Chile - Primera Division Apertura


La Serena


Audax Italiano

halftime (0:2)
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Date Monday 15th March 2010
Time 14:00 CET
70'   penalty Mauro Olivi
51'   Manuel Alejandro Neira
17'   Mauro Olivi
10'   Cristian Canio

Substitute player: Felix Cortes
Substitute player: Roberto Carlos Jimenez
Substitute player: Mario Pardo
Substitute player: Claudio Jopia
Substitute player: Manuel Alejandro Neira
Substitute player: Juan Jose Ribera
Substitute player: Ricardo Trujillo Rojas
Substitute player: Carlos Tapia
Substitute player: Mauricio Salazar
Substitute player: Claudio Meneses
Substitute player: Ronald Daniel Villalba Arguello
Substitute player: Sergio Vargas
Substitute player: Claudio Villalobos
Substitute player: Gustavo Losa
Substitute player: Clarence Williams Acuna
Substitute player: Pablo Bolados
Substitute player: Gonzalo Eduardo Rovira
Substitute player: Oscar Esteban Rojas
Substitute player: Christian Vilches
Substitute player: Emison Da Conceicao Roberval
Substitute player: Oliver Toledo
Substitute player: Carlos Garrido
Substitute player: Cristian Canio
Substitute player: Fernando Gutierrez
Substitute player: Boris Rieloff
Substitute player: Marco Medel
Substitute player: Cristian Basaure
Substitute player: Matias Campos
Substitute player: Fabian Benitez
Substitute player: Enzo Cabrera
Substitute player: Johnny Herrera
Substitute player: Carlos Ross
Substitute player: Cristian Martinez
Substitute player: Pablo Reinoso
Substitute player: Matias Alejandro Quiroga
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La SerenaAudax Italiano
WON in last 2 Primera Division Apertura's games.LOST in last 1 Primera Division Apertura's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Primera Division Apertura's games.NOT DRAW in last 8 Primera Division Apertura's games.

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8.League position3.
  10pts.Last five games  12pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  12pts.
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30th Sep 12 Chile - Primera Division ClausuraAudax Italiano : La Serena 3:2
15th Apr 12 Chile - Primera Division AperturaLa Serena : Audax Italiano 2:4
20th Aug 11 Chile - Primera Division ClausuraAudax Italiano : La Serena 2:1
19th Feb 11 Chile - Primera Division AperturaLa Serena : Audax Italiano 2:3
18th Sep 10 Chile - Primera Division AperturaAudax Italiano : La Serena 2:1
15th Mar 10 Chile - Primera Division AperturaLa Serena : Audax Italiano 1:3
28th Sep 09 Chile - Primera Division ClausuraLa Serena : Audax Italiano 4:2
22nd Jun 08 Chile - Primera Division ClausuraLa Serena : Audax Italiano 1:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Universidad Catolica34235677:3974
2Colo Colo34225767:3471
3Audax Italiano34205975:5865
4Universidad de Chile342041075:4864
5Union Espanola3414101058:5052
7Santiago Wanderers341291348:5245
8La Serena341361545:5945
9Union San Felipe341271538:4743
13Atletico Nublense349131254:6640
15Universidad de Concepcion349111439:5038
16Santiago Morning34991634:4536
17Everton CD348101638:5834
18San Luis34592036:7124

1Universidad Catolica17141243:1643
2Colo Colo17132240:1541
3Union Espanola17114237:1937
5Universidad de Chile17102543:2432
7La Serena1793529:2130
8Audax Italiano1792637:3229
10Universidad de Concepcion1785426:1829
11Union San Felipe1784524:2028
12Santiago Morning1783623:1927
13Santiago Wanderers1776425:2127
16Atletico Nublense1757523:2622
17Everton CD1747621:2319
18San Luis1735919:3014
1Audax Italiano17113338:2636
2Universidad de Chile17102532:2432
3Universidad Catolica1794434:2331
4Colo Colo1793527:1930
6Atletico Nublense1746731:4018
7Santiago Wanderers1753923:3118
8Union Espanola1736821:3115
10Union San Felipe17431014:2715
11La Serena17431016:3815
12Everton CD17431017:3515
15San Luis17241117:4110
16Santiago Morning17161011:269
17Universidad de Concepcion17161013:329

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Universidad Catolica550017:515
2Audax Italiano540113:612
3Atletico Nublense532011:611
4Union Espanola531111:610
6La Serena53117:310
7Santiago Wanderers52219:108
8Colo Colo52128:77
9Universidad de Chile521210:97
10Santiago Morning52124:57
13Everton CD51225:85
14Universidad de Concepcion51137:124
15San Luis51047:133
17Union San Felipe50143:121

1Universidad Catolica550016:415
2Union Espanola541011:213
3Santiago Morning540111:512
6Colo Colo53118:510
7Audax Italiano531111:610
8La Serena53119:510
11Santiago Wanderers52307:59
12Atletico Nublense52219:88
13Universidad de Concepcion52216:48
15San Luis52039:116
16Union San Felipe52038:96
17Everton CD51228:85
18Universidad de Chile51137:84
1Audax Italiano540112:712
2Colo Colo53119:610
3Universidad Catolica531114:910
4Santiago Wanderers53029:109
6Universidad de Chile52038:96
7Atletico Nublense51229:125
8Santiago Morning51223:45
10La Serena51226:65
11Union Espanola51138:124
12Everton CD51132:134
14Union San Felipe50141:81
15Universidad de Concepcion50146:161
17San Luis50053:150