South Korea - K. League Classic


Jeonbuk FC


Gwangju FC

halftime (5:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 16th April 2011
Time 8:00 CEST
77'   Krunoslav Lovrek
43'   Bowen Huang
39'   Dong-Gook Lee
30'   Seung-Hyun Lee
26'   Dong-Chan Kim
16'   Ji-Woong Kim
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Jeonbuk FCGwangju FC
DRAW in last 3 K. League Classic's games.LOST in last 2 K. League Classic's games.
NOT LOST in last 20 K. League Classic's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 K. League Classic's games.

1.League position11.
  7pts.Last five games  7pts.
  11pts.last 5 home/away only  9pts.

5 on Jeonbuk FC

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
23rd Sep 15 South Korea - K. League ClassicGwangju FC : Jeonbuk FC 1:2
08th Jul 15 South Korea - K. League ClassicJeonbuk FC : Gwangju FC 1:1
12th Apr 15 South Korea - K. League ClassicGwangju FC : Jeonbuk FC 2:3
27th Jun 12 South Korea - K. League ClassicGwangju FC : Jeonbuk FC 0:3
27th Apr 12 South Korea - K. League ClassicJeonbuk FC : Gwangju FC 5:2
16th Jul 11 South Korea - K. League ClassicGwangju FC : Jeonbuk FC 1:1
16th Apr 11 South Korea - K. League ClassicJeonbuk FC : Gwangju FC 6:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Jeonbuk FC30189367:3263
2Pohang Steelers30178559:3359
3FC Seoul30167756:3855
4Suwon Bluewings30174951:3355
5Busan I'Park301371049:4346
6Ulsan Hyundai301371033:2946
7Jeonnam Dragons301110933:2943
8Gyeongnam FC301261241:4042
9Jeju United3010101044:4540
10Seongnam FC30981343:4735
11Gwangju FC30981332:4335
12Daegu FC30891335:4633
13Incheon United306141031:4032
14Sangju Sangmu30781536:5329
15Daejeon Citizen30691531:5927
16Gangwon FC30362114:4515
 relegation relegation  

1Suwon Bluewings15111331:1434
2Jeonbuk FC15104136:1434
3FC Seoul15103234:1933
4Pohang Steelers1595136:1732
5Busan I'Park1594228:1631
6Ulsan Hyundai1584320:1328
7Seongnam FC1574426:2225
8Jeju United1573525:2424
9Jeonnam Dragons1565417:1023
10Daegu FC1564517:1622
11Gwangju FC1556415:1321
12Gyeongnam FC1563624:2121
13Incheon United1539315:1818
14Daejeon Citizen1545618:2317
15Sangju Sangmu1533915:2412
16Gangwon FC15321010:2411
1Jeonbuk FC1585231:1829
2Pohang Steelers1583423:1627
3FC Seoul1564522:1922
4Gyeongnam FC1563617:1921
5Suwon Bluewings1563620:1921
6Jeonnam Dragons1555516:1920
7Ulsan Hyundai1553713:1618
8Sangju Sangmu1545621:2917
9Jeju United1537519:2116
10Busan I'Park1543821:2715
11Gwangju FC1542917:3014
12Incheon United1535716:2214
13Daegu FC1525818:3011
14Daejeon Citizen1524913:3610
15Seongnam FC1524917:2510
16Gangwon FC1504114:214

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Suwon Bluewings54108:313
2Ulsan Hyundai53205:111
3Gyeongnam FC53117:410
4Pohang Steelers531110:610
5FC Seoul531111:410
6Seongnam FC530210:99
7Gwangju FC52124:37
8Jeonbuk FC51408:47
9Busan I'Park52127:57
10Gangwon FC51223:65
11Sangju Sangmu51136:124
12Daejeon Citizen51133:94
13Jeju United51134:84
14Daegu FC51133:64
15Jeonnam Dragons50325:83
16Incheon United50232:72

1FC Seoul550016:615
2Pohang Steelers541012:513
3Suwon Bluewings541011:413
4Jeonbuk FC532014:611
5Ulsan Hyundai53118:510
6Seongnam FC53029:99
7Busan I'Park53028:59
8Gangwon FC52124:47
9Daejeon Citizen52125:77
10Daegu FC52126:57
11Jeonnam Dragons51315:56
12Jeju United51226:95
13Incheon United51223:45
14Gyeongnam FC51134:84
15Gwangju FC50324:73
16Sangju Sangmu51045:103
1Suwon Bluewings54107:213
2Gwangju FC53028:89
3Pohang Steelers53029:79
4Jeonbuk FC52309:69
5Ulsan Hyundai52214:28
6Gyeongnam FC52125:57
7FC Seoul52128:47
8Seongnam FC52038:96
9Jeonnam Dragons51225:65
10Sangju Sangmu51135:114
11Gangwon FC50234:112
12Daejeon Citizen50234:102
13Jeju United50235:102
14Daegu FC50234:92
15Busan I'Park50236:92
16Incheon United50143:91