Kazakhstan - 1. Division


Kaspyi Aktau


CSKA Almaty

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Date Friday 11th May 2012
Time 15:00 CEST
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Kaspyi AktauCSKA Almaty
WON in last 1 1. Division's games.WON in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 1. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 14 1. Division's games.

10.League position15.
  7pts.Last five games  6pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.
»Head to Head matches
18th Sep 13 Kazakhstan - 1. DivisionKaspyi Aktau : CSKA Almaty 3:1
12th May 13 Kazakhstan - 1. DivisionCSKA Almaty : Kaspyi Aktau 1:7
06th Aug 12 Kazakhstan - 1. DivisionCSKA Almaty : Kaspyi Aktau 0:2
11th May 12 Kazakhstan - 1. DivisionKaspyi Aktau : CSKA Almaty 4:1
03rd Oct 11 Kazakhstan - 1. DivisionCSKA Almaty : Kaspyi Aktau 1:1
14th May 11 Kazakhstan - 1. DivisionKaspyi Aktau : CSKA Almaty 5:0
08th Aug 10 Kazakhstan - 1. DivisionCSKA Almaty : Kaspyi Aktau 2:1
16th Jul 10 Kazakhstan - 1. DivisionKaspyi Aktau : CSKA Almaty 2:0
»Latest games
Kaspyi Aktau
Kazakhstan - 1. Division 2014
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01.10.Gefest Qaraghandi2:1Kaspyi AktauMore details about <b>Gefest Qaraghandi</b>-Kaspyi Aktau game
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21.9.Kaspyi Aktau1:0Ili-SauletMore details about <b>Kaspyi Aktau</b>-Ili-Saulet game
18.9.Kaspyi Aktau3:1CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>Kaspyi Aktau</b>-CSKA Almaty game
11.9.Lashyn Taraz0:2Kaspyi AktauMore details about Lashyn Taraz-<b>Kaspyi Aktau</b> game
08.9.FK Biik Shymkent1:3Kaspyi AktauMore details about FK Biik Shymkent-<b>Kaspyi Aktau</b> game
01.9.Kaisar Kyzylorda0:0Kaspyi AktauMore details about Kaisar Kyzylorda-Kaspyi Aktau game
20.8.Kaspyi Aktau1:0Maktaaral FCMore details about <b>Kaspyi Aktau</b>-Maktaaral FC game
17.8.Kaspyi Aktau4:1Kyran ShymkentMore details about <b>Kaspyi Aktau</b>-Kyran Shymkent game
10.8.Bayterek Astana3:0Kaspyi AktauMore details about <b>Bayterek Astana</b>-Kaspyi Aktau game
07.8.Bolat0:1Kaspyi AktauMore details about Bolat-<b>Kaspyi Aktau</b> game
30.7.Kaspyi Aktau1:0Ak-Bulak TalgarMore details about <b>Kaspyi Aktau</b>-Ak-Bulak Talgar game
27.7.Kaspyi Aktau1:0Sunkar QaskelengMore details about <b>Kaspyi Aktau</b>-Sunkar Qaskeleng game
16.7.Sunkar Qaskeleng0:0Kaspyi AktauMore details about Sunkar Qaskeleng-Kaspyi Aktau game
13.7.Ak-Bulak Talgar5:1Kaspyi AktauMore details about <b>Ak-Bulak Talgar</b>-Kaspyi Aktau game
06.7.Kaspyi Aktau1:1BolatMore details about Kaspyi Aktau-Bolat game
03.7.Kaspyi Aktau2:0Bayterek AstanaMore details about <b>Kaspyi Aktau</b>-Bayterek Astana game
26.6.Kyran Shymkent0:2Kaspyi AktauMore details about Kyran Shymkent-<b>Kaspyi Aktau</b> game
CSKA Almaty
Kazakhstan - 1. Division 2014
11.4.Sunkar Qaskeleng0:3CSKA AlmatyMore details about Sunkar Qaskeleng-<b>CSKA Almaty</b> game
06.4.CSKA Almaty2:3FC Kyzylzhar PetropavlovskMore details about CSKA Almaty-<b>FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk</b> game
26.10.FC Astana-19641:1CSKA AlmatyMore details about FC Astana-1964-CSKA Almaty game
23.10.Gefest Qaraghandi3:1CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>Gefest Qaraghandi</b>-CSKA Almaty game
16.10.CSKA Almaty1:6Ili-SauletMore details about CSKA Almaty-<b>Ili-Saulet</b> game
01.10.CSKA Almaty1:2FK Biik ShymkentMore details about CSKA Almaty-<b>FK Biik Shymkent</b> game
28.9.CSKA Almaty1:1Lashyn TarazMore details about CSKA Almaty-Lashyn Taraz game
21.9.Kaisar Kyzylorda3:0CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>Kaisar Kyzylorda</b>-CSKA Almaty game
18.9.Kaspyi Aktau3:1CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>Kaspyi Aktau</b>-CSKA Almaty game
11.9.CSKA Almaty1:3Kyran ShymkentMore details about CSKA Almaty-<b>Kyran Shymkent</b> game
08.9.CSKA Almaty0:0Maktaaral FCMore details about CSKA Almaty-Maktaaral FC game
31.8.Bolat2:0CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>Bolat</b>-CSKA Almaty game
28.8.Bayterek Astana2:1CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>Bayterek Astana</b>-CSKA Almaty game
20.8.CSKA Almaty1:4Sunkar QaskelengMore details about CSKA Almaty-<b>Sunkar Qaskeleng</b> game
17.8.CSKA Almaty0:3Ak-Bulak TalgarMore details about CSKA Almaty-<b>Ak-Bulak Talgar</b> game
10.8.Ekibastuzets4:0CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>Ekibastuzets</b>-CSKA Almaty game
07.8.Spartak Semey3:0CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>Spartak Semey</b>-CSKA Almaty game
30.7.CSKA Almaty0:3FC Kyzylzhar PetropavlovskMore details about CSKA Almaty-<b>FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk</b> game
27.7.CSKA Almaty0:1Okzhetpes KokshetauMore details about CSKA Almaty-<b>Okzhetpes Kokshetau</b> game
16.7.Okzhetpes Kokshetau1:0CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>Okzhetpes Kokshetau</b>-CSKA Almaty game
13.7.FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk3:0CSKA AlmatyMore details about <b>FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk</b>-CSKA Almaty game
06.7.CSKA Almaty0:1Spartak SemeyMore details about CSKA Almaty-<b>Spartak Semey</b> game
03.7.CSKA Almaty2:1EkibastuzetsMore details about <b>CSKA Almaty</b>-Ekibastuzets game
26.6.Ak-Bulak Talgar1:2CSKA AlmatyMore details about Ak-Bulak Talgar-<b>CSKA Almaty</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2FC Astana-196430169538:1757
2FK Astana 6430169538:1757
4Bayterek Astana301411539:1953
5Kyran Shymkent301461051:3848
7Spartak Semey301441238:4546
8Ak-Bulak Talgar301281037:2744
9Lashyn Taraz301181133:2841
10Kaspyi Aktau301171237:3440
11FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk301171236:4340
13Kairat Academy30991237:4136
14Aktobe Zhas30822031:6226
15CSKA Almaty30462018:5518
16FK Biik Shymkent30342320:6613
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

3Kaspyi Aktau1586122:530
4Kyran Shymkent1592430:1429
5FK Astana 641585220:829
6FC Astana-19641585220:829
7Bayterek Astana1575320:1026
8Spartak Semey1582523:2426
9Lashyn Taraz1564521:1322
11FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk1564518:1622
12Ak-Bulak Talgar1563614:1321
14Kairat Academy1544718:2116
15Aktobe Zhas1551919:3116
16CSKA Almaty1536612:2115
17FK Biik Shymkent15101413:373
1FK Astana 641584318:928
2FC Astana-19641584318:928
3Bayterek Astana1576219:927
7Ak-Bulak Talgar1565423:1423
8Kairat Academy1555519:2020
9Spartak Semey1562715:2120
10Kyran Shymkent1554621:2419
11Lashyn Taraz1554612:1519
12FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk1553718:2718
14FK Biik Shymkent152497:2910
15Kaspyi Aktau15311115:2910
16Aktobe Zhas15311112:3110
17CSKA Almaty1510146:343

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Kyran Shymkent540113:512
2FC Astana-196453117:310
3Lashyn Taraz530211:69
5Bayterek Astana52216:58
7Ak-Bulak Talgar52215:28
9Kaspyi Aktau52128:57
11CSKA Almaty52035:66
12Spartak Semey51222:65
13FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk51226:125
14FK Biik Shymkent51134:104
15Aktobe Zhas51043:103
16Kairat Academy50142:81
17FK Astana 6400000:00

2Kyran Shymkent540112:512
3Lashyn Taraz540111:412
4Bayterek Astana532011:311
5FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk53209:311
7FC Astana-196453118:110
8Kaspyi Aktau52307:09
9Kairat Academy52126:57
10Spartak Semey52125:87
11Ak-Bulak Talgar52123:27
13CSKA Almaty51042:103
15Aktobe Zhas50143:121
16FK Biik Shymkent50053:130
17FK Astana 6400000:00
2Ak-Bulak Talgar53208:311
4Bayterek Astana53115:310
5Kyran Shymkent52129:117
6Lashyn Taraz52036:76
8Kairat Academy51225:75
10FC Astana-196451224:75
11FK Biik Shymkent51132:114
12FC Kyzylzhar Petropavlovsk51135:114
13Kaspyi Aktau51043:83
14CSKA Almaty51044:93
15Aktobe Zhas51045:103
16Spartak Semey50232:72
17FK Astana 6400000:00