Japan - J. League


Kashiwa Reysol


Sanfrecce Hiroshima




halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 2nd December 2017
Time 6:05 CET
87'   out Ramon
87'   in Diego Oliveira
79'   in Patric
79'   out Anderson Lopes
63'   in Yusuke Chajima
63'   out Felipe
58'   Hidekasu Otani
58'   in Hiroto Nakagawa
58'   out Kosuke Taketomi
33'   in Tsukasa Morishima
33'   out Kosei Shibasaki

Goalkeeper: Kosuke Nakamura

Defence: Naoki Wako
Defence: Yuta Nakayama
Defence: Jiro Kamata
Defence: Ryuta Koike

Midfield: Kosuke Taketomi
Midfield: Hidekasu Otani
Midfield: Bo-Kyung Kim

Forward: Ramon
Forward: Cristiano
Forward: Junya Ito

Substitute player: Kazushige Kirihata
Substitute player: Yuki Otsu
Substitute player: Hajime Hosogai
Substitute player: Taiyo Koga
Substitute player: Hiroto Nakagawa
Substitute player: Shinnosuke Nakatani
Substitute player: Diego Oliveira
Goalkeeper: Takuto Hayashi

Defence: Soya Takahashi
Defence: Hiroki Mizumoto
Defence: Kazuhiko Chiba
Defence: Kenta Mukuhara

Midfield: Toshihiro Aoyama
Midfield: Yoshifumi Kashiwa
Midfield: Kosei Shibasaki
Midfield: Felipe
Midfield: Sho Inagaki

Forward: Anderson Lopes

Substitute player: Kazuyuki Morisaki
Substitute player: Yusuke Chajima
Substitute player: Tsukasa Morishima
Substitute player: Yuki Nogami
Substitute player: Patric
Substitute player: Hirotsugu Nakabayashi
Substitute player: Yusuke Minagawa

Coach: Hajime Moriyasu
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Kashiwa ReysolSanfrecce Hiroshima
WON in last 1 J. League's games.LOST in last 1 J. League's games.
NOT LOST in last 5 J. League's games.NOT DRAW in last 6 J. League's games.

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4.League position15.
  9pts.Last five games  6pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

5 on Kashiwa Reysol

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
02nd Dec 17 Japan - J. LeagueKashiwa Reysol : Sanfrecce Hiroshima 1:0
01st Apr 17 Japan - J. LeagueSanfrecce Hiroshima : Kashiwa Reysol 0:2
13th Jul 16 Japan - J. League 2nd stageKashiwa Reysol : Sanfrecce Hiroshima 3:3
13th May 16 Japan - J. League 1st stageSanfrecce Hiroshima : Kashiwa Reysol 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Kawasaki Frontale34219471:3272
2Kashima Antlers34233853:3172
3Cerezo Osaka34196965:4363
4Kashiwa Reysol34188849:3362
5Yokohama F.Marinos34178945:3659
6Jubilo Iwata341610850:3058
7Urawa Red Diamonds341471364:5449
8Sagan Tosu341381341:4447
9Vissel Kobe341351640:4544
10Gamba Osaka3411101348:4143
11Consadole Sapporo341271539:4743
12Vegalta Sendai341181544:5341
13FC Tokyo3410101437:4240
14Shimizu S-Pulse348101636:5434
15Sanfrecce Hiroshima34891732:4933
16Ventforet Kofu347111623:3932
17Albirex Niigata34772028:6028
18Omiya Ardija345101928:6025
 relegation relegation  

1Kawasaki Frontale17124144:1740
2Cerezo Osaka17123237:1739
3Sagan Tosu17111525:1834
4Kashima Antlers17111522:1234
5Yokohama F.Marinos1796226:1733
6Consadole Sapporo1794424:1831
7Kashiwa Reysol1793525:1830
8Jubilo Iwata1785425:1929
9Urawa Red Diamonds1775539:2926
10Vegalta Sendai1764724:2522
11FC Tokyo1757518:1722
12Ventforet Kofu1756615:1621
13Vissel Kobe1753919:2118
14Gamba Osaka1745822:1717
15Omiya Ardija1737714:2216
16Sanfrecce Hiroshima1736813:2415
17Albirex Niigata17411211:3113
18Shimizu S-Pulse17321216:3611
1Kashima Antlers17122331:1938
2Kashiwa Reysol1795324:1532
3Kawasaki Frontale1795327:1532
4Jubilo Iwata1785425:1129
5Gamba Osaka1775526:2426
6Yokohama F.Marinos1782719:1926
7Vissel Kobe1782721:2426
8Cerezo Osaka1773728:2624
9Urawa Red Diamonds1772825:2523
10Shimizu S-Pulse1758420:1823
11Vegalta Sendai1754820:2819
12Sanfrecce Hiroshima1753919:2518
13FC Tokyo1753919:2518
14Albirex Niigata1736817:2915
15Sagan Tosu1727816:2613
16Consadole Sapporo17331115:2912
17Ventforet Kofu1725108:2311
18Omiya Ardija17231214:389

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Kawasaki Frontale541012:213
2Albirex Niigata54108:413
3Consadole Sapporo54019:512
4Cerezo Osaka540111:412
5Kashiwa Reysol52305:39
6Jubilo Iwata52216:48
7Kashima Antlers52215:48
8Yokohama F.Marinos52128:107
9Sagan Tosu52036:86
10Vegalta Sendai51316:46
11Sanfrecce Hiroshima52034:76
12Shimizu S-Pulse51225:65
13Ventforet Kofu51133:64
14Urawa Red Diamonds51134:64
15Gamba Osaka50324:63
16Vissel Kobe51047:123
17FC Tokyo50233:62
18Omiya Ardija50232:112

1Kawasaki Frontale550017:315
2Kashima Antlers54106:113
3Consadole Sapporo531111:710
4Kashiwa Reysol53118:410
5Sagan Tosu53026:69
6Jubilo Iwata52307:59
7Cerezo Osaka53028:79
8Albirex Niigata53025:69
9Vegalta Sendai522111:68
10Yokohama F.Marinos52217:88
11Ventforet Kofu52127:77
12Sanfrecce Hiroshima52124:67
13FC Tokyo51312:26
14Omiya Ardija50504:45
15Vissel Kobe51135:74
16Urawa Red Diamonds50326:83
17Gamba Osaka50143:71
18Shimizu S-Pulse50053:140
1Kawasaki Frontale53209:211
2Consadole Sapporo53116:410
3Urawa Red Diamonds53117:510
4Vissel Kobe53119:710
5Shimizu S-Pulse52304:19
6Albirex Niigata52309:79
7Jubilo Iwata52126:37
8Yokohama F.Marinos52128:87
9Sanfrecce Hiroshima52125:57
10Kashima Antlers52128:77
11Kashiwa Reysol51314:66
12Cerezo Osaka52037:96
13Sagan Tosu51137:114
14Vegalta Sendai51137:74
15Ventforet Kofu51132:54
16Gamba Osaka50326:83
17FC Tokyo50144:101
18Omiya Ardija50143:131

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