Bulgaria - A Grupa


Levski Sofia


Minyor Pernik

halftime (4:0)
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Date Sunday 12th September 2010
Time 20:00 CEST
Venue nameGeorgi Asparoukhov Stadion
90'   Veselin Minev
90'   Kostadin Hazurov
64'   Chakib Benzoukane
51'   Dustley Mulder
45'   penalty Garra Dembele
45'   Lyubomir Vitanov
38'   Garra Dembele
19'   Garra Dembele
2'   Joaozinho
Coach: Antoni Zdravkov
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Levski SofiaMinyor Pernik
WON in last 9 A Grupa's games.WON in last 1 A Grupa's games.
NOT LOST in last 13 A Grupa's games.NOT LOST in last 3 A Grupa's games.

2.League position9.
  15pts.Last five games  5pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

10 on Levski Sofia

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 4:1
»Head to Head matches
06th May 13 Bulgaria - A GrupaLevski Sofia : Minyor Pernik 2:1
04th Nov 12 Bulgaria - A GrupaMinyor Pernik : Levski Sofia 0:4
25th Mar 12 Bulgaria - A GrupaLevski Sofia : Minyor Pernik 0:1
11th Sep 11 Bulgaria - A GrupaMinyor Pernik : Levski Sofia 0:1
10th Apr 11 Bulgaria - A GrupaMinyor Pernik : Levski Sofia 0:0
12th Sep 10 Bulgaria - A GrupaLevski Sofia : Minyor Pernik 4:0
07th Mar 10 Bulgaria - A GrupaLevski Sofia : Minyor Pernik 3:1
15th Aug 09 Bulgaria - A GrupaMinyor Pernik : Levski Sofia 0:2
31st May 09 Bulgaria - A GrupaLevski Sofia : Minyor Pernik 1:1
23rd Nov 08 Bulgaria - A GrupaMinyor Pernik : Levski Sofia 0:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1PFC CSKA-Sofia30236156:1375
2Levski Sofia30233467:2472
3CSKA Sofia30187553:2661
4Lokomotiv Plovdiv301410654:2852
5PFC Lokomotiv Sofia 1929301641047:3352
6Cherno More Varna30156936:2851
8Chernomorets Burgas309101119:2837
9Minyor Pernik301061433:4536
10Slavia Sofia30951634:3832
13Pirin Blagoevgrad30691532:3927
15Akademik Sofia30552016:5120
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1PFC CSKA-Sofia15123031:539
2Levski Sofia15130236:839
3CSKA Sofia15103223:1033
4Cherno More Varna15102325:932
5Lokomotiv Plovdiv1595137:1032
6PFC Lokomotiv Sofia 192915102331:1632
8Minyor Pernik1573519:1824
10Pirin Blagoevgrad1564523:1522
12Chernomorets Burgas1553710:1618
13Slavia Sofia1553715:1518
16Akademik Sofia1533911:2412
1PFC CSKA-Sofia15113125:836
2Levski Sofia15103231:1633
3CSKA Sofia1584330:1628
4Lokomotiv Plovdiv1555517:1820
5PFC Lokomotiv Sofia 19291562716:1720
6Chernomorets Burgas154749:1219
7Cherno More Varna1554611:1919
10Slavia Sofia1542919:2314
11Minyor Pernik1533914:2712
13Akademik Sofia1522115:278
16Pirin Blagoevgrad1505109:245

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Levski Sofia550014:215
3PFC CSKA-Sofia53118:410
4Lokomotiv Plovdiv531112:810
5CSKA Sofia531110:710
6Cherno More Varna52305:29
7PFC Lokomotiv Sofia 192952216:58
10Pirin Blagoevgrad513112:76
12Minyor Pernik51226:65
13Chernomorets Burgas51133:64
15Slavia Sofia50141:71
16Akademik Sofia50053:170

1Levski Sofia550014:015
2CSKA Sofia541011:413
4PFC CSKA-Sofia532012:111
5Cherno More Varna53118:110
6PFC Lokomotiv Sofia 192953118:510
7Pirin Blagoevgrad531112:410
8Minyor Pernik52213:28
9Lokomotiv Plovdiv522111:68
13Akademik Sofia51043:93
14Slavia Sofia51042:43
16Chernomorets Burgas50051:70
1Levski Sofia541012:613
2PFC CSKA-Sofia54016:312
3Lokomotiv Plovdiv53118:510
4CSKA Sofia531110:510
5Chernomorets Burgas52214:38
6Cherno More Varna52216:48
7PFC Lokomotiv Sofia 192952215:48
11Minyor Pernik51135:94
13Pirin Blagoevgrad50235:92
15Slavia Sofia50142:81
16Akademik Sofia50051:140