Germany - Oberliga Baden-Wurttemberg


Kehler FV


SpVgg Neckarelz

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Date Saturday 3rd March 2012
Time 15:00 CET
Venue nameRheinstadion
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Kehler FVSpVgg Neckarelz
DRAW in last 1 Oberliga Baden-Wurttemberg's games.DRAW in last 1 Oberliga Baden-Wurttemberg's games.
NOT WON in last 2 Oberliga Baden-Wurttemberg's games.NOT LOST in last 4 Oberliga Baden-Wurttemberg's games.

10.League position3.
  4pts.Last five games  8pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  6pts.

7 on SpVgg Neckarelz

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
03rd Apr 13 Germany - Oberliga Baden-WurttembergKehler FV : SpVgg Neckarelz 0:1
15th Sep 12 Germany - Oberliga Baden-WurttembergSpVgg Neckarelz : Kehler FV 2:0
03rd Mar 12 Germany - Oberliga Baden-WurttembergKehler FV : SpVgg Neckarelz 0:1
31st Aug 11 Germany - Oberliga Baden-WurttembergSpVgg Neckarelz : Kehler FV 1:0
26th Feb 11 Germany - Oberliga Baden-WurttembergSpVgg Neckarelz : Kehler FV 0:5
11th Aug 10 Germany - Oberliga Baden-WurttembergKehler FV : SpVgg Neckarelz 5:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Vfr Mannheim32188665:2662
3SpVgg Neckarelz321711457:3262
4FV Illertissen321921149:4659
5TSG Balingen32167958:4855
7FCA Walldorf321351455:4944
9FSV Hollenbach321181337:4641
10Kehler FV321061632:4736
11Bahlinger SC328111346:4235
12FC 08 Villingen32971639:5134
13Offenburger FV32971633:5734
14SV Spielberg32961753:6733
15Stuttgarter Kickers II32961738:5433
16FC Normannia Gmuend32961742:6533
17SV Bonlanden32771834:6328
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

2SpVgg Neckarelz16114136:1537
3Vfr Mannheim16105131:1135
4FCA Walldorf16111436:1934
5FV Illertissen16102424:1732
6TSG Balingen1693429:2530
9SV Spielberg1682635:2426
10FSV Hollenbach1674519:2325
11Offenburger FV1674517:1825
12Stuttgarter Kickers II1674520:1425
13FC 08 Villingen1672728:2623
14Kehler FV1664619:2322
15Bahlinger SC1657430:1722
16FC Normannia Gmuend1655621:3220
17SV Bonlanden1635821:3314
2FV Illertissen1690725:2927
3Vfr Mannheim1683534:1527
4SpVgg Neckarelz1667321:1725
5TSG Balingen1674529:2325
7FSV Hollenbach1644818:2316
8SV Bonlanden16421013:3014
9Kehler FV16421013:2414
11FC Normannia Gmuend16411121:3313
12Bahlinger SC1634916:2513
13FC 08 Villingen1625911:2511
14FCA Walldorf16241019:3010
15Offenburger FV16231116:399
16Stuttgarter Kickers II16221218:408
17SV Spielberg16141118:437

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FV Illertissen54108:113
3Offenburger FV53117:510
4Bahlinger SC531110:510
5FC 08 Villingen52309:49
6SpVgg Neckarelz52219:78
7FCA Walldorf52218:68
8FC Normannia Gmuend512212:105
10SV Spielberg50413:44
11SV Bonlanden51135:164
12Kehler FV51137:94
13Stuttgarter Kickers II51135:94
14Vfr Mannheim51135:74
15FSV Hollenbach50324:63
17TSG Balingen50235:152

1SpVgg Neckarelz541018:613
2FCA Walldorf541012:613
4SV Spielberg531112:410
5FV Illertissen53117:310
7Vfr Mannheim531110:410
9Offenburger FV52213:38
10Bahlinger SC51406:47
11Kehler FV52036:66
12Stuttgarter Kickers II52034:66
13FC Normannia Gmuend51318:86
14FSV Hollenbach51224:65
15FC 08 Villingen51226:75
16TSG Balingen51135:144
17SV Bonlanden50143:131
1FV Illertissen550011:015
2TSG Balingen52307:49
5Bahlinger SC52129:87
6SV Bonlanden52034:126
7SpVgg Neckarelz51315:66
8Kehler FV51225:65
9FCA Walldorf51223:45
10FC 08 Villingen51227:95
11Offenburger FV51137:124
12SV Spielberg50324:93
13FC Normannia Gmuend51049:103
15FSV Hollenbach50233:82
16Stuttgarter Kickers II50145:131
17Vfr Mannheim50142:81