Congo - Linafoot grp. A




Diables Noirs

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Date Thursday 10th May 2012
Time 17:00 CEST
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KondzoDiables Noirs
WON in last 1 Linafoot grp. A's games.DRAW in last 1 Linafoot grp. A's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Linafoot grp. A's games.NOT LOST in last 26 Linafoot grp. A's games.

9.League position1.
  6pts.Last five games  11pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  15pts.

7 on Diables Noirs

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:1
»Head to Head matches
10th Jul 16 Congo - Ligue 1Diables Noirs : Kondzo 4:1
16th Mar 16 Congo - Ligue 1Kondzo : Diables Noirs 0:5
10th Jun 15 Congo - Ligue 1Kondzo : Diables Noirs 0:0
11th Apr 15 Congo - Ligue 1Diables Noirs : Kondzo 2:1
01st May 14 Congo - Ligue 1Kondzo : Diables Noirs 0:1
23rd Oct 13 Congo - Ligue 1Kondzo : Diables Noirs 0:1
10th Apr 13 Congo - Ligue 1Diables Noirs : Kondzo 2:1
18th Aug 12 Congo - Linafoot grp. ADiables Noirs : Kondzo 3:0
10th May 12 Congo - Linafoot grp. AKondzo : Diables Noirs 1:5
15th Jun 11 Congo - Linafoot grp. ADiables Noirs : Kondzo 2:0
15th May 11 Congo - Linafoot grp. AKondzo : Diables Noirs 1:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Diables Noirs26197047:1064
2JS de Talangai25128532:2244
3Etoile du Congo25126735:1842
5Inter Club de Brazzaville26109738:2339
6Saint Michel de Ouenze26912534:2839
7Ajax de Ouenze2597920:2334
8Saint Michel de Loukolela26971021:2534
10AS Police26851319:3329
11FC Cuvette25610921:3128
12Tongo FC25671223:2725
13Patronage Sainte-Anne26641622:4622
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1Diables Noirs1394019:531
2Etoile du Congo1373321:624
4Ajax de Ouenze1364312:922
5JS de Talangai1263316:1221
6Saint Michel de Ouenze1356218:1521
7Saint Michel de Loukolela135448:619
8FC Cuvette1253414:1418
9Tongo FC1352615:1317
10AS Police134548:1317
11Inter Club de Brazzaville1345417:1417
12Patronage Sainte-Anne1351713:2216
1Diables Noirs13103028:533
2JS de Talangai1365216:1023
3Inter Club de Brazzaville1364321:922
5Saint Michel de Ouenze1346316:1318
6Etoile du Congo1253414:1218
7Saint Michel de Loukolela1343613:1915
9Ajax de Ouenze123368:1412
10AS Police1340911:2012
11FC Cuvette131757:1710
12Tongo FC121568:148
14Patronage Sainte-Anne131399:246

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Diables Noirs53206:211
3Ajax de Ouenze52212:18
4Tongo FC52124:37
5JS de Talangai52124:47
6Saint Michel de Ouenze51404:37
7Etoile du Congo52124:37
8Saint Michel de Loukolela51315:46
10AS Police52033:66
11Inter Club de Brazzaville51225:55
12Patronage Sainte-Anne51134:84
14FC Cuvette50232:52

1Diables Noirs53207:311
2Ajax de Ouenze53113:110
4Saint Michel de Ouenze52305:29
5Etoile du Congo53028:49
6FC Cuvette52126:67
7AS Police52122:47
8Tongo FC52037:76
9JS de Talangai52034:76
10Patronage Sainte-Anne52034:76
11Saint Michel de Loukolela51223:35
14Inter Club de Brazzaville51136:74
1Diables Noirs550010:215
3Saint Michel de Loukolela53118:510
4JS de Talangai52214:38
5Inter Club de Brazzaville52215:48
6Etoile du Congo52214:28
7AS Police52034:66
8Saint Michel de Ouenze51316:66
9Tongo FC51132:34
11Patronage Sainte-Anne51133:74
12FC Cuvette50322:43
14Ajax de Ouenze50141:91