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JKT Ruvu Stars


JKT Oljoro FC

halftime (0:0)
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Date Friday 2nd September 2011
Time 15:00 CEST
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JKT Ruvu StarsJKT Oljoro FC
LOST in last 1 Premier League's games.WON in last 1 Premier League's games.
NOT WON in last 5 Premier League's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Premier League's games.

7.League position8.
  2pts.Last five games  4pts.
  2pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.
»Head to Head matches
15th Feb 14 Tanzania - Premier LeagueJKT Oljoro FC : JKT Ruvu Stars 0:0
22nd Sep 13 Tanzania - Premier LeagueJKT Ruvu Stars : JKT Oljoro FC 0:1
30th Mar 13 Tanzania - Premier LeagueJKT Oljoro FC : JKT Ruvu Stars 2:0
21st Oct 12 Tanzania - Premier LeagueJKT Ruvu Stars : JKT Oljoro FC 1:1
11th Feb 12 Tanzania - Premier LeagueJKT Oljoro FC : JKT Ruvu Stars 0:1
02nd Sep 11 Tanzania - Premier LeagueJKT Ruvu Stars : JKT Oljoro FC 0:0
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JKT Ruvu Stars
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20.2.Stand United1:1JKT Ruvu StarsMore details about Stand United-JKT Ruvu Stars game
13.2.JKT Ruvu Stars1:1Kagera SugarMore details about JKT Ruvu Stars-Kagera Sugar game
07.2.JKT Ruvu Stars0:4Young AfricansMore details about JKT Ruvu Stars-<b>Young Africans</b> game
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30.1.JKT Ruvu Stars0:0Maji MajiMore details about JKT Ruvu Stars-Maji Maji game
20.1.JKT Ruvu Stars0:2Simba SCMore details about JKT Ruvu Stars-<b>Simba SC</b> game
16.1.JKT Ruvu Stars1:5JKT MgamboMore details about JKT Ruvu Stars-<b>JKT Mgambo</b> game
26.12.Ndanda FC1:3JKT Ruvu StarsMore details about Ndanda FC-<b>JKT Ruvu Stars</b> game
20.12.JKT Ruvu Stars2:2Coastal UnionMore details about JKT Ruvu Stars-Coastal Union game
13.12.JKT Ruvu Stars4:1Tanzania PrisonsMore details about <b>JKT Ruvu Stars</b>-Tanzania Prisons game
01.11.African Sports0:2JKT Ruvu StarsMore details about African Sports-<b>JKT Ruvu Stars</b> game
29.10.JKT Ruvu Stars2:4Azam FCMore details about JKT Ruvu Stars-<b>Azam FC</b> game
22.10.JKT Ruvu Stars0:0Mtibwa SugarMore details about JKT Ruvu Stars-Mtibwa Sugar game
18.10.Mwadui2:1JKT Ruvu StarsMore details about <b>Mwadui</b>-JKT Ruvu Stars game
JKT Oljoro FC
Tanzania - Premier League 2013/2014
19.4.JKT Oljoro FC1:1Mtibwa SugarMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-Mtibwa Sugar game
13.4.JKT Oljoro FC1:2Young AfricansMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-<b>Young Africans</b> game
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29.3.Ashanti United SC2:1JKT Oljoro FCMore details about <b>Ashanti United SC</b>-JKT Oljoro FC game
23.3.Azam FC1:0JKT Oljoro FCMore details about <b>Azam FC</b>-JKT Oljoro FC game
08.3.Ruvu Shooting1:0JKT Oljoro FCMore details about <b>Ruvu Shooting</b>-JKT Oljoro FC game
02.3.Mbeya City0:0JKT Oljoro FCMore details about Mbeya City-JKT Oljoro FC game
22.2.JKT Oljoro FC1:2JKT MgamboMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-<b>JKT Mgambo</b> game
15.2.JKT Oljoro FC0:0JKT Ruvu StarsMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-JKT Ruvu Stars game
09.2.JKT Oljoro FC1:1Kagera SugarMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-Kagera Sugar game
05.2.Rhino Rangers2:2JKT Oljoro FCMore details about Rhino Rangers-JKT Oljoro FC game
01.2.Simba SC4:0JKT Oljoro FCMore details about <b>Simba SC</b>-JKT Oljoro FC game
25.1.Coastal Union1:1JKT Oljoro FCMore details about Coastal Union-JKT Oljoro FC game
07.11.Young Africans3:0JKT Oljoro FCMore details about <b>Young Africans</b>-JKT Oljoro FC game
02.11.Tanzania Prisons0:1JKT Oljoro FCMore details about Tanzania Prisons-<b>JKT Oljoro FC</b> game
28.10.JKT Oljoro FC0:0Ashanti United SCMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-Ashanti United SC game
19.10.JKT Oljoro FC0:1Azam FCMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-<b>Azam FC</b> game
13.10.Mtibwa Sugar5:2JKT Oljoro FCMore details about <b>Mtibwa Sugar</b>-JKT Oljoro FC game
09.10.JKT Oljoro FC2:2Ruvu ShootingMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-Ruvu Shooting game
05.10.JKT Oljoro FC1:2Mbeya CityMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-<b>Mbeya City</b> game
28.9.JKT Mgambo0:0JKT Oljoro FCMore details about JKT Mgambo-JKT Oljoro FC game
22.9.JKT Ruvu Stars0:1JKT Oljoro FCMore details about JKT Ruvu Stars-<b>JKT Oljoro FC</b> game
18.9.Kagera Sugar2:1JKT Oljoro FCMore details about <b>Kagera Sugar</b>-JKT Oljoro FC game
14.9.JKT Oljoro FC1:1Rhino RangersMore details about JKT Oljoro FC-Rhino Rangers game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Simba SC26195247:1262
2Azam FC26175440:1556
3Young Africans26154741:3049
4Mtibwa Sugar26126835:2742
5Coastal Union261231129:2939
6Kagera Sugar26711827:2832
7JKT Ruvu Stars26711827:3432
8JKT Oljoro FC26881019:2632
9Ruvu Shooting26710923:2331
10Villa Squad26851330:4529
11African Lyon26691123:3027
12Toto Africa265111024:3126
13Moro United263101327:4519
14Polisi Dodoma26381518:3517
 relegation relegation  

1Simba SC13121028:237
2Azam FC13101226:831
3Young Africans13101225:1131
4Coastal Union1382319:726
5Mtibwa Sugar1373319:1224
6Ruvu Shooting1356215:921
7Toto Africa1356217:1221
8JKT Oljoro FC135358:1118
9Villa Squad1353517:1818
10Kagera Sugar1346312:1118
11African Lyon1343615:1515
12JKT Ruvu Stars1327414:1813
13Polisi Dodoma131757:1210
14Moro United1324716:2610
1Azam FC1374214:725
2Simba SC1374219:1025
3JKT Ruvu Stars1354413:1619
4Mtibwa Sugar1353516:1518
5Young Africans1353516:1918
6JKT Oljoro FC1335511:1514
7Kagera Sugar1335515:1714
8Coastal Union1341810:2213
9African Lyon132658:1512
10Villa Squad1332813:2711
11Ruvu Shooting132478:1410
12Moro United1316611:199
13Polisi Dodoma13211011:237
14Toto Africa130587:195

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Simba SC550014:015
2Villa Squad541010:513
3Azam FC540111:512
4Coastal Union531110:610
5Mtibwa Sugar52216:68
6Kagera Sugar52215:48
7Ruvu Shooting52127:67
8African Lyon51314:46
9Toto Africa52036:86
10Young Africans52039:116
11JKT Oljoro FC51135:94
12JKT Ruvu Stars50234:122
13Moro United50143:91
14Polisi Dodoma50053:100

1Coastal Union54107:113
2Simba SC541013:113
3Azam FC540111:512
4Young Africans54019:512
5Toto Africa53118:510
6Kagera Sugar52215:58
7Ruvu Shooting52125:47
8Villa Squad52127:67
9Mtibwa Sugar52128:67
10African Lyon51225:65
11JKT Oljoro FC51133:74
12Polisi Dodoma51133:64
13JKT Ruvu Stars50233:92
14Moro United50144:111
1Simba SC55009:115
2Azam FC54017:412
3Mtibwa Sugar53117:510
4Coastal Union53027:89
5Villa Squad53028:99
6Ruvu Shooting52124:47
7JKT Ruvu Stars52127:97
8African Lyon51224:35
9Kagera Sugar51134:74
10Moro United50323:73
11Young Africans51046:133
12JKT Oljoro FC50235:102
13Toto Africa50232:62
14Polisi Dodoma50143:101