International - World Cup Qualification AFC 1st and 2nd round





halftime (0:4)
»Game details
Date Sunday 3rd July 2011
Time 13:00 CEST
Venue nameEstádio Campo Desportivo
86'   Quang Thanh Huynh
82'   Le Cong Vinh
77'   out Chi Man Che
77'   in Man Hei Chan
75'   Le Cong Vinh
74'   in Trong Hoang Nguyen
74'   out Duy Nam Vo
65'   Thanh Long Giang Nguyen
60'   out Doan Viet Cuong
60'   in Thanh Tuan Ngoc Nguyen
60'   Ka Hang Leong
52'   in Ka Hang Leong
52'   out Chong Im Leong
46'   in Nguyen Ngoc Duy
46'   out Pham Thanh Luong
43'   Le Cong Vinh
39'   in Siu Tin Kwok
39'   out Pak Kin Lao
38'   Doan Viet Cuong
29'   Le Cong Vinh
24'   Quang Hai Nguyen
11'   Man Hou Ho
3'   Le Cong Vinh
Goalkeeper: Man Fai Ho

Substitute player: Siu Tin Kwok
Substitute player: Ka Hang Leong
Substitute player: Man Hei Chan
Goalkeeper: Nguyen Manh Dung

Substitute player: Thanh Tuan Ngoc Nguyen
Substitute player: Nguyen Ngoc Duy
Substitute player: Trong Hoang Nguyen
»Head to Head matches
03rd Jul 11 International - World Cup Qualification AFC 1st and 2nd roundMacau : Vietnam 1:7
29th Jun 11 International - World Cup Qualification AFC 1st and 2nd roundVietnam : Macau 6:0
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