63
18Iron Strikers50237:122
19Kariobangi Sharks50053:140
20Modern Coast Rangers50052:130