El Salvador - Primera Division - Apertura


Juventud Independiente


Once Municipal

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Date Sunday 15th July 2012
Time 23:00 CEST
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Juventud IndependienteOnce Municipal
DRAW in last 1 Primera Division - Apertura's games.LOST in last 8 Primera Division - Apertura's games.
NOT WON in last 6 Primera Division - Apertura's games.NOT WON in last 9 Primera Division - Apertura's games.

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9.League position10.
  2pts.Last five games  0pts.
  3pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.
»Head to Head matches
07th Apr 13 El Salvador - Primera Division - ClausuraOnce Municipal : Juventud Independiente 1:1
17th Feb 13 El Salvador - Primera Division - ClausuraJuventud Independiente : Once Municipal 1:0
23rd Sep 12 El Salvador - Primera Division - AperturaOnce Municipal : Juventud Independiente 1:1
15th Jul 12 El Salvador - Primera Division - AperturaJuventud Independiente : Once Municipal 3:3
26th Feb 12 El Salvador - Primera Division - ClausuraJuventud Independiente : Once Municipal 2:2
08th Jan 12 El Salvador - Primera Division - ClausuraOnce Municipal : Juventud Independiente 2:1
26th Oct 11 El Salvador - Primera Division - AperturaOnce Municipal : Juventud Independiente 0:0
17th Aug 11 El Salvador - Primera Division - AperturaJuventud Independiente : Once Municipal 1:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Isidro Metapan18113437:2536
2Alianza FC18104436:1934
3CD FAS1896327:1533
4CD Aguila1894529:1931
6Atletico Marte1872928:2523
7Santa Tecla FC1856724:3321
9Juventud Independiente1847727:3419
10Once Municipal18121516:505

1CD FAS963015:421
2Isidro Metapan962116:720
3Alianza FC952218:1017
5CD Aguila942314:1214
6Santa Tecla FC934215:1013
8Atletico Marte941418:1413
9Juventud Independiente924317:1910
10Once Municipal91179:214
1Alianza FC952218:917
2CD Aguila952215:717
3Isidro Metapan951321:1816
4CD FAS933312:1112
5Atletico Marte931510:1110
7Juventud Independiente923410:159
8Santa Tecla FC92259:238
10Once Municipal90187:291

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1CD FAS532013:511
2Alianza FC532011:511
3Atletico Marte530211:79
4Isidro Metapan53029:89
7CD Aguila52129:97
8Santa Tecla FC51137:124
9Juventud Independiente50233:92
10Once Municipal50054:150

1CD FAS541012:413
2Isidro Metapan53117:510
3Alianza FC53026:59
4Santa Tecla FC522110:78
6CD Aguila52128:97
7Atletico Marte520311:106
9Juventud Independiente50325:93
10Once Municipal50144:141
1Isidro Metapan540112:712
2CD FAS53207:311
3CD Aguila531113:610
4Alianza FC522110:78
5Juventud Independiente52127:87
6Atletico Marte52036:56
8Santa Tecla FC51135:104
10Once Municipal50052:140