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J. League description

Home field has no special importance on game result. Home team get average 1.46 points per game.!
Number of draws is on average level. 25% of games finish as draw
Number of goals is above the average. It's 2.79 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 52% of all games.
Bet very carefuly here. Outsiders are winning lot of games.!

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Sanfrecce Hiroshima34197863:3464
2Vegalta Sendai341512759:4357
3Urawa Red Diamonds341510947:4255
4Yokohama F.Marinos341314744:3353
5Sagan Tosu341581148:3953
6Kashiwa Reysol341571257:5252
7Nagoya Grampus Eight341571246:4752
8Kawasaki Frontale341481251:5050
9Shimizu S-Pulse341471339:4049
10FC Tokyo341461447:4448
11Kashima Antlers3412101250:4346
12Jubilo Iwata341371457:5346
13Omiya Ardija3411111238:4544
14Cerezo Osaka341191447:5342
15Albirex Niigata3410101429:3440
16Vissel Kobe341161741:5039
17Gamba Osaka349111467:6538
18Consadole Sapporo34422825:8814
 relegation relegation  

1Sagan Tosu17113326:1236
2Vegalta Sendai1796234:1733
3Jubilo Iwata1795331:1932
4Sanfrecce Hiroshima17102532:1632
5Urawa Red Diamonds1786323:1830
6Yokohama F.Marinos1777324:1528
7Nagoya Grampus Eight1783622:1927
8Kashima Antlers1783636:2127
9Shimizu S-Pulse1767423:2125
10FC Tokyo1781830:2225
11Kashiwa Reysol1765628:3023
12Kawasaki Frontale1772825:2623
13Omiya Ardija1765617:2023
14Cerezo Osaka1763826:2821
15Gamba Osaka1747636:3519
16Vissel Kobe1753919:2118
17Albirex Niigata1736815:2115
18Consadole Sapporo17321213:3411
1Sanfrecce Hiroshima1795331:1832
2Kashiwa Reysol1792629:2229
3Kawasaki Frontale1776426:2427
4Nagoya Grampus Eight1774624:2825
5Yokohama F.Marinos1767420:1825
6Urawa Red Diamonds1774624:2425
7Albirex Niigata1774614:1325
8Vegalta Sendai1766525:2624
9Shimizu S-Pulse1780916:1924
10FC Tokyo1765617:2223
11Cerezo Osaka1756621:2521
12Vissel Kobe1763822:2921
13Omiya Ardija1756621:2521
14Gamba Osaka1754831:3019
15Kashima Antlers1747614:2219
16Sagan Tosu1745822:2717
17Jubilo Iwata17421126:3414
18Consadole Sapporo17101612:543

Latest results

dateround home team away team
1 Dec34FTShimizu S-Pulse0:0Omiya ArdijaMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Dec34FTJubilo Iwata2:1Gamba OsakaMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Dec34FTKashima Antlers2:0Kashiwa ReysolMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Dec34FTCerezo Osaka2:2Kawasaki FrontaleMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Dec34FTUrawa Red Diamonds2:0Nagoya Grampus EightMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Dec34FTVissel Kobe0:1Sanfrecce HiroshimaMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Dec34FTFC Tokyo6:2Vegalta SendaiMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Dec34FTYokohama F.Marinos1:0Sagan TosuMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Dec34FTAlbirex Niigata4:1Consadole SapporoMore details about  -  soccer game
24 Nov33FTOmiya Ardija2:0Jubilo IwataMore details about  -  soccer game
24 Nov33FTKashiwa Reysol1:0Vissel KobeMore details about  -  soccer game
24 Nov33FTKawasaki Frontale2:1Shimizu S-PulseMore details about  -  soccer game
24 Nov33FTConsadole Sapporo0:2Yokohama F.MarinosMore details about  -  soccer game
24 Nov33FTVegalta Sendai0:1Albirex NiigataMore details about  -  soccer game
24 Nov33FTSagan Tosu3:1Urawa Red DiamondsMore details about  -  soccer game
24 Nov33FTNagoya Grampus Eight1:2Kashima AntlersMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Sagan Tosu540111:612
2Kawasaki Frontale532012:811
3Omiya Ardija53209:211
4Yokohama F.Marinos53117:410
5Sanfrecce Hiroshima53119:410
6Albirex Niigata53026:49
7Kashima Antlers52218:68
8Kashiwa Reysol52126:97
9Nagoya Grampus Eight52125:57
10Urawa Red Diamonds52127:77
11FC Tokyo521213:67
12Gamba Osaka51319:86
13Jubilo Iwata51135:94
14Vissel Kobe51135:74
15Shimizu S-Pulse51134:74
16Vegalta Sendai50327:123
17Cerezo Osaka50325:103
18Consadole Sapporo50053:170

1Sagan Tosu540114:812
2Sanfrecce Hiroshima540114:512
3Vegalta Sendai53118:610
4Kawasaki Frontale531111:810
5FC Tokyo530214:69
6Omiya Ardija52304:19
7Cerezo Osaka522110:108
8Kashiwa Reysol52126:87
9Gamba Osaka514013:87
10Yokohama F.Marinos52127:47
11Urawa Red Diamonds52125:77
12Albirex Niigata52129:47
13Kashima Antlers521212:87
14Jubilo Iwata51223:55
15Nagoya Grampus Eight51224:55
16Shimizu S-Pulse51225:65
17Consadole Sapporo50142:121
18Vissel Kobe50147:111
1Yokohama F.Marinos53207:311
2Omiya Ardija532012:211
3Nagoya Grampus Eight53027:89
4Shimizu S-Pulse53028:69
5Albirex Niigata52304:29
6Kawasaki Frontale52218:78
7Sanfrecce Hiroshima52214:48
8Cerezo Osaka52216:78
9Gamba Osaka521210:97
10Kashima Antlers51406:57
11Sagan Tosu52038:106
12Kashiwa Reysol52035:86
13Urawa Red Diamonds52039:126
14Vissel Kobe51223:45
15Consadole Sapporo51043:143
16Jubilo Iwata51045:123
17FC Tokyo50325:103
18Vegalta Sendai50238:152

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Gamba Osaka9479624.183.593.88
2Consadole Sapporo7668442.763.883.32
3Jubilo Iwata8565412.943.533.24
4Kashiwa Reysol7956353.4133.21
5Vegalta Sendai765941333
6Kawasaki Frontale65564132.942.97
7Cerezo Osaka7653383.182.712.94
8Sanfrecce Hiroshima7656322.822.882.85
9Kashima Antlers7156293.352.122.74
10Nagoya Grampus Eight7450322.413.062.74
11FC Tokyo6541323.062.292.68
12Vissel Kobe6553292.3532.68
13Urawa Red Diamonds7947242.412.822.62
14Sagan Tosu6241322.242.882.56
15Omiya Ardija6844292.182.712.44
16Shimizu S-Pulse5941212.592.062.32
17Yokohama F.Marinos6847242.292.242.26
18Albirex Niigata5018122.121.591.85

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.