Argentina - Primera B Nacional


Los Andes


Gimnasia Jujuy

halftime (2:1)
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Date Tuesday 20th June 2017
Time 20:30 CEST
90'   Matias Linas
90'   Matias Molina
86'   Milton Aaron Celiz
45'   Andres Vombergar
42'   Milton Aaron Celiz
15'   Junior Mendieta
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Los AndesGimnasia Jujuy
LOST in last 1 Primera B Nacional's games.LOST in last 1 Primera B Nacional's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Primera B Nacional's games.NOT WON in last 3 Primera B Nacional's games.

12.League position17.
  7pts.Last five games  4pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

2 on Los Andes

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
20th Jun 17 Argentina - Primera B NacionalLos Andes : Gimnasia Jujuy 3:2
24th Nov 16 Argentina - Primera B NacionalGimnasia Jujuy : Los Andes 1:2
20th Feb 16 Argentina - Primera B NacionalLos Andes : Gimnasia Jujuy 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Argentinos Juniors392211655:2177
2Guillermo Brown391813849:2767
3Chacarita Juniors381981149:3665
4Nueva Chicago3916101349:3958
6Ferro Carril Oeste391220747:3556
7Brown de Adrogue3815111249:4556
8Independiente Rivadavia381317841:4256
11San Martin de Tucuman3813121353:5051
12Los Andes3812141237:4150
13Central Cordoba de Santiago3811161145:4149
14All Boys3813101538:4349
15Sportivo Estudiantes3813101537:5149
17Gimnasia Jujuy3811131430:3846
18Douglas Haig389151432:4342
19Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu3810121642:6342
20Villa Dalmine3810111740:4541
21Boca Unidos389131637:4940
22Crucero del Norte388111935:4235
23Atletico Parana377102026:4731
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Argentinos Juniors20145137:947
2Chacarita Juniors19132431:1441
4Guillermo Brown19116232:1239
5Ferro Carril Oeste1999134:1436
6Independiente Rivadavia1999124:1836
7Nueva Chicago20104628:1534
8Central Cordoba de Santiago1996428:1333
10Los Andes1988325:2132
11Crucero del Norte1987429:1631
12Gimnasia Jujuy1987417:1131
14Sportivo Estudiantes1978421:2029
15San Martin de Tucuman1985631:2429
16Brown de Adrogue1977524:2028
17Douglas Haig1968516:1526
19All Boys1975720:2026
20Villa Dalmine1967622:1425
21Boca Unidos1974821:2425
22Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu1966720:2124
23Atletico Parana1847710:1719
1Argentinos Juniors1986518:1230
2Guillermo Brown2077617:1528
3Brown de Adrogue1984725:2528
5Chacarita Juniors1966718:2224
6Nueva Chicago1966721:2424
7All Boys1965818:2323
9San Martin de Tucuman1957722:2622
10Sportivo Estudiantes19621116:3120
11Ferro Carril Oeste20311613:2120
12Independiente Rivadavia1948717:2420
13Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu1946922:4218
14Los Andes1946912:2018
16Villa Dalmine19441118:3116
17Central Cordoba de Santiago19210717:2816
18Douglas Haig1937916:2816
20Boca Unidos1929816:2515
21Gimnasia Jujuy19361013:2715
22Atletico Parana19331316:3012
23Crucero del Norte1904156:264

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Independiente Rivadavia54018:412
2Chacarita Juniors540110:312
3Argentinos Juniors540110:212
5Brown de Adrogue53118:410
7Villa Dalmine52214:28
8Guillermo Brown51405:37
9Los Andes52127:77
10Ferro Carril Oeste51312:26
11Sportivo Estudiantes51224:85
12Crucero del Norte51224:65
13Central Cordoba de Santiago51229:95
14All Boys51224:35
15San Martin de Tucuman51227:65
16Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu51132:94
17Atletico Parana51134:94
19Boca Unidos51134:84
21Gimnasia Jujuy51133:64
22Nueva Chicago51132:44
23Douglas Haig50322:53

1Argentinos Juniors541013:113
2Chacarita Juniors54019:212
4Sportivo Estudiantes53207:411
5Guillermo Brown53208:211
6Independiente Rivadavia53208:411
10All Boys53028:39
11Gimnasia Jujuy52303:19
12Brown de Adrogue52217:58
13Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu52124:47
14Central Cordoba de Santiago52126:57
15Ferro Carril Oeste51405:17
16Los Andes51408:77
17Douglas Haig51313:36
18Villa Dalmine51223:35
19Atletico Parana51222:55
20Crucero del Norte51226:65
21Boca Unidos51224:65
22Nueva Chicago51223:45
23San Martin de Tucuman51138:94
1Brown de Adrogue53208:311
2San Martin de Tucuman532010:411
4Argentinos Juniors52213:28
5Villa Dalmine52126:87
6Guillermo Brown51403:27
7Independiente Rivadavia52125:77
8Sportivo Estudiantes52033:96
9Boca Unidos51225:85
10Ferro Carril Oeste51222:45
11Chacarita Juniors51224:75
12Central Cordoba de Santiago50417:84
13Los Andes51133:54
14Nueva Chicago51132:44
15All Boys50321:63
17Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu50232:102
18Crucero del Norte50230:52
20Atletico Parana50145:111
21Douglas Haig50143:91
23Gimnasia Jujuy50144:121