Algeria - Ligue 1


JSM Bejaia


JS Kabylie

halftime (0:0)
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Date Tuesday 15th May 2012
Time 18:00 CEST
Venue nameStade de l'Unité Maghrebine
60'   penalty
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JSM BejaiaJS Kabylie
WON in last 3 Ligue 1's games.WON in last 1 Ligue 1's games.
NOT DRAW in last 4 Ligue 1's games.NOT DRAW in last 5 Ligue 1's games.

2.League position9.
  10pts.Last five games  9pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

7 on JSM Bejaia

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
01st Mar 14 Algeria - Ligue 1JSM Bejaia : JS Kabylie 2:1
28th Sep 13 Algeria - Ligue 1JS Kabylie : JSM Bejaia 1:0
19th Feb 13 Algeria - Ligue 1JSM Bejaia : JS Kabylie 2:2
16th Oct 12 Algeria - Ligue 1JS Kabylie : JSM Bejaia 2:1
15th May 12 Algeria - Ligue 1JSM Bejaia : JS Kabylie 1:0
17th Dec 11 Algeria - Ligue 1JS Kabylie : JSM Bejaia 1:0
06th Jun 11 Algeria - Ligue 1JS Kabylie : JSM Bejaia 1:0
29th Oct 10 Algeria - Ligue 1JSM Bejaia : JS Kabylie 4:2
06th Mar 10 Algeria - Ligue 1JS Kabylie : JSM Bejaia 1:1
25th Sep 09 Algeria - Ligue 1JSM Bejaia : JS Kabylie 1:0
19th Mar 09 Algeria - Ligue 1JSM Bejaia : JS Kabylie 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1ES Setif30165953:4053
2JSM Bejaia30158740:2653
3USM Alger30157837:2552
4CR Belouizdad30139834:2848
5ASO Chlef301451141:3447
6CA Batna301281038:2544
7WA Tlemcen301281039:3744
8MC Alger301111835:3344
9JS Kabylie301011929:2341
10USM El Harrach301151428:3138
11MC El Eulma301081238:3938
12CS Constantine308121035:4236
13MC Oran30981338:5135
14AS Khroub307101323:4631
15NA Hussein Dey305111429:3926
16MC Saida30661828:4624
 relegation relegation  

1ASO Chlef15122128:1138
2USM Alger15121226:1037
3JSM Bejaia15103224:933
4WA Tlemcen1595127:1532
5ES Setif15102329:1832
6MC Alger1587022:1031
7CA Batna1585219:829
8JS Kabylie1585222:1129
9MC El Eulma1584324:1428
10CR Belouizdad1584322:1228
11CS Constantine1576224:1727
12AS Khroub1575315:1526
13MC Oran1573523:2024
14MC Saida1565420:1123
15USM El Harrach1563614:1221
16NA Hussein Dey1556419:1421
1ES Setif1563624:2221
2CR Belouizdad1555512:1620
3JSM Bejaia1555516:1720
4USM El Harrach1552814:1917
5CA Batna1543819:1715
6USM Alger1536611:1515
7MC Alger1534813:2313
8WA Tlemcen1533912:2212
9JS Kabylie152677:1212
10MC Oran1525815:3111
11MC El Eulma1524914:2510
12CS Constantine1516811:259
13ASO Chlef15231013:239
14NA Hussein Dey15051010:255
15AS Khroub1505108:315
16MC Saida1501148:351

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1CA Batna550014:215
2MC El Eulma531110:610
3MC Oran53119:810
4JSM Bejaia531110:910
5JS Kabylie530211:69
6USM Alger530210:79
7ES Setif53027:69
8WA Tlemcen52035:86
9CR Belouizdad51315:46
10ASO Chlef52037:76
11MC Alger51318:96
12CS Constantine51227:95
13NA Hussein Dey51138:94
14AS Khroub51134:134
15USM El Harrach50324:63
16MC Saida50052:120

1CA Batna550010:415
2WA Tlemcen540111:612
3NA Hussein Dey540111:412
4ASO Chlef540110:412
5USM Alger540111:612
6JSM Bejaia54019:312
7JS Kabylie532013:611
8MC Alger53209:411
9MC Oran531110:710
10CR Belouizdad53117:410
11ES Setif53119:610
12CS Constantine52309:69
13AS Khroub53027:99
14MC El Eulma52126:77
15MC Saida52125:47
16USM El Harrach51314:46
1JSM Bejaia531110:910
2CA Batna530211:49
3MC Alger52129:117
4MC Oran51318:86
5USM Alger51315:56
6ES Setif52034:56
7CR Belouizdad51223:75
8MC El Eulma51138:104
9USM El Harrach51045:83
10CS Constantine50144:121
11NA Hussein Dey50145:101
12AS Khroub50143:121
13JS Kabylie50141:51
14WA Tlemcen50052:90
15MC Saida50051:150
16ASO Chlef50055:110