Austria - tipp3-Bundesliga


Kapfenberger SV


Sturm Graz

halftime (0:2)
»Game details
Date Saturday 27th March 2010
Time 18:00 CET
87'   in Mario Haas
87'   out Jakob Jantscher
86'   out Samir Muratovic
86'   in Sandro Foda
72'   in Haris Bukva
72'   out Andreas Hoelzl
62'   out Gerald Gansterer
62'   in Manuel Schmid
56'   in Michael Tieber
56'   out Boris Huettenbrenner
56'   in Antonio di Salvo
56'   out David Sencar
55'   Peter Hlinka
33'   David Sencar
30'   Samir Muratovic
27'   Jakob Jantscher
27'   Jakob Jantscher
25'   Gordon Schildenfeld
25'   Gordon Schildenfeld
17'   Milan Fukal

Goalkeeper: Raphael Wolf

Defence: Milan Fukal
Defence: Gerald Gansterer
Defence: David Sencar
Defence: Thomas Schoenberger

Midfield: Boris Huettenbrenner
Midfield: Robert Schellander
Midfield: Patrik Siegl
Midfield: Markus Felfernig

Forward: Marek Heinz
Forward: Srdjan Pavlov

Substitute player: Deni Alar
Substitute player: Antonio di Salvo
Substitute player: Philipp Wendler
Substitute player: Martin Eisl
Substitute player: Manuel Schmid
Substitute player: Andreas Rauscher
Substitute player: Michael Tieber
Goalkeeper: Christian Gratzei

Defence: Ferdinand Feldhofer
Defence: Andreas Hoelzl
Defence: Peter Hlinka
Defence: Manuel Weber

Midfield: Christian Prawda
Midfield: Jakob Jantscher
Midfield: Samir Muratovic
Midfield: Martin Ehrenreich

Forward: Roman Kienast
Forward: Gordon Schildenfeld

Substitute player: Haris Bukva
Substitute player: Klemen Lavric
Substitute player: Mario Sonnleitner
Substitute player: Sandro Foda
Substitute player: Daniel Beichler
Substitute player: Andreas Lukse
Substitute player: Mario Haas

Coach: Franco Foda
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Kapfenberger SVSturm Graz
WON in last 1 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.LOST in last 2 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 tipp3-Bundesliga's games.

9.League position4.
  7pts.Last five games  6pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.
»Head to Head matches
11th Jan 17 International - Club FriendliesSturm Graz : Kapfenberger SV 4:1
20th Jan 15 International - Club FriendliesSturm Graz : Kapfenberger SV 5:0
23rd Jun 14 International - Club FriendliesSturm Graz : Kapfenberger SV 3:1
28th Apr 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaSturm Graz : Kapfenberger SV 2:1
04th Mar 12 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaKapfenberger SV : Sturm Graz 0:0
06th Nov 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaSturm Graz : Kapfenberger SV 1:0
30th Jul 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaKapfenberger SV : Sturm Graz 3:0
23rd Apr 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaKapfenberger SV : Sturm Graz 0:5
12th Feb 11 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaSturm Graz : Kapfenberger SV 2:0
23rd Oct 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaKapfenberger SV : Sturm Graz 0:4
24th Jul 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaSturm Graz : Kapfenberger SV 2:0
03rd Apr 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaSturm Graz : Kapfenberger SV 1:1
27th Mar 10 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaKapfenberger SV : Sturm Graz 0:3
04th Oct 09 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaSturm Graz : Kapfenberger SV 0:0
26th Sep 09 Austria - tipp3-BundesligaKapfenberger SV : Sturm Graz 0:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
0SK Austria Klagenfurt36292529:8015
2Austria Wien36236760:3475
3Rapid Wien362110580:3873
4Sturm Graz3616101050:3658
5Wiener Neustadt361381554:5847
7LASK Linz369131459:7040
9Kapfenberger SV36891944:6733
 champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1Rapid Wien18152148:1447
2Austria Wien18143133:1045
4Wiener Neustadt18104436:2334
6Sturm Graz1886426:1530
7LASK Linz1878338:2229
9Kapfenberger SV1865726:2323
10SK Austria Klagenfurt18261016:3412
2Austria Wien1893627:2430
3Sturm Graz1884624:2128
4Rapid Wien1868432:2426
5Wiener Neustadt18341118:3513
6LASK Linz18251121:4811
7Kapfenberger SV18241218:4410
10SK Austria Klagenfurt18031513:463

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Austria Wien550010:115
2Rapid Wien531113:710
4Kapfenberger SV52128:87
5LASK Linz52125:57
6Wiener Neustadt52129:87
7Sturm Graz52034:86
9SK Austria Klagenfurt50416:84

1Austria Wien550010:115
2Rapid Wien541013:413
3Wiener Neustadt54019:412
6Kapfenberger SV52215:48
7LASK Linz52216:28
9Sturm Graz52125:67
10SK Austria Klagenfurt50236:122
1Austria Wien54106:113
2Rapid Wien531111:610
4Sturm Graz52126:67
5LASK Linz51315:66
6SK Austria Klagenfurt50234:82
7Wiener Neustadt50235:112
8Kapfenberger SV50147:141